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TIS INTEC Group TIS collaborates with Obayashi Corporation on wellbeing initiatives

[TIS INTEC Group] TIS collaborates with Obayashi Corporation on wellbeing initiatives
Press release: July 10, 2024
TIS collaborates with Obayashi Corporation on wellbeing initiatives *~Providing OEM “Minmachi(TM) Business”, a well-being service that connects people, content, and places to achieve “everyone”~* TIS Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and President: Okamoto), a member of the TIS INTEC Group Yasushi (hereinafter referred to as TIS) is a subsidiary of Obayashi Corporation (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director, President and CEO: Hasuwa)
We are pleased to announce the start of collaboration with Kenji (hereinafter referred to as Obayashi Corporation) on “well-being” initiatives.

As part of our smart city promotion project, Obayashi Corporation aims to create a society in which everyone involved in a city can achieve well-being by using data to connect and connect the thoughts and needs of various stakeholders surrounding the city. We are implementing an initiative called the “Minmachi (TM) Project.” As part of this initiative, the platform “Minmachi” (Minmachi) aims to allow users to post their issues and requests for the town and deliver them to the government, developers and other service providers, which will lead to planning events, attracting services, and improving the environment. TM) app” was created as a smartphone app, and TIS provided the development and backend structure.
In this collaboration, the Minmachi (TM) app, where users post issues and requests for the city, will be used as the Minmachi (TM) app. We customize and OEM products for companies as “Business”. In addition, TIS and Obayashi Corporation have launched “Minmachi(TM)” for customers interested in well-being.
We are looking for pilot users for “Business”.

-Image of collaboration-

– *Background of collaboration*
At TIS, we have been working on wellbeing from the perspectives of “data” and “people” by changing the way we manage data from the traditional corporate-led to user-led approach, believing that it should be used to demonstrate the diversity and individuality of our users. . On the other hand, Obayashi Corporation’s smart city business for
With the vision of “All,” we are working to create a sustainable and well-being city, and have launched the “Minmachi (TM) Project.” In this effort, we utilize the “Minmachi (TM) app” developed at TIS, with the aim of allowing users to easily participate in town planning and discover awareness of a well-being life. We have conducted
demonstration experiments.
・A function to post your WISH (things you want to do, requests, etc.) for your favorite places and spots on the map
・Function to view/support WISH posted by others
・Function to understand your own well-being trends through well-being diagnosis ・Recommendation function for spots and services based on wellbeing trends

Afterwards, a user survey conducted revealed that viewing/supporting WISH posts posted by others led to changes in values, such as gaining new awareness, and that spots that matched one’s physical and mental state were recommended. We were able to verify that there is a need for this app.
Therefore, TIS and Obayashi Corporation are expanding the base of the well-being industry by creating a well-being solution that connects people, content, and places, involving companies in well-being initiatives, and having it used by a variety of people beyond industry boundaries. “Minmachi(TM)”
We have made it into OEM as “Business”.

– *Overview of the collaboration and “Minmachi* (TM)* Business”* Obayashi Corporation has developed a smartphone app “Minmachi (TM) app” at TIS, which includes a function to post users’ WISH (things they want to do, requests, etc.) to places and spots, and a function to view/support posts by others. . This app includes a
“recommendation” function that determines the user’s well-being tendency “well-being persona” based on lifestyle well-being indicators targeted at city experiences, and proposes information that matches the user’s well-being tendency based on the judgment results. It also includes “system” etc.

TIS and Obayashi Corporation will now offer this system on an OEM basis as “Minmachi (TM) Business,” allowing companies to use it for the following purposes.

1. Gather user needs for locations and content/services using the WISH function 2. Utilize well-being diagnosis to understand users’ well-being personas and trends, and develop and market services.
3. Utilize the recommendation function to provide behavioral change approaches and services that align with well-being trends

*The gray square is the pilot user’s image.

– * About the future*
TIS and Obayashi Corporation will support various companies and local governments in creating well-being experiences through “Minmachi (TM) Business.”

– * Regarding recruitment of pilot users *
・Recruitment details: Pilot users of “Minmachi (TM) Business” ・Application period: July 10th (Wednesday) – October 31st (Thursday) ・Target: Companies, research institutions, universities (individuals are not eligible)
・Price: Free
If you are interested, please contact “◆Inquiries regarding this service” below.

– *About the seminar*
BUSINESS hosted by TIS on July 11, 2024
At SUMMIT’24, a seminar related to this press will be held in the form of a conversation with Obayashi Corporation. In this seminar, entitled “New urban development that solves well-being through the use of personal data,” we will introduce a case study that combines Persona Bank with an app for user-driven urban development that gives form to each person’s wishes and well-being. To do. We aim to develop services that satisfy each user’s comfort through secure personal data distribution centered on PDS.

Please see below for details.

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