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Home » Marriott International Marriott Bonvoy will hold a “LE SSERAFIM talk event exclusively for Marriott Bonvoy members” with the theme of travel and music with the hugely popular girl group LE SSERAFIM on July 9th.

Marriott International Marriott Bonvoy will hold a “LE SSERAFIM talk event exclusively for Marriott Bonvoy members” with the theme of travel and music with the hugely popular girl group LE SSERAFIM on July 9th.

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Marriott Bonvoy will hold a “LE SSERAFIM talk event exclusively for Marriott Bonvoy members” with the hugely popular girl group LE SSERAFIM on the theme of travel and music on July 9th.
~What are the members’ memories of summer? Flip talk and dance quiz held ……
[Image 1:×1067.jpg] The travel program “Marriott Bonvoy” provided by Marriott
International (Headquarters: Maryland, USA, CEO: Anthony Capuano) welcomes the extremely popular LE SSERAFIM, For new Marriott Bonvoy members and members of the press, we held a special event with the theme of travel and music, “Marriott Bonvoy Members Only LE SSERAFIM Talk Event” at The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo. At the event, LE SSERAFIM members appeared in colorful, summer-like costumes, talked about summer memories, and enjoyed a dance quiz with fans, making it a great time.
Marriott Bonvoy is a new initiative to provide special experiences to members through “Marriott Bonvoy Moments,” an experiential program that focuses on four genres: food, art/lifestyle, sports, and music. We are proceeding. This year, we are putting a special emphasis on “music,” and this event was our third such event, following Taylor Swift and Ado. ■LE SSERAFIM talk event The members held a flip talk on the theme of “travel and music” and talked about what kind of music they listen to at what times, the most recent travel destinations they went to, the travel destinations they want to go to, what they always bring with them when they travel, and their summer memories. I spoke. When the five members took to the stage wearing colorful, summery outfits, the audience erupted in cheers.
[Image 2:×1067.jpg] KIM CHAEWON’s comment
“My most memorable summer memory with the members is that while filming recently, we ate watermelon and a Korean fruit punch-like dessert called Hwachae with the staff and members. It tasted better.” SAKURA’s comment: “When I want to lift my mood, I listen to “Perfect Night.” “Perfect Night” is a song that conveys the hope that even if the day isn’t perfect, you can enjoy it if you’re with like-minded people. It makes me feel happy while listening to it, so it’s especially recommended when I go on a trip! HUH YUNJIN’s comment: “The things I always take with me when I travel are speakers, books, and perfume. Listening to music makes me feel good. , because reading makes me feel calm. When I wear perfume when I go on a trip, the scent brings back memories of my trip, so I like to bring it with
me.”KAZUHA’s comment: “We all like shaved ice. I love it, and I eat it a lot more often in the summer.”
HONG EUNCHAE’s comment
“I like going to places where I can cool off in the summer, so I would like to go to ‘paji’ (water recreation) in Korea. There are a lot of different water activities, so I would like to go there with the members.” ■LE SSERAFIM conducts a dance quiz! After having a great time with the guests, the members performed a dance without the song and held a quiz for Marriott Bonvoy members who were present at the venue to guess what song it was. SAKURA danced to “EASY,” KIM CHAEWON danced to “Swan Song,” HUH YUNJIN danced to “Eve, Psyche & The Bluebeard’s wife,” KAZUHA danced to “Choices,” and HONG EUNCHAE danced to “Smart.” , many people raised their hands and the venue was filled with excitement. At the end of each song, the audience danced with the members.
[Image 3:×1067.jpg] At the end of the event, the members sent messages to the Marriott Bonvoy members who were attending the event. KAZUHA’s comment: “It was really fun to spend time with everyone from FEARNOT. Thank you very much!” SAKURA’s comment: “Thank you for coming today. I hope you all have a wonderful summer in the future. Please imitate our dances and poses and take photos at your destination.We would like to create summer memories with you through fan meetings and other events.” About Marriott International Marriott International (NASDAQ) :MAR) is headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, USA, and operates more than 30 major brands and approximately 8,900 facilities in 141 countries and territories. Marriott operates hotel and franchise and resort ownership programs around the world. We also offer an award-winning travel program, Marriott Bonvoy(R). For more information, please visit For the latest company news, visit, Facebook
(, X
( and Instagram (https We also provide information at (:// About Marriott Bonvoy Marriott Bonvoy is Marriott International’s award-winning travel program and marketplace, delivering brand new and eye-opening experiences to members around the world. Marriott Bonvoy’s
unparalleled portfolio of more than 30 brands delivers acclaimed hospitality in some of the world’s most memorable destinations. Members can earn points on stays at hotels and resorts, including all-inclusive resorts and premium home rentals, and on daily purchases with co-branded credit cards. You can also earn access to future stays and experiences, including Marriott Bonvoy Moments and the purchase of quality products at Marriott Bonvoy boutiques through our partners. Points can be used for. Marriott Bonvoy’s mobile app offers a highly personalized and contactless experience for peace-of-mind travel. For more information about Marriott Bonvoy or to sign up for a free membership, please visit To download the Marriott Bonvoy app, please visit We also send information on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok from time to time.
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