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paiza Hosei University introduces “paiza Learning School Free Pass”

Hosei University introduces “paiza Learning School Free Pass” Programming learning support project “paiza Rank Challenge” also implemented ……
paiza Inc. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, President/CEO Katayama), which operates the Hosei University Data Science Center and paiza, a career change/employment/learning platform for IT engineers, has announced that it will We will start providing “paiza Learning School Free Pass” (*1) to students. Students enrolled in Hosei University’s Mathematics, Data Science, and AI Program (MDAP) will be able to use paiza learning to learn programming languages ​​closely related to data science at any time for free.
Additionally, using the “paiza skill check” that evaluates users’ programming skills on a 6-level scale, the university holds the “paiza rank challenge” to reward students with the highest rank and number of challenges, with the aim of building motivation for learning among students. Masu.
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■About Hosei University’s Mathematics, Data Science, and AI Program (abbreviation: MDAP)
Hosei University has launched MDAP (*2) as a university-wide program starting in 2021 with the aim of developing human resources who will utilize data science and AI to create new value and contribute to building a sustainable society. . The “literacy level and applied basic level” of this program are respectively certified as the literacy level and applied basic level of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s “Mathematics, Data Science, and AI Education Program Certification System.” MDAP aims not only to acquire knowledge and skills related to data science, but also to cultivate “practical knowledge” that will lead to solving increasingly complex global social issues.
Based on these objectives, in order to promote mathematics, data science, and AI education, we will provide students with the opportunity to use the “paiza Learning School Free Pass” for free in order to strengthen programming learning, which is the foundation of mathematics, data science, and AI education. I decided to do so. ■Reasons for introducing “paiza Learning School Free Pass”
“paiza Learning” is “self-studying for programming beginners to intermediate and advanced students regardless of liberal arts and sciences,” “practical learning by using problem sets and skill checks,” and “no need to set up an environment and use a browser.” It has features such as being able to run programming languages ​​on the computer, and having a full range of Python courses suitable for data science, including the addition of courses to learn data analysis. It is suitable for students studying at MDAP who want to further improve their programming skills.
(*1) What is “paiza Learning School Free Pass”?
1,490 yen per month (tax included) A total of 260 lessons, 2,000 learning videos, and 4,000 practice questions from “paiza Learning,” an online programming learning service that can be learned through videos and problems that are directly connected to employment and career changes, are available at elementary, junior high, high schools, universities, and vocational schools. This is a service provided completely free of charge. Once the content of “paiza Learning” is updated, it will also be available for use with “School Free Pass”. Participants will take the “paiza skill check” programming skill evaluation system, which is evaluated on a 6-level scale, and will be able to learn according to their own skills based on the results. Since its launch in August 2019, it has been used by schools across the country, mainly high schools, universities, and vocational schools, and in fiscal 2023, the number of schools that applied was 574 and the number of coupons issued exceeded 120,000. URL:
(*2) What is MDAP?
Abbreviation for Hosei University Mathematics, Data Science and AI Program. For more information about MDAP, please refer to the website below.
■About paiza
paiza is a career change, employment, and learning platform for IT engineers. As of April 2024, paiza has approximately 700,000 registered users.As of April 2024, paiza is a unique service that allows you to prove your skills by taking the online programming test “paiza skill check*” and use it to change jobs. Over 4,300 companies use it for recruitment. The total number of times the “paiza Skill Check” has been taken has reached 26.1 million times (as of April 2024).
“paiza Career Change” is a job change service for IT engineers that “visualizes” their skills and matches them with companies based on their ability. In addition, we offer the employment service “paiza New Graduates” for students, “EN:TRY”, a job change service for inexperienced and young engineers, and “paiza Learning”, a programming learning service that directly leads to job changes and employment. Not only are current engineers changing jobs, but there are also many examples of people changing jobs and getting jobs by visualizing their skills after learning through paiza learning. At paiza, we believe that “it is extraordinary abilities that change the world.” We are creating “a unique platform that encourages continuous growth for people and companies” based on the concept of “expanding your extraordinary abilities.” Through this platform, we will continue to provide useful services to companies hiring IT personnel, educational institutions training IT personnel, and individuals who are or aim to be active as IT personnel.
(*) A programming skill evaluation system patented by paiza. This refers to the general programming skill check used by paiza. (URL:
■Company overview
・Company name: paiza Co., Ltd.
・Representative: Katayama, President/CEO
・Capital: 392,515,000 yen (including capital surplus)
・Established: February 13, 2012
・Permit: Paid employment placement business license 13-U-305439 ・URL:
[Contact information regarding this matter]
paiza Co., Ltd. Public Relations Department
Person in charge: Kishi
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