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Nissei Co., Ltd. JP Yamanashi Kyoho soft mix will be released again this year in limited quantities

Nissei Co., Ltd.
JP Yamanashi Kyoho soft mix will be released again this year in limited quantities
~ “JAPAN PREMIUM” series. ~
NISSEI (Nissei Co., Ltd., Head Office: Ibaraki City, Osaka Prefecture, President: Fumiharu Yoshida), a comprehensive manufacturer of soft serve ice cream, has released the “JP Yamanashi” from the Japan Premium (JP) series, a fruit soft serve made exclusively from domestic fruits. Kyoho Soft Mix” will be released.
Sales period: September 18, 2024 to late November 2024, but as quantities are limited, sales will end as soon as stock runs out. “JP Yamanashi Kyoho Soft Mix” can be placed in the freezer at a retail store to create a soft serve ice cream containing 20% ​​Kyoho grapes from the Kyōto region of Yamanashi Prefecture. This product was developed with the goal of creating a soft-serve ice cream that has a flavor similar to that of fruit and is delicious, especially to adults who know the real thing.
[Image 1:×943.jpg] To take advantage of the deliciousness of Kyoho grapes
The flavor of the fruit is concentrated at the interface between the pulp and the endocarp (the contact area between the skin just outside the pulp). In order to take advantage of the flavor between the skin and the fruit of Kyoho grapes, we squeezed out the entire skin, carefully strained it, and processed it into a puree to achieve a flavor similar to that of the fruit.
Fresh grapes have a complex varietal composition
Comprehending various materials, grapes are classified by lineage and by the color of the fruit’s skin, and they are bred to improve varieties, resulting in a very complex structure.
“European species” and “American species”
・European species are said to be more susceptible to diseases and pests, and less susceptible to rain and cold. The fruit has a thin skin and a lot of juice, and is actually soft. It is said to be suitable for wine making and raisins.
-The American variety is said to be resistant to diseases, pests, and cold. On the other hand, it has a hard skin and a unique odor, making it unsuitable for use as a raw material for wine, and it seems that it was developed primarily for use in juice.
There are 3 main types of peel colors:
It is divided into yellow-green, red, and black systems.
・Most yellow-green flavors are less astringent and have a refreshing aroma. ・Red varieties tend to have less acidity.
・Many black varieties are said to have a rich flavor.
3/4 European type, 1/4 American type, Kyoho grape considered the king of black grapes
This variety is a cross between the European variety “Ishihara Wase” and the European variety “Centennial,” and is characterized by its strong sweetness and rich flavor. Kyoho grapes have a high sugar content, with an approximate sugar content of 18 to 20 degrees, which is equivalent to a gold kiwi (18.8 degrees) to a banana (21.0 degrees).
The Kyōto region, where we limited the Kyoho peaks we use as raw materials The Kyōto region of Yamanashi Prefecture, which we have limited, consists of Yamanashi City, Fuefuki City, and Koshu City. The Kyōto region was recognized as a Japanese Agricultural Heritage Site in 2017, and on July 18, 2022, it was selected as a World Agricultural Heritage Site for its “fruit farming system adapted to the alluvial fans of the Kyōto Region.” The Kyōto region is said to be the birthplace of Japanese grape cultivation, and the Koshu grape is said to have been cultivated as early as the Heian period. The grape cultivation method, which was devised about 400 years ago by combining Koshu-style trellises with sparse planting and large tree planting, is now widespread throughout Japan. Our company has succeeded in procuring Kyoho grapes from the Kyōto region through our own unique route.
Limited quantity available
The JAPAN PREMIUM series is sold in limited quantities to ensure availability of raw materials, and no additional production will be made within the same year. As domestic wine has become more popular, Yamanashi grapes have been in high demand, making it difficult to secure raw materials for soft-serve ice cream. With the cooperation of everyone in the production area, we managed to procure Kyoho grapes from the Kyōto region through our own route, but the production volume of Yamanashi Kyoho grapes in 2024 will be slightly lower than the sales results in 2023. The expected release period is from September 18, 2024 to late November 2024, but sales will end when inventory runs out.
List of reference materials
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・Sugar content of Kyoho: JA Nagano website Grape
・Kyoto Region (Japanese Agricultural Heritage)/Ministry of
Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
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Three points of Japan Premium Series
[Image 2:×584.jpg] Point1 The fruit ingredients used in the soft mix are limited to one variety from one region (not blended).
Point2: Use properly ripened/overripe fruits. Therefore, the fruit itself has a strong flavor.
Point 3 We are particular about how to make the fruit taste as it is, and use a manufacturing method that maximizes the deliciousness of the fruit to achieve the fruity taste. (In accordance with the
characteristics of each fruit, we have expressed the “fruit as it is” in our soft serve ice cream by squeezing the skin, ripening it, and keeping the heating temperature as low as possible.)
*This product is sold nationwide. This is not the case with local soft serve ice cream.
Product Summary
[Image 3:×1750.jpg] Our release date: September 18, 2024
Product name: JP Yamanashi Kyoho soft mix
The finished soft serve ice cream falls under frozen confectionery. Product specifications: Non-fat milk solids content 0.1%
Fruit content 20.0% (20.0% Kyoho grapes from the Kyoutou region of Yamanashi Prefecture)
*This product is sold nationwide. This is not the case with local soft serve ice cream.
About NISSEI (Nissei Corporation)
[Image 4:×1751.jpg] In 1947, Nisei Shokai Co., Ltd. was established by a second-generation Japanese trader. We are a pioneer and comprehensive manufacturer of Japanese soft-serve ice cream, first introducing soft-serve ice cream to Japan in 1951. *Company name changed to Nissei Co., Ltd. in 1952. We manufacture and sell soft-serve ice cream liquid ingredients (mixes), cones for edible containers, and freezers for making soft-serve ice cream.
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