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Gurnavi Co., Ltd. Gurnavi Research Department Survey on sports viewing gourmet food in 2024

Gurunavi Co., Ltd.
[Gurnavi Research Department] Survey on gourmet food for watching sports in 2024 “One Hand Gourmet” is perfect for watching the game! Katsu is eaten in hopes of success!
Gurunavi Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Akio Sugihara) provides information on global trends to Gurunavi members such as Rakuten Gurunavi ( users. We conduct various surveys related to food in conjunction with the “Gurnavi Research Department” and regularly disseminate information. This time, we investigated gourmet food for watching sports. The details are as follows.
[Survey result points]
(1) 64% of respondents said they were planning to watch a large-scale sporting event, and 72% said they had watched the previous tournament. (2) The top three things people want to eat while watching a game are “pizza,” “fried chicken,” and “french fries.” The top 3 things I want to drink are “beer,” “chuhai, sour,” and “cola.”
(3) 67% of respondents said they would like to watch a game with their family, while 39% said they would like to watch it alone.
(4) 96% of respondents chose their home as the place to watch the game. (5) The top three sports that they would like to watch are “track and field,” “soccer,” and “volleyball.”
(6) 39% of people say they would like to go out to eat and toast if a Japanese athlete or the athlete they support ranks in the top rankings, and this was particularly high among men in their 20s and 30s, at more than 50%.
(7) 56% of people said they were “interested in food” related to the venue, and this rate tends to increase the younger the age group. [Survey overview]
■Survey period: June 21, 2024 (Friday) to June 23, 2024 (Sunday) ■Survey method: WEB questionnaire
■Survey target: Nationwide
■Respondents: 1,300 Gurunavi members in their 20s to 60s
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[Image 7:×736.jpg] Undisputed top 3 gourmet food for watching sports! The match meal is the classic “katsu” and a dish named after the venue.
[Image 8:×208.jpg] Kumiko Homma, Head of Research Group, Gurunavi Inc.
Regarding what people want to eat and drink while watching sports, there has been little change from the previous survey, with beer and other carbonated drinks, pizza, fried chicken, and french fries being the most popular.
However, when asked about what they consciously eat or drink in hopes of winning, one in three respondents answered “katsu” or
“katsudon.” Many people may choose to display the classic gourmet cutlet next to the standard gourmet food.
Several people also specifically mentioned menus that were conscious of the host country, such as “wine,” “sweets,” and “bread.” In this survey, just under 60% of participants were interested in dishes associated with the host country, and the free answers also showed a high level of interest in the host country’s menu.
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