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Toyoko Inn Co., Ltd. Toyoko Inn style “ Bijiho Drinking” set will be given away by lottery!

[Toyoko Inn Co., Ltd.] – Due to the sale and popularity of local sake “KURA ONE” – Toyoko Inn style “Bijiho Drinking” set will be given away by lottery!
*Toyoko Inn Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 10, 2024
– Due to the sale and popularity of local sake “KURA ONE” – We will give away a Toyoko Inn style “Bijiho Drinking” set by lottery! *~Communicate the charm of the region! Local sake now on sale at 34 Toyoko Inn stores nationwide*
Toyoko Inn Co., Ltd. (head office: Ota-ku, Tokyo) sells sake from talented sake breweries from all over the country in small aluminum cans.
ONE” is available at 34 stores nationwide and has been well received by guests. Therefore, “KURA
ONE” and a set of Toyoko Inn original carbonated water and a can of snacks.

* Toyoko Inn x “KURA ONE” *
Toyoko Inn, which operates in 46 prefectures nationwide (Kochi Prefecture, the 47th prefecture, is scheduled to open in 2026), aims to connect customers with their travel destinations as a base hotel for the nationwide network. We believe that communicating the appeal of the world is one of our important roles.
Therefore, ID-TEN Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo) plans and sells small aluminum canned sake “KURA” so that you can enjoy local sake as an option for drinking in your room or as a souvenir.
ONE” has been introduced to in-store vending machines at 34 stores nationwide (as of July 10, 2024).
  “KURA ONE” available at 34 Toyoko Inn vending machines nationwide * ◆Toyoko Inn where you can purchase “KURA ONE”*
-Akita Prefecture-Akita Station East Exit
-Miyagi Prefecture-Sendai East Exit Building 1, Sendai East Exit Building 2 -Yamagata Prefecture-Yonezawa Station, Yamagata Station West Exit -Kanagawa Prefecture-Keio Line Hashimoto Station North Exit
-Tokyo-Akishima Station South Exit
-Shizuoka Prefecture – Mt. Fuji Numazu Station North Exit 1, Mt. Fuji Numazu Station North Exit 2, In front of Atami Station, Shizuoka Fujieda Station North Exit, Mt. Fuji Mishima Station, Kakegawa Station Shinkansen South Exit, Shin-Fuji Station South Exit, Shizuoka Shimizu Station, Gotemba Station
-Gifu Prefecture-Gifu Hashima Station Shinkansen South Exit
-Aichi Prefecture-Nagoya Owari Ichinomiya Station
-Nara Prefecture-Nara Shin-Omiya Station, Kintetsu Nara Station, Naraoji Station South Exit, Tenri Station
-Hiroshima Prefecture-Hiroshima Heiwa Odori, Hiroshima Station Shinkansen Exit 1, Hiroshima Station Shinkansen Exit 2, Hiroshima Station South Exit Right, Hiroshima Station Ohashi South, Higashi Hiroshima Station, Higashi Hiroshima Saijo Station
-Tottori Prefecture-Yonago Station
-Shimane Prefecture-Matsue Station, Izumo City Station
-Saga Prefecture-Saga Station

* ◆About “KURA ONE”*
A sake brand that refills 180mL aluminum cans with sake from talented sake breweries across the country that have won awards both
domestically and internationally. Conventional 720mL bottles had issues such as being heavy, large, breakable, and difficult to store, but by refilling them into small-capacity aluminum containers, we have created single-drinkable bottles that are light, small, and
unbreakable. ” and “Earth-friendly” sake.

* Receive a Toyoko Inn-style “Bijiho Drinking” set as a gift * This time, “KURA
We will be holding a giveaway project with a set of 3 items: “ONE”, Toyoko Inn original carbonated water, and a can of snacks. “Sake Highball”, which is a mixture of sake and carbonated