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Home » Medirom Group awarded “Stress Free Company 2024”

Medirom Group awarded “Stress Free Company 2024”

Medirom Group awarded “Stress Free Company 2024”
Introducing systems and corporate culture that make it easy for employees to work
Medirom Group (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Koji Eguchi, Listed on Nasdaq in the U.S. NASDAQ: MRM), which operates a healthcare business based on the concept of “healthier, newer”, is a corporation. We were awarded the “Stress Free Company 2024” award in the “Stress Free Company Award System” operated by HR Data Lab (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Asahiro Miyake). We will continue to create a stress-free and comfortable work environment for our employees.
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“Stress-Free Company” is a system in which the Stress-Free Company Award Committee awards stress-free companies every year based on the results of stress checks. The Stress-Free Company Award Committee selects and awards companies with particularly excellent results from among the companies that have conducted stress checks using the “Simple Occupational Stress Questionnaire” established by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. The Medirom Group is implementing initiatives to create a comfortable working environment for employees. Below, we will introduce some of the systems and culture. ■Flex Day/Casual Day
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You can freely set your working hours for 8 hours from 5:00 to 22:00 every Monday and Friday. Additionally, you can come to work in casual clothes unless you have a meeting with someone outside the company, so you can mix it up with your private schedules.
■Family day
[Image 3:×2160.jpg] The head office has a family day, where employees are welcome to bring their children to work. Children can communicate with employees and gain work experience, and employees can heal their minds and bodies by communicating with children. In addition to maternity and childcare leave, our family day and reduced working hours system make it easy to work even after returning from childbirth or childcare leave. ■Bar counter
[Image 4:×2160.jpg] A bar counter is attached to the head office. During the day, it is a small work space, and after work, employees can have a drink to thank each other for their hard work, and it is a place for employees to interact with each other.
■Medirom Honolulu Triathlon participation support
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We will be the title sponsor of the Honolulu Triathlon from 2022. For employees who want to participate, we provide support for the cost of participating. We also provide support such as practice sessions so that beginners in triathlon can take up the challenge.
■Club activities
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The Medirom Group actively participates in extracurricular activities to help employees stay healthy. Employees can interact with each other regardless of age or department. We also hold joint matches with companies.
■Relaxation Studio Re.Ra.Ku Employee Discount
[Image 7:×350.jpg] Physical maintenance is essential for employees to stay healthy. MEDIROM Group employees can receive the services of relaxation studio Re.Ra.Ku at 50% off the regular price.
■Credo point system
[Image 8:×1280.png ]
Credo is a behavioral indicator for all employees working in the Medirom Group to become attractive human resources. We hand out Credo Points along with a message to employees who act in accordance with our Credo. The Credo Points you save can be exchanged for prizes that give you wonderful experiences.
300pt Hawaii Pair Ticket (equivalent to 200,000 yen)
200pt luxury hotel pair accommodation coupon (equivalent to 100,000 yen) 100pt A certain theme park pair ticket (equivalent to 20,000 yen) ■Cultural encouragement system
This is a welfare system where when you purchase books, attend seminars, or apply for service experience from a similar company to improve your skills, you will be rewarded with a Re-Raku Card that can be used at the Relaxation Studio Re.Ra.Ku.
The aim is to promote cultural creation and to realize our ideals through personal growth.
■Love secret system
The love reporting system is a system in which every month, employees secretly report on acts of compassion toward one another or employees who are working hard behind the scenes, and are rewarded.
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■About Stress Free Company
The Stress-Free Company award is given to stress-free companies based on the results of annual stress checks conducted by the Stress-Free Company Award Committee, which was established with the aim of increasing the number of stress-free companies. doing.
List of award-winning companies in 2024
■About Medirom Group
Medirom mainly operates Re.Ra.Ku, a relaxation studio aimed at health management services, and provides specific health guidance and physical condition improvement programs using the healthcare app “Lav.” In 2020, we entered the device business and announced the MOTHER Bracelet, an activity meter that runs continuously without the need for charging. In the future, we will expand our business area to include data analysis business based on the lifestyle data we have accumulated since our founding.
■Company overview
[Image 9:×1385.jpg] Company name: MEDIROM Healthcare Technologies Inc.
Listing market: NASDAQ
Ticker (US stock code): MRM (Nasdaq CM)
Head office location: Tradepia Odaiba 16F, 2-3-1 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo Representative: Representative Director Koji Eguchi
Established: July 2000
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