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Home » Pinkoi Firsts in Japan and Tokyo have been decided one after another! All content information for Taiwan’s real market “Pinkoi Design Fest in Tokyo 2024” has been released. This is the only place where you can meet and buy from Asia 100 creators di

Pinkoi Firsts in Japan and Tokyo have been decided one after another! All content information for Taiwan’s real market “Pinkoi Design Fest in Tokyo 2024” has been released. This is the only place where you can meet and buy from Asia 100 creators di

[Pinkoi] Firsts in Japan and Tokyo have been decided one after another! Real market from Taiwan “Pinkoi Design Fest in Tokyo” 2024” all content information has been released. This is the only place where you can meet and buy from Asia 100 creators directly! *Pinkoi*
Press release: July 10, 2024
Firsts in Japan and Tokyo to be announced one after another! Real market from Taiwan “Pinkoi Design Fest in Tokyo”
2024” all content information has been released. This is the only place where you can meet and buy from Asia 100 creators directly! *We also have the largest lineup of overseas stationery ever, sewing spots, and carefully selected Asian gourmet food! *
* Pinkoi Co., Ltd. will hold an Asian real market “Pinkoi
Design Fest in Tokyo
2024” will be held. On the official website, we have released all the highlights of the event, including venue map, store information, workshops, and kitchen car information. *
* URL: * **

* The biggest attraction of “Pinkoi Design Fest in Tokyo 2024”! Approximately 70% of stores are from overseas. You can meet 100 foreign and Japanese brands directly! *
Designers active in Asia, including Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Korea, and Japan, will also be visiting the TRC Tokyo Distribution Center, which will be the venue! Items that could normally only be seen online, such as design goods, fashion items, accessories, and stationery, will be gathered in Tokyo across borders. A valuable opportunity to shop while communicating directly with designers. At the multilingual venue, you can enjoy cross-cultural exchange as if you were in a foreign country.
In a space where many languages ​​intersect, we have prepared content that stimulates creators’ desire to create and purchase from a variety of perspectives. Interpreter staff will be stationed at the venue to support communication between visitors and overseas designers. NO FUTURE X NO PAST|Taiwan (top left of photo)
Experience it at the venue! A manga-style caricature drawn right in front of your eyes by a Taiwanese illustrator.
tntntutu|China (top center of photo)
A Chinese brand that is currently attracting a lot of attention in Harajuku. A unique design that is pop, colorful, and unique. restorehkshop|Hong Kong (top right of photo)
A brand that develops products in cooperation with local designers and craftsmen. The photo shows hand-carved mahjong tiles.
everything made by fk|Thailand (bottom left of photo)
Full of unique designs with a big impact that you won’t forget at first glance. Lonely Apartment|South Korea (bottom center of photo)
A brand that sells fabric items such as fluffy watches and tableware. Bonus star|Japan (bottom right of photo)
There are lots of cute original goods such as “Showa-era bear who is addicted to smartphones”!

* ■Highlights of “Pinkoi Design Fest in Tokyo 2024”*
* [Part 1/Stationery from around the world gathers! 】*
* ■Both stationery enthusiasts and non-stationery enthusiasts are sure to be very satisfied! Pinkoi’s largest lineup of overseas stationery ever! *
Pinkoi Stationery Planet, a project to “enjoy stationery around the world”
” corner, overseas and Japanese stationery are gathered together! Pinkoi offers the largest collection of overseas notebook deco and collage materials ever. This is your chance to pick up and choose overseas stationery that was previously only available online. We also have an “all-you-can-deco” corner where you can try popular overseas PET tapes for free! Anyone can shop at the event venue.
Loidesign|Taiwan (photo left)/songbly|Korea (photo center)/House of Ella|South Korea (photo right)

* ■Stationery workshops taught by popular influencers and authors are also available! *
A stationery workshop will also be held at the venue, where you can participate empty-handed! This is a great opportunity to meet stamp artist Azusa Tamura, notebook influencer Anzu, and collage artist Mii. We offer content that can be enjoyed by both beginners and experienced players who want to improve their skills.
*You can apply from the Pinkoi official website.

* [Part 2/A corner for character lovers and full of creator experiences! 】* * ■Character goods lovers gather! [Creatures Garden] is a photo spot where you can enjoy sewing pictures*
With the content business gaining momentum across Asia, [Creatures] brings together character goods created by Asian creators with unique ideas.
Garden]. Feel free to take photos using the stuffed animals you brought or the character goods you purchased at the event! This is a photo spot where you can admire your favorites.

