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Home » Imabari City Hall Imabari Castle Premium Kabuki will be held at Imabari Castle, one of the three major water c astles in Japan, where Danjuro Ichikawa performs the famous song “Renshishi”

Imabari City Hall Imabari Castle Premium Kabuki will be held at Imabari Castle, one of the three major water c astles in Japan, where Danjuro Ichikawa performs the famous song “Renshishi”

[Imabari City Hall] Imabari Castle Premium Kabuki will be held at Imabari Castle, one of the three major water castles in Japan, where Danjuro Ichikawa performs the famous song “Renshishi”
*Imabari City Hall*
Press release: July 10, 2024
Danjuro Ichikawa performs the famous song “Renshishi” at Japan’s three major water castles, “Imabari Castle” Imabari Castle Premium Kabuki to be held
It has been decided that a premium kabuki performance will be held at Imabari Castle, which is one of Japan’s three major water castles and has been selected as one of Japan’s top 100 castles. The venue is one of Japan’s best sea castles, built by master castle builder Todo Takatora, and for two nights only, a famous actor representing the kabuki world, Danjuro Ichikawa, will perform on a special stage with a close view of the majestic illuminated castle tower. will perform a splendid dance.

* Danjuro Ichikawa descends on Japan’s three major water castles, Imabari Castle! *
* ■Full of premium highlights! “Renshishi” performed by parent and child is a must-see! ! *
Ichikawa Danjuro Shirazarujo is a famous actor representing the Kabuki world, and is also the leader of the Kabuki world, having inherited the famous “Ichikawa Danjuro” that has continued for over 300 years as the center of Edo Kabuki. The special performance in Imabari will be the first in 10 years, since June 2014 when Shimanami Kabuki was held at Oyamazumi Shrine, which has been revered since ancient times as the guardian deity of Japan.
The highlight of this performance is the father-son performance of “Renshishi” with his beloved son Shinnosuke Ichikawa. The masterpiece “Renshishi” that represents Kabuki dance is based on the story of a parent lion pushing a cub into a ravine and raising only the cubs that ran up. Jo will be dressed as a lion cub. With the illuminated Imabari Castle tower in the background, the spectacular and dynamic keburi at the climax is a must-see.
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* Toward attracting inbound tourists by leveraging the charm of Imabari Castle * * ■ Master Todo Takatora culmination of Kaijo *
Imabari Castle was built in the early Edo period by Lord Takatora Todo, who was hailed as the greatest castle builder of his time. It is said that Takatora, who gained control of 200,000 koku in the Iyo region through his exploits in the Battle of Sekigahara, built Imabari Castle on the coast overlooking the sea in order to control maritime traffic in the Seto Inland Sea. At that time, it was one of Japan’s leading sea castles, with a triple moat connected to the Seto Inland Sea to bring in seawater, and the castle’s inner harbor, one of the largest in Japan for shipping.
Later, during the Meiji Restoration, most of the buildings were demolished, leaving only the inner moat and the stone walls of the main castle. However, in recent years, the castle tower, turrets, gates, etc. have been rebuilt, and the castle is now a magnificent castle. You can enjoy spectacular views of the water. At night, the castle tower is lit up every day, creating a fantastic sight where the castle tower and stone walls are reflected on the water surface of the moat.
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* ■Winner of the Sports Culture Tourism Award 2023 “Sports Culture Tourism Award”! *
Various events have been held at Imabari Castle as a symbolic facility in the center of Imabari city. Recently, various cultural activities that utilize the local culture and natural resources of Murakami Kaizoku, Shimanami Kaido, etc. have been held, such as “Takatora Summit in Imabari,” “Setouchi Shimanami Kaido Three-Day March,” “Imabari City Marathon,” “Imabari Criterium,” and “Cycling Shimanami 2022.”・Sports events are being held across the board.
We have also collaborated with the Setouchi Minato Marche, which started at Imabari Port in November 2020, and have succeeded in attracting event participants and tourists from outside the city.

In recognition of these proactive and aggressive efforts, we received the “Sports Culture Tourism Award” at the “Sports Culture Tourism Awards 2023” selected by the Japan Sports Agency, the Agency for Cultural Affairs, and the Japan Tourism Agency.
Sports culture tourism aims to increase the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan and revitalize domestic tourism by linking sporting events and cultural and artistic resources in each region to establish and disseminate a new regional brand.
This premium Kabuki will also combine Imabari Castle, a valuable tourism resource of Imabari City, and Kabuki, a traditional Japanese performing art, and will be held mainly for inbound tourists.We plan to create tours for inbound tourists in the future. We plan to develop the following.

○Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Tourism Agency homepage (announcement of winning organizations for “Sports Culture Tourism Award 2023”)

* ■Other notable tourist content! *
Imabari City offers new tourism content such as the “Shimanami Art Museum” centered around the Murakami Pirate Museum and “Sasa Meshi”, a new way to enjoy cycling. We are also holding various events in preparation for the 20th anniversary of the merger, which will arrive in January 2025. We look forward to seeing you at Imabari Castle Premium Kabuki.
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* ■“Imabari Castle Premium Kabuki” performance information*
Date: November 6th (Wednesday) and November 7th (Thursday), 2020 Doors open at 17:30, Show starts at 18:30, Ends at 20:00 (scheduled) Rain or shine, rain or shine, canceled
Meeting place: Imabari Castle special stage (Dori-machi, Imabari City) Starring: Danjuro Ichikawa, Shinnosuke Ichikawa, and others
Performance: Greetings, dance, “Renjishi”
Number of seats: 800 S seats, 200 A seats, total 1,000 seats (2,000 seats over 2 days)
Price: S seat 12,000 yen, A seat 9,000 yen (all seats reserved, tax included) ・Ticket handling: E+ On sale starting July 13th (Saturday)
・Tour handling: Nippon Travel Co., Ltd.
Organized by: Imabari City, Imabari Castle Premium Kabuki Executive Committee To purchase tickets, please apply from the “E+” website.
*Imabari Castle Premium Kabuki is held as a component of the Japan Tourism Agency’s “Project to Expand and Improve Inbound Consumption by Providing Special Experiences, etc.”

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