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Bunkyo University Academy Bunkyo University collaborates with affiliated elementary school to carry out “Eng lish Mystery Tour”

Bunkyo University Academy
Bunkyo University collaborates with affiliated elementary school to conduct “English Mystery Tour”
On June 9th (Sunday), as part of a class taught by Professor Steve Toshihisa Fukuda of the Faculty of Education at Bunkyo University, we held a collaborative project called “English Mystery Tour” with the affiliated elementary school.
The “English Mystery Tour” is a mystery-solving event using English, and was held as part of a class for first-year students majoring in English in the School Education Course of the Faculty of Education. On the day, 25 children from the affiliated elementary school and 28 first-year students specializing in English participated, as well as the children’s guardians, second- and third-year students from the Faculty of Education, and alumni who participated as volunteers. While walking around the area, we completed the missions assigned in English. It was impressive to see each group working together and actively communicating with each other. We saw elementary school students learning new English expressions and using them with confidence.
It was a valuable opportunity for interaction between children from attached elementary schools and university students, and the following comments were received from participants.
During the chat, elementary school students asked themselves questions like, “How do you say ○○ in English?” They enjoyed the event, saying, “I want to solve more puzzles! Are there any more puzzles yet?” I was really nervous, but now I’m having a lot of fun,” he said, which left an impression on me. (University freshmen)
When I came home after everything was over, my parents said to me, “I was surprised at how attached they were to me,” and I felt that they seemed to have gotten along better. I was happy. (University freshmen) I could really see how the university students always cared about the whole child, not just the children in their pairs. In this way, I was able to interact with university students, and I was once again reminded of the wonders of learning at the school. They seemed to enjoy learning English, and their motivation to learn increased. If you have the opportunity, I look forward to working with you again. (Parent)
I am truly grateful to have been able to participate in such a wonderful event. After the tour was over, the children seemed to have a lot of fun and talked about various things. The older brother kindly taught me how to solve riddles, and we all walked together, and it seemed like it was a great experience. Looking at the photos, I can tell that it was a fulfilling day. (Parent)
This project was carried out with the support of Ripple Lifelong Education Research Institute, Inc. The Institute is a company that provides language programs and events that everyone from infants to seniors can learn with the goal of “learning language that enriches life.” This time, in addition to providing us with the books that will be used as the stage for the mystery tour, we also had them participate as general support staff.
Bunkyo University will continue to provide a variety of learning opportunities by leveraging its strengths as a comprehensive school with an affiliated kindergarten, affiliated elementary school, affiliated junior high school, and high school.
▼Scenes from the day
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