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Home » Gakken Holdings Co., Ltd. Currently recruiting students! Targeted for 1st year of junior high school to 1st year of high school! We will be holding a “Special Summer Seminar for Students with Absenteeism and Developmental Disabilities” that can

Gakken Holdings Co., Ltd. Currently recruiting students! Targeted for 1st year of junior high school to 1st year of high school! We will be holding a “Special Summer Seminar for Students with Absenteeism and Developmental Disabilities” that can

[Gakken Holdings Co., Ltd.] [Currently recruiting students! ] Targeted for 1st year of junior high school to 1st year of high school!
We will be holding a “Special Summer Seminar for Students with Absenteeism and Developmental Disabilities” that can be taken either in the classroom or in the Metaverse!
*Gakken Holdings Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 10, 2024
[Currently recruiting students! ] Targeted for 1st year of junior high school to 1st year of high school! We will be holding a “Special Summer Seminar for Students with Absenteeism and Developmental Disabilities” that can be taken either in the classroom or in the Metaverse!
*Summer special seminar for students who are not attending school or have developmental disabilities*
* Co., Ltd
Gakken L Staffing Co., Ltd. (Takadanobaba, Tokyo/Representative Director and President: Hiromasa Ito), a group company of Gakken Holdings (Shinagawa, Tokyo/Representative Director and President: Hiroaki Miyahara), specializes in children who do not attend school or have developmental disabilities. “Gakken WILL Gakuen” and “Gakken Private Tutor”
Utilizing the support know-how of the Visiting Support Office, we are planning to hold the 2024 Summer Special Seminar, which can be taken either on campus (face-to-face) or online. We highly recommend this content to students with developmental disabilities or those with orthostatic adjustment disorders who find it difficult to attend classes early in the morning, so please feel free to join us. *

* ●Summer course content*
“I want to take only the units I’m weak at” “My learning progress may not be suitable for regular summer courses” “I want to make the last spurt for entrance exams” “But I’m not sure if I can go to class” In response to these voices, we will be holding a special summer course that will be a hybrid style course that can be taken either in the classroom or in the metaverse (online from home), in which all units of five subjects for 1st and 2nd junior high school students will be reviewed all at once in 10 days. ! !
We will teach you from the beginning using Gakken Group’s proud text “Complete in 10 days! Comprehensive review of 1st and 2nd year of junior high school”, so it is also recommended for students who are worried about studying.

*For those with severe developmental disabilities who require individual attention, we also offer one-on-one completely
individualized instruction. Please contact us for more information.

■Event period:
July 22nd (Monday) – July 26th (Friday)
July 29th (Monday) – August 2nd (Friday)
*You can take the course in 1-day units (you can participate on the 1st day and take a break on the 2nd day)

Here is the timetable for summer classes.
*Please contact us directly for more detailed curriculum information.

Our system allows you to choose from the following packages on a daily basis. 1. Eishukokurisha (5 subjects) – 5 subjects total pack
   6-hour full pack: 90 minutes of English, 90 minutes of mathematics, 60 minutes of Japanese, 60 minutes of science, and 60 minutes of social studies.
Perfect for students planning to take public high school entrance exams or those who want to catch up this summer!

2. English and Mathematics (3 subjects) – 3 main subjects reinforcement pack 4-hour pack: 90 minutes of English, 90 minutes of mathematics, and 60 minutes of Japanese.
Recommended for students who wish to attend a private school that takes three subject exams, or those who are concerned about taking the full package.

3. Risha (2 subjects) – 2 subject emphasis pack
For students who are studying English and mathematics through cram school or correspondence correction, and for students who want to dig deeper into science and social studies that interest them.

* [Course example] *
You can choose a package for each day depending on your family’s schedule and your child’s level of understanding.
However, you cannot take courses that do not fall under the package, such as “Math only” or “Math/Science only”.

If your learning progress is significantly different from the overall curriculum, we can also provide complete individual instruction. If you are not sure which package to choose, please feel free to contact us!

Apply here

*●Tuition fee*
*Please contact us separately for complete individual instruction. * [Estimated calculation for each course example] *
*1. An additional 4,620 yen (tax included) is required as management fee (including teaching material fee). 2. You can apply for the course in one day increments. 3.The cost is the same for both on-campus and Metaverse courses.
* ●Recommended points*
* 1. Discount system available! *
Gakken WILL Gakuen, which specializes in individualized support, can provide large discounts only because Gakken’s private tutors provide this service to group students. Compared to regular private tutoring* You can take the course at a huge discount* of up to 66.7%.

*2. Customized timetable*
*A curriculum that is easy to take even for non-students, with many review units* starting from basic content!
Every year, many first- and second-year junior high school students and first-year high school students participate in preparation and review.
We offer *3 styles* for Subject 5 – English and Mathematical Sciences, Subject 3 – English and Mathematical Studies, and Subject 2 – Risha! You can organize your classes as you like, such as, “On the first day, I only take 2 subjects because it’s the basics, on the 2nd day, I only take 5 subjects, and on the 3rd day, I don’t take any classes because I’m going on a family trip.”

*3. Metaverse (online) home-based courses available*
In response to the voices of people who say, “It’s difficult to commute to campus because it’s far away,” “I don’t know if I can make it until I see it on the day,” and “I’m worried about going out,” this year’s summer course is being offered *
Live streaming on Metaverse*!
Unlike on-demand (video streaming) classes, *because it’s live streaming, the teacher is actually on the other side of the screen and you can ask questions in real time* so it’s easy to understand! !

