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Home » Sake x innovation. A new project has started from “EVANGELION x KAITO “EVAN-GARDE”” operated by Moriri n. We are teaming up with Japan’s prestigious Sake Association to deliver Japanese tradition to the world.

Sake x innovation. A new project has started from “EVANGELION x KAITO “EVAN-GARDE”” operated by Moriri n. We are teaming up with Japan’s prestigious Sake Association to deliver Japanese tradition to the world.

Moririn Co., Ltd.
Sake x innovation. A new project has started from “EVANGELION x KAITO “EVAN-GARDE”” operated by Moririn. We are teaming up with Japan’s prestigious Sake Association to deliver Japanese tradition to the world.
Four brewers carefully selected from all over the country will take on the challenge of innovation based on their own interpretations. ……
Moririn Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture, President and CEO: Shunsuke Mori, hereinafter Moririn) The rights business #AAAA (#4A), planned and operated by the New Business Office, is an up-and-coming group active in the art scene in Japan and France. With artist VICTOR KAITO, we launched the design promotion
“EVANGELION x KAITO “EVAN-GARDE” using the world-famous animation “Evangelion” and are commercializing it with various
The keyword this time is sake. Japan Prestigious Sake Association Headquarters Okanaga Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Eisuke Iida) and four breweries across the country took on the challenge of innovation based on their own
We will start shipping the product from July 7, 2024, and will also export it to liquor stores nationwide and overseas.
We are looking forward to delivering it to sake and Evangelion fans across the country and around the world.
[Image 1:×678.png ]
In this project, VICTOR KAITO sublimates the elements of Evangelion into a work of art with his own avant-garde sensibility, expresses it as a cool design, and disseminates it as an “innovative attempt (= avant-garde)” to Japan and the world. To go. Designs that incorporate Japanese animation, traditional elements, and kanji and katakana characters are popular among the younger generation, especially in the fashion world as a cool expression overseas. “EVANGELION x KAITO “EVAN-GARDE” is a project that is attracting attention as a work that embodies the passion and creativity of such young people. The street art that characterizes VICTOR KAITO’s work was once considered “graffiti”, but its value has now been recognized and it is now treated as a work of art. It is seen as an avant-garde expression that transmits the energy of youth to the world.
■Victor Kaito / Graphic
Born to a French father and Japanese mother, she was exposed to fashion, fine art, and artwork from an early age. Expressing traditional Japanese patterns and paintings with a unique sensibility, he began his art career in his home turf of Paris, France. Through his sneaker art, he has also created stage costumes for famous musicians. As an artist who expresses the art scenes of Japan and France from a unique perspective, including music works, NFT designs, and space projects, there are high expectations for his borderless activities in the future.
Japan prestigious sake club
[Image 2:×105.png ]
The Nihon Meimon Sake Association is a voluntary organization that distributes high-quality sake made with great care by approximately 120 breweries across the country through over 1,500 liquor stores nationwide, with the slogan “Good sake for good people.” The founder of Okanaga Co., Ltd. thought, “Let’s deliver authentic and delicious Japanese sake to drinkers,” and in 1975, he launched the “Japan Meimon Sake Club.” Since then, it has served as the headquarters of the Japan Prestigious Sake Association.
Product overview
Japan’s prestigious sake club EVAN-GARDE x Sake list of stores Kibana Brewery x First Machine EVAN-GARDE Kibana
What only Craft Salmon can do. This time, we produced a purple liquor with the image of the first machine. Purple is black rice and hops. A perfect fusion of the aroma of black rice and the refreshing yet complex flavors of hops and elderflower. A masterpiece worthy of “innovation” and typical of free Kibana. ※Keep refrigerated
[Image 3:×800.png ]
[Analysis value]
[Raw material rice] Black rice (Fukuoka prefecture) [Rice polishing ratio] 90% [Yeast] Kyokai No. 701 yeast [Alcohol content] 13% [Sake level] – [Acid level] – [Amino acid level] –
Kibana Brewery
The first craft salmon brewery in Asakusa, located in Taito Ward, Tokyo. It is also famous as a training ground for young brewers. At our brewery with a koji room, we create our own koji, which is extremely important in the sake brewing process, allowing us to create a rich variety of flavors. A young brewer is working hard every day with the free thinking typical of craft salmon. At the restaurant attached to the brewery, you can enjoy Doburoku made at the Konohana Brewery, craft salmon, a variety of Japanese sake, and delicious food.
Daisetsukei Sake Brewery x Unit 2 EVAN-GARDE Daisetsukei
A masterpiece made from high-quality Miyama Nishiki from Nagano Prefecture, polished to 27% and brewed with Hiroshima yeast. The aroma is a gorgeous ginjo incense with notes of juicy peaches and apples. We pursued an elegant and clean flavor. Junmai Daiginjo has a
sophisticated taste that can only be achieved in a clean brewery.
