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Euglena Co., Ltd. Oryzae and Euglena will release a collaboration “ORYZAE GRANOLA Euglena” on July 10th!

[Euglena Co., Ltd.] Oryzae and Euglena will release a collaboration “ORYZAE GRANOLA Euglena” on July 10th!
*Euglena Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 10, 2024
Oryzae and Euglena will release the collaboration “ORYZAE GRANOLA Euglena” on July 10th!
*Delicious choices made in the microscopic world that make both people and the earth healthy*
Oryze Co., Ltd. (Location: Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yasuhide Koizumi, hereinafter referred to as “Oryze”), which aims to solve social issues using traditional Japanese fermentation
technology, and Euglena Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and President) : Mitsuru Izumo (hereinafter referred to as “Euglena”) has collaborated to create “ORYZAE”, a sugar-free rice malt granola using ORYZAE sweetener (rice malt fermented sugar).
“ORYZAE GRANOLA” is a limited edition product that combines Euglena’s superfood “Ishigakijima Euglena” containing abundant nutrients. Euglena” will be on sale from Wednesday, July 10, 2024.

*Background of the collaboration*
Oryze has a management policy of “5win” and aims to solve social issues through corporate activities centered on the production and sale of Oryze sweetener (rice malt fermented sugar). Until now, we have collaborated with various companies and brands to increase the number of “easy, delicious, and sustainable options.”
As a bio-venture, Euglena is conducting research and development of new materials including microalgae. “Sustainability
We are developing our business with sustainability as the core of our Euglena philosophy of “Sustainability First.” By developing our business with the aim of ensuring that our own happiness continues to coexist with the happiness of others, we propose solutions to various social issues and the sustainability of people and the earth. This collaboration was made possible because the two companies, who are developing businesses aiming to realize a sustainable society, share the same ideals and world they are aiming for. A sustainable granola that is kind to people and the earth, created by the microorganism Aspergillus and the microalgae Euglena, which are so microscopic that they cannot be seen with the naked eye.

* Product Summary*

GRANOLA is a rice koji granola that is completely sugar-free and uses “Olyze sweetener (rice koji fermented sugar),” which brings out the inherent sweetness of rice to the maximum through the power of fermentation. There are only four ingredients: oatmeal, rice malt, rice, and rice oil, all of which are additive-free. It has about 28% less calories, about 81% less sugar, and about 3.5 times more dietary fiber than regular rice.

“Olyze sweetener (rice malt fermented sugar)” is made by fermenting rice starch with rice malt, so it contains 60 times more minerals than sugar and more than 350 types of nutrients derived from malt. It is also a sustainable sweetener that proposes a new use for rice, whose demand is decreasing, and contributes to reducing food loss and deforestation in sugar production by upcycling old rice and scrap rice.
“ORYZAE GRANOLA” has been accepted as a new value product, and the total number of servings exceeded 1 million in November 2023, two years after its release.

“ORYZAE GRANOLA Euglena” to be released this time is “ORYZAE GRANOLA is a type of algae like wakame and kelp, and contains a well-balanced amount of 59 kinds of abundant nutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc.) necessary for humans, making it sustainable for both health and the global environment. Contains the superfood “Ishigakijima Euglena”. By incorporating Ishigakijima Euglena, 59 types of nutrients are added, making the granola even more nutritious. This granola is sweet and rich in nutrients and can be enjoyed every day without any guilt. Ishigaki Island Euglena was mixed into the dough and baked to give it a rich flavor. The more you chew, the more you feel the natural sweetness, so you can continue to enjoy it every day. You can easily consume koji and algae in your daily diet, supporting a healthy lifestyle.

【Product name】

200 grams

[Raw materials]
Oats (from Finland, Australia), rice malt, rice, rice oil, Euglena gracilis

[Nutritional ingredients]
Calorie amount 190.6kcal
Protein 5.7g
Fat 8.1g
Carbohydrate 26.9g
Salt equivalent amount 0.0g
【Selling price】
1,080 yen (tax included)

[Sales location]
Oryzae’s own EC site (
Rakuten Market ( Yahoo! Shopping (

[Release date and time]
Wednesday, July 10, 2024

*Focus on materials*
・Ishigaki Island Euglena
Ishigakijima Euglena powder
Euglena is a unique microalgae that has characteristics of both plants and animals. Ishigaki Island Euglena, grown in the rich nature of Ishigaki Island, contains an abundance of 59 types of nutrients that humans need (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, DHA, unsaturated fatty acids such as oleic acid, and the rare ingredient paramylon*1). It is a superfood that has a high rate of digestion and absorption of nutrients because it has no cell walls. In addition, the ASC-MSC is recognized as being grown in a responsible manner that considers environmental factors, and is one of the effective ways to achieve Goal 14 of the SDGs.
In January 2019, we were the first in the world to receive the “Seaweed (Algae) Certification”*2.
*1 A rare ingredient contained in Euglena. A polysaccharide in which glucose molecules are linearly polymerized through β-1,3-bonds. *2 News release on January 23, 2019: “Microalgae Euglena and Chlorella obtain the world’s first ASC-MSC seaweed (algae) certification”

・Olyze sweetener (rice malt fermented sugar)

Oryze sweetener (rice malt fermented sugar) is a sugar substitute sweetener made from rice malt. It is characterized by the gentle sweetness extracted from the rice through fermentation, so you can enjoy the “sweet happiness” without feeling guilty. Our own brand “Food Cosmetics”
ORYZAE”, is used in a wide range of applications including nursery school lunches and confectionery manufacturing. It is also possible to manufacture products by upcycling old rice and substandard rice, and we are also collaborating with companies to create sustainable sweeteners.

Please also watch this video for product details.

* Company Profile*
[Oryze Co., Ltd.]
Representative: Representative Director Yasuhide Koizumi
Address: 301 Sato Flats, 2-6-12 Ohashi, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Company site:
Phone number: 080-9537-6584

[Euglena Co., Ltd.]
Representative: Mitsuru Izumo, Representative Director and President Address: 2nd floor, G-BASE Tamachi, 5-29-11 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo Company website:
*About details about this release*

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