Apply here

*●How to attend*
There are two ways to take the course: “come to campus and take the course” and “take the course in the Metaverse.”
* 1. Campus visit*
You can take the course by visiting the nearest Gakken WILL Gakuen campus. Please arrive at your desired campus by the start time.
*Please note that each venue has a maximum capacity. Please contact us for details.
◆Takadanobaba campus
1-14-9 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0075
Access: 5 minutes walk from Takadanobaba Station on the JR, Seibu Shinjuku, and Subway Tozai Lines
5 minutes walk from “Nishi -Waseda” station on the subway subway

◆Tachikawa Campus
4F Watanabe Building, 3-10-20 Shibasaki-cho, Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo 190-0023 Access: 4 minutes walk from JR Line “Tachikawa” station

               2 minutes walk from Tama Monorail “Tachikawa Minami” station

◆Saitama Campus
3F Daiichi Frontier Building, 2-744-1 Suzuya, Chuo-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama 338-0013
Access: 3 minutes walk from Minamiyono Station on the Saikyo Line

◆Yokohama campus
6F Dia Building, 2-21-1 Tsuruya-cho, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa 221-0835
Access: 4 minutes walk from Yokohama Station on the JR Line, Keikyu Line, Tokyu Line, Minatomirai Line, Sotetsu Line, and Yokohama Municipal Subway Line

◆Shonan Campus
2-2-2 Tsujidojindai, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture 251-0041 Coco Terrace Shonan 5F
Access: 5 minutes walk from the north exit of Tsujido Station on the JR Tokaido Main Line
                   30 seconds walk from Kanagawa Chuo Kotsu Bus “Kandai Koen-mae” bus stop

◆Nagoya campus
5F Sunshine Fushimi Building, 2-1-21 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 450-0002 Access: 2 minutes walk from Exit 5 of Fushimi Station on the Nagoya Municipal Subway Line

◆Kyoto campus
AYS’S145 5F, 15-2 Choderamachi, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 600-8431 Access: 3 minutes walk from Hankyu Line “Karasuma” station

    ”Shijo” Station on Subway Karasuma Line” 3 minutes walk

◆Osaka Umeda Campus
3F, 4F Surprise Building, 1-2-13 Nakazaki Nishi, Kita-ku, Osaka, Osaka 530-0015 Access: JR Line “Osaka” station 10 minutes walk
8 minutes walk from Hankyu Line “Umeda” station


◆Akashi Campus
4F Akashi Nakamura Building, 1-1-28 Honmachi, Akashi City, Hyogo Prefecture 673-0892
Access: JR Line/Sanyo Line “Akashi” Station 3 minutes walk

*2. Metaverse*
You can access the “Gakken WILL Gakuen Metaverse Campus” located within “FAMcampus” and take classes from your home, cafe, or other location of your choice.
*Please prepare your own device and communication environment for the course. *The teaching materials will be shipped separately, so if you wish to take the Metaverse course, please apply as soon as possible. *Communication costs for attending Metaverse will be borne by the household.

Apply here *●Organizer information*
* [About Gakken WILL Gakuen] *
Gakken WILL Gakuen is a new type of support school that combines a correspondence support school and a free school. We accept students from the 6th grade of elementary school to high school, and our motto is to “cultivate the ability to actively try to act” necessary for human beings to survive, and send out truly independent people into society. In particular, we provide strong support for the promotion, advancement, and return to school of children who tend to not attend school or have developmental disabilities.
Click here for details

* [About Gakken Private Tutor Visiting Support Office] *
The “Visit Support Office”, within “Gakken Private Tutor”, specializes in supporting children and students who do not attend school (low academic ability, psychological anxiety, autonomic nervous disorder such as orthostatic adjustment disorder) and those with developmental disabilities.
In response to comments such as “I would like to receive specialized support, but I have no intention of going to a free school,” “There are no free schools or specialized cram schools that I can attend nearby,” and “I would like to receive individually optimized support rather than a cram school.” We have been supporting many students for over 15 years.
We have a track record of sending many students who do not attend school or have developmental disabilities to difficult schools or preparatory schools.
In addition to academic guidance, we also focus on daily life guidance such as early to bed and early to rise, and homework management. Click here for details ■Gakken L Staffing Co., Ltd.
・Representative Director and President: Hiromasa Ito
・Established: December 17, 1983
・Location: 3F, KDX Takadanobaba Building, 3-14-29 Takada, Toshima-ku, Tokyo ・Telephone number: 03-6903-1320 (main)
・Business details: Private tutoring business, support school business, internet media business, instructor-specific recruitment advertising business, human resources support business, local government support business

・Representative Director and President: Hiroaki Miyahara
・Date of establishment: March 31, 1947
・Capital: 19,817 million yen
・Sales: 164.1 billion yen, 75 consolidated subsidiaries (September 2023) Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market Information (Stock Code: 9470) ・Address: 2-11-8 Nishigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-8510
・Telephone number: 03-6431-1001 (main)
・Business description: Holding company that develops education and medical welfare related businesses, founded in 1946.
       Education field: Classroom and cram school business including “Gakken Classroom”,
Publishing and content business such as learning materials,
Garden, school business, etc. for textbooks, childcare supplies, etc.

Dementia group home business,
                                                                     “ Global: Activities and business development in over 150 countries *About details about this release*

*Download press release materials*

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