[Image 4:×800.png ]
[Analysis value]
[Raw material rice] Miyama Nishiki (Nagano Prefecture) [Rice polishing ratio] 27% [Yeast] Kyokai 1801 + Hiroshima yeast [Alcohol content] 15% [Sake level] ±0 [Acid level] 1.2 [Amino acid level] 0.9
Daisetsukei Sake Brewery
A sake brewery located in Ikeda-cho, Kitaazumino-gun, Nagano Prefecture. With a policy of “not doing anything special, just being honest and doing things with sincerity,” the restaurant continues to be loved by locals. The sake we brew to enjoy at the daily table is beautiful and refreshing, reminiscent of the scenery of Azumino. The clean environment inside the brewery is one of the best in the country. The quality of the sake, which comes from such a clean brewery, continues to increase the number of fans all over the country.
Hiraizumi Honpo x Asuka EVAN-GARDE Hiraizumi
“Innovation” is only possible because Hiraizumi is made entirely from mountain waste. In order to change the “heavy” image of
Yamahai-zukuri, we reviewed the koji-making process from scratch and created a lighter flavor that was not found in Yamahai-zukuri up until now. Although it is pure rice daiginjo, the excess sweetness has been removed, making it an elegant product that can be enjoyed as a drink with meals.
[Image 5:×800.png ]
[Analysis value]
[Raw material rice] Yamada Nishiki (Hyogo Prefecture) [Rice polishing ratio] 35% [Yeast] In-house cultivated yeast [Alcohol content] 16% [Sake level] -1.0 [Acid level] 1.9 [Amino acid level] –
Hiraizumi Honpo
Founded in 1487 in Nikaho City, Akita Prefecture, this brewery is the second oldest in Japan and has a history of over 500 years. A brewery that is attracting attention at the moment, taking on the traditional and special production method of Yamahai-jikomi with a modern twist and challenging new Yamahai-jikomi every day. The sake, which was brewed with the idea of ​​“creating a sake that resembles a plain but plump plum blossom rather than a flashy cherry blossom,” goes perfectly with food. The sake is popular among men and women of all ages, as it has a soft umami flavor mainly composed of acid, yet has a refreshing quality.
Kato Kahachiro Sake Brewery x Mari EVAN-GARDE Oyama
A one-of-a-kind flavor made with only the highly concentrated unblended sake that Daisen specializes in. Layered flavors and acidity that supports them. The delicate aftertaste is pleasant. This is a new “challenge” to take high-concentration preparation to a higher level.
[Image 6:×800.png ]
[Analysis value]
[Raw material rice] Haenuki (Yamagata Prefecture) [Rice polishing ratio] 60% [Yeast] Yamagata NF-KA yeast [Alcohol content] 17.5% [Sake level] Not disclosed [Acid level] Not disclosed [Amino acid level] Not disclosed
Kato Kahachiro Sake Brewery
A sake brewery in the Oyama district of Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture, which has ties to the Sengoku period military commander Kato Kiyomasa. The current symbol of “Daisen” is the
high-concentration preparations such as “Jusui.” We have developed an in-house tank that allows us to produce highly concentrated ingredients that cannot be paddled by hand. An inquisitive spirit that not only develops manufacturing, but also develops manufacturing equipment. The soft umami flavor derived from rice and the gentle but firm acidity capture the hearts of fans. Even now, in search of even better sake, we continue to improve and evolve every day.
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(C)color or (C)khara
About “Evangelion”
“Evangelion” is a globally popular animation that began as a TV series in 1995. Set in a world after the unprecedented catastrophe “Second Impact,” the story depicts a 14-year-old boy and girl who become pilots of the humanoid decisive battle weapon “Evangelion” and their battle against a mysterious enemy “Apostle.” The stylish visuals and mysterious story created a huge movement beyond the boundaries of anime. The “Evangelion New Theatrical Version” series started in 2007, and the “Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version” released in 2021 became a huge hit with box office revenue of 10.28 billion yen. ((C)khara)
Okanaga Co., Ltd.
Okanaga was founded in 1884 (Meiji 17) as a retailer of soy sauce, miso, and sake in Bakurocho, Nihonbashi, Tokyo. Since then, for a century, we have endeavored to develop our business not only from the seller’s perspective but also from the needs of society. During the period of high economic growth after the war, when “high-quality sake” was disappearing from the market, Okanaga thought “I would like to deliver authentic and delicious sake to drinkers,” and in 1975 (Showa 50) established the “Japan Meimon Sake Association.” ” was launched. With the goal of reviving ethnic alcoholic beverages and Japanese sake, whose consumption has begun to decline, we are working on various activities, including the need to reconsider and change the way distribution is conducted, and the systems and education that connect brewers, liquor stores, and consumers. , and created a new market within the Japanese sake market, the local sake market. For more than 140 years since its founding, Okanaga has continued to develop its activities as a “proposal-oriented company.” Individuality and culture are in demand as we enter the 21st century and become globalized. Okanaga will continue to demonstrate even greater creativity and continue to be a proponent of a spiritually enriching lifestyle that transcends the times.
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About Moririn Co., Ltd. New Business Office/Rights Business
As consumer needs and lifestyles become more diverse, fluid, and interconnected, how do fashion, beauty, food, interior design, etc. all fit together, and what kind of added value can we find? We will work with people in various industries, not just the textile and apparel industries, to propose plans and operational deployment of collaborative measures using domestic and international IP.
A brand whose purpose is to connect people with the four “A”s and have fun creating works with artists.
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