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Canon IT Solutions Inc. Exhibited at “TECHNO×FRONTIER 2024 6th “Connected Factory” Promotion Exhibition ”

Canon IT Solutions Inc.
Exhibited at “TECHNO×FRONTIER 2024 6th “Connected Factory” Promotion Exhibition” Exhibiting solutions that can improve the value of information and speed up corporate decision-making
Canon IT Solutions Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and Representative Director: Akira Kanazawa, hereinafter referred to as Canon ITS), a member of the Canon Marketing Japan Group, will be located in Tokyo from Wednesday, July 24, 2024 to Friday, July 26, 2024. We will exhibit FA solutions that can be applied to various industrial fields at the 6th Connected Factory Promotion Exhibition to be held at Big Sight, and on July 24th we will appropriately collect and provide huge amounts of data from manufacturing sites. We will hold a seminar to explain the effects of this.
In order to realize a smart society, many companies are working on creating mechanisms at manufacturing sites and visualizing and reviewing their operational sites. However, the utilization of data accumulated at manufacturing sites has not progressed, and many companies are facing issues in linking data and systems, such as silos.
To date, Canon ITS has provided monitoring and control systems to solve problems in the manufacturing industry by using data such as accumulated experience, analysis, visualization, and reporting to ensure smooth operation and predictive maintenance at operational sites. Ta.
At the 6th Connected Factory Promotion Exhibition, we will be exhibiting solutions that can improve the value of information and speed up corporate decision-making. In addition to exhibiting demonstrations at the booth, we will hold a free seminar on July 24th, in which we will discuss the benefits and realization of rapid corporate decision-making brought about by linking manufacturing site data to various departments within the company, with specific examples. I will explain the method.
■Exhibitor seminar overview
□Sun/Time: July 24th (Wednesday) 13:20-14:10
□Meeting location: Inside the exhibition hall Exhibitor Seminar 1 □Speech title: Rapid corporate decision-making brought about by internal sharing of manufacturing site data
□ Lecturer: Yasuo Hayashi, Canon IT Solutions Engineering Solutions Sales Headquarters
□Participation fee: Free (complete advance registration required) □Application page: ■6th “Connected Factory” Promotion Exhibition Overview
□ Date and time: Wednesday, July 24th, 2024 to Friday, July 26th, 2024, 10:00 to 17:00 (real exhibition)
    :August 1, 2024 (Thursday) 10:00 to August 30, 2024 (Friday) 17:00 (online exhibition)
□Venue: Tokyo Big Sight East Exhibition Building (Canon ITS Booth No. 2E-25) □ Organized by: Japan Management Association
□Exhibition homepage: [Engineering solutions provided by Canon IT Solutions] Leveraging our background as a manufacturing company and leveraging the technology we have cultivated over many years of research and development, we provide one-stop solutions that best meet customer needs. We will promote the expansion of our engineering business that can contribute to the development of our customers’ businesses and society, along with a diverse product lineup that is useful for work and value-added services that make full use of the latest IT skills.
[Image 1:×193.png ]
■Demo exhibition
1. “4Sight EV7”, network camera
Human error prevention measures through automatic inspection [Non-personnel solution]
This is a demonstration of using network cameras to check numerical values ​​such as analog meters and digital data. By standardizing inspection methods, we can prevent human errors and reduce the need for individual decisions.
[Image 2:×226.png ]
“4Sight EV7”, network camera
2. “AVEVA InTouch HMI”
Manufacturing site monitoring/control [labor-saving solution] We will demonstrate how to centralize data such as inspection information using a monitoring/control system that can be freely customized without programming. By mutually utilizing equipment information and inspection information, you can easily and quickly investigate the cause of a problem. It also supports remote control, contributing to labor savings.
[Image 3:×353.png ]
3. “AVEVA Report for Operations”
Centralized management and sharing of company information [Speed ​​up decision-making through information collaboration]
You can see a demonstration of centrally managing manufacturing performance information at each site and using the information remotely within the company. You can also expect to reduce
installation/operation costs with a SaaS system.
[Image 4:×592.png ]
“AVEVA Report for Operations”
4. “BIGDAT@Analysis”
Real-time monitoring through data analysis/analysis [Predictive maintenance measures]
A huge amount of data accumulated at the operational site can be plotted, analyzed and utilized in real time. It is also useful for detecting signs of problems occurring and preventing them from occurring.
[Image 5:×383.png ]
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