* ■We also have a business trip “Love and Madness Market” booth! * Laforet Harajuku’s self-edited store “Market of Love and Madness,” where up to 90 diverse creators, brands, and companies exhibit items every month, will be opening a store. “Pinkoi” is a market of love and madness that offers all sorts of talents and encounters.
We will interact with overseas designers at “Design Fest in Tokyo 2024”. * Love and Madness Market Official Instagram: * **

“Love and Madness Market” will fly out of Laforet Harajuku and hold a business trip POP-UP! Unique creators will appear every day. In-store collaborations are also underway! We aim to bring together Japanese creators and Asian creators.
* ■Very popular in Taiwan! OPEN-chan is coming! *
OPEN, the space dog, is a very popular character that everyone knows in Taiwan! We will tour the venue and interact with everyone. A rare chance to meet OPEN-chan in action! (Greetings are scheduled for July 26th (Friday) and 27th (Saturday). For detailed times, please see “Pinkoi
Design Fest in Tokyo 2024” will be announced on the official website)

* ■You too can experience being a creator! There are plenty of workshops that everyone from children to adults can enjoy*
KA-KU Osaka’s original ink making experience is irresistible in the ink swamp, as well as a screen printing experience created by Riso Kagaku Kogyo in collaboration with Pinkoi designers. There are also many workshops where you can enjoy interacting with overseas designers, such as an original notebook binding experience that combines traditional Taiwanese crafts, and manga-style caricature drawing.

* ■Limited events galore! Specialists from various fields gather! * [Hands-onclass] We will be holding talks and round-table discussions by specialists in various fields who know everything about creator business and Asian culture, as well as content that allows you to have fun while learning.
[hands-onclass] can be reserved from Peatix.

[Part 3/For those who are curious about Asian culture]
■There is always a line! A full lineup of Asian “delicious” foods! A selection of kitchen cars that change daily
[3 days] Uses fruits from Kumamoto Prefecture. “Buchi Stand” sells Gyan Umaka (super delicious) smoothies
[7/26 only] Hot topic in Japan! Taiwanese street food standard B-grade gourmet “Pepper Cake Fu Ping”
[7/27 Limited] Taiwanese soul food, a popular noodle shop “Taiwan Saki Noodles” [7/27 Limited] Shaved ice ingredients, syrup, condensed milk, all handmade. Crepe is a popular store that has also opened a store in Thailand. There is also a limited menu only available this time! Crepe and shaved ice “fuwari”
[7/28 Limited] “COOKUS” where you can enjoy Korean trendy sweets, cruffles in various flavors

* Pick Up! Limited collaboration menu only available at Pinkoi Design Fest! * [First in Japan] Doshogetsu is a long-established 100-year-old brand of “Tanzi noodles” that are representative of Taiwanese gourmet food. This time, it appears as Japan’s first collaboration menu! “Noodle Strings” and “Liang Meng” from the popular noodle shop “Taiwan Saki Noodle Line” are topped with plenty of “Minced Minced Canned Du Xiao Moon Meat”! *Ryomen is available in limited quantities. * [First time in Tokyo, 3 days] *
“Buchi Stand” from Kumamoto, which is gaining momentum due to the expansion of Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturers, is making its first move to Tokyo! The 4th generation farmer of Obuchi Kanko Pear Farm sells smoothies unique to the producer using “Arao pear” and “Kanayama watermelon” from Kumamoto Prefecture. Since drinks using Taiwanese tea are popular in Taiwan, we have developed “Pear Jasmine (Pear Smoothie x Jasmine Tea)” and “Watermelon Bijin (Watermelon Smoothie x Touhou Bijin Tea)” in collaboration with Taiwanese Pinkoi x Buchi Stand. . It will be released for the first time at the event. [Part 4/That item that is very popular at Pinkoi! ]
* ■ [First in Japan] Pre-orders for the latest cases that have not yet arrived in Japan are now available only at the venue! *
Papershoot’s largest variety of paper cases are gathered here! Create your own original case
“PaperShoot”, which was born in Taiwan, is, as its name suggests, a small digital camera that is as thin and lightweight as paper, yet allows you to easily take “emotional” photos like a film camera. The retro photography experience of looking through the viewfinder and pressing the shutter, and the fusion of analog and digital that allows you to easily share your memories by importing them onto your computer or smartphone, is becoming a hot topic in the media and on social media.
This time, we have prepared an event where you can experience the original case for free, as well as exhibiting PaperShoot’s largest case variation.
You can take home the case you created by painting it in your favorite color or decorating it with masking tape or stickers.

* ■Special store opening*

PTM|United Super Commercial Tokyo Marketing has opened a store called “Taiwan Open Heart Shopping Street (Booth No. H-1)”! We will discover, introduce, and sell “loveable things” unique to Taiwan that will increase your daily happiness.

* ■ “My Beauty Diary” will be handed out to visitors! *
A cosmetics brand that was born in Taiwan in 2004 and is loved in 15 countries around the world. All attendees will receive a sample of the sheet mask, a long-selling product that has celebrated its 10th anniversary in Japan! *Ends as soon as it runs out
* ■ Ticket sales price * ・Regular price: 750 yen (tax included) * Pinkoi official ticket sales page *
The latest information will be updated on Pinkoi’s official SNS. Please follow us and check it out.

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