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Home » Hakuhodo Inc. Announcement of entry opening for the Well-Being pitch event “WE AT CHALLENGE 2024” sponsore d by the general incorporated association “WE AT”

Hakuhodo Inc. Announcement of entry opening for the Well-Being pitch event “WE AT CHALLENGE 2024” sponsore d by the general incorporated association “WE AT”

[Hakuhodo Inc.] Well-Being pitch event “WE AT CHALLENGE” sponsored by the general incorporated association “WE AT”
2024” entry start announcement
*Hakuhodo Inc.*
Press release: July 10, 2024
Announcement of entry start for Well-Being pitch event “WE AT CHALLENGE 2024” sponsored by general incorporated association “WE AT” Hakuhodo Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Masayuki Mizushima; hereinafter referred to as Hakuhodo) is a subsidiary of the University of Tokyo (President: Teruo Fujii), Tokyo Medical and Dental University (President: Yujiro Tanaka), and Kyoto University (President: Naga Minato). Hiroshi Hiroshi), The University of Tokyo Collaborative Platform Development Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Kosuke Ueda), Sumitomo Life Insurance Company (Director The general incorporated association “WE” is a joint venture with Canon Marketing Japan Inc. (Representative Executive Officer and President: Yukinori Takada) and Canon Marketing Japan Inc.
(Representative Director and President: Masachika Adachi).
AT” *1 is a global Well-Being pitch event “WE AT CHALLENGE”
2024” will be held on Wednesday, November 27, 2024.
We would like to inform you that we will start accepting entries from Wednesday, July 10th.
*1 For details, please see here

WE AT is the “well-being” advocated by the OECD.
We support startup businesses and projects of companies and research institutions that contribute to the accumulation of economic capital, natural capital, human capital, and social capital that form the basis of a well-being economy. This will realize multifaceted well-being that goes beyond human physical and mental health to include the realization of a society in which diverse people coexist and connect, and the sustainable global environment that is the foundation of that society. We aim to do so.

We are holding a Well-Being pitch event called WE
2024” will be held. We have established three fields that contribute to the realization of multifaceted Well-Being, and are soliciting entries from a wide variety of people in each field, including domestic and international startups, students, and working

■Well-Being pitch event “WE AT CHALLENGE 2024” entry overview a. Entry period
July 10th (Wednesday) – August 31st (Saturday), 2024

b. Participation target
Startups, companies, researchers, students, etc.

c. Entry requirements
Please select one of the following three tracks that applies to your business plan and enter.
Please enter here
* (1) Track1|Global Liveability (Clean Energy, Low Carbon, Food & Agriculture)* Serious global warming and destruction of the natural environment are threatening the foundations of human survival, which are essential for sustainable well-being. We encourage proposals for low-carbon and other greenhouse gas solutions based on cutting-edge technologies such as carbon capture, utilization, and storage, clean energy processes, biofuels, food & agriculture, and advanced materials.

* (2) Track 2 | Healthy Life (Healthcare, Well-being) *
The foundation of human well-being is good health throughout life. Deep tech technology that treats aging and achieves healthy longevity brought about by recent remarkable advances in life science, as well as a wide range of wellness such as improvement of quality of life, diversity, values, place, and connection. Through these efforts, we recommend healthcare business proposals that widely contribute to “physical health,” “mental health,” and “social health.”

* (3) Track 3|Living & City (city and living, smart city) *
Cities and local communities are the foundations on which people form their lives by forming families, meeting people, learning, and working. We recommend smart city technologies aimed at well-being and proposals to realize an inclusive society.
d. Prize money etc.
Winner prize: 10 million yen for each track
・In addition, we plan to receive PoC support and management resource support through collaboration with local governments and large companies as supplementary prizes.
・We also plan to provide overseas expansion support (Japan expansion support for overseas teams) according to applicants’ wishes.

e. Selection process
After entry, selection will be conducted in the following order: 1st screening, 2nd screening, and final screening.
Teams that pass the first screening will have the opportunity to brush up on their business plans and presentations through a mentor. The final judging will be a public event, and all pitches and questions and answers will be conducted in English.

f. Final screening
Scheduled for Wednesday, November 27, 2024 from 10:00 to 18:00 (Japan time) On the 2nd floor of Tokyo Yurakucho TIB (Tokyo Innovation Base)

g. Mentor/Judge
In addition to entrepreneurs and lawyers, a diverse range of members from universities, venture capital, and large corporations are scheduled to participate.

h. Sponsored by
General Incorporated Association WE AT

i. Co-host
University of Tokyo Future Vision Research Center
Kyoto University Growth Strategy Headquarters
Tokyo Medical and Dental University Open Innovation Center, Institute for Integrated Innovation

j. Contact information
General Incorporated Association WE AT Secretariat

The Mirai Business Office, which develops new businesses that go beyond Hakuhodo’s advertising business, takes on the challenge of transforming social systems by leveraging consumer ideas and creativity cultivated over many years, as well as networks with a wide range of industries and academia. . W.E.
Through AT’s activities, we discover technology seeds and startups that contribute to solving social issues, and provide growth support including investment, business development, and business co-creation, thereby achieving both impact on solving social issues and business viability. We aim to create new business.

-Reference information-
Overview of the general incorporated association “WE AT”
Corporate name: WE AT general incorporated association
Initiators: Hakuhodo, University of Tokyo, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Kyoto University, University of Tokyo Collaborative Platform Development Co., Ltd., Sumitomo Life Insurance Company, Canon Marketing Japan Co., Ltd.
Establishment date: May 16, 2024
Location: Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Representatives: (Co-representative director) Hiroki Fujimoto, To Yoshizawa (Vice-representative director) Daisuke Kanama
Business details:
Discovery and development of social entrepreneurs, various support for startup creation and growth
Holding events, co-sponsoring, co-sponsoring, sponsoring other events, etc. Services such as human resource development for ecosystem development Research and recommendations in related fields
Businesses incidental to or related to the above

*The WE AT logo is a trademark applied for by the University of Tokyo (Commercial Application No. 2023-111782) as a brand logo that embodies WE AT’s efforts. In the future “WE”
We plan to use it extensively in our AT activities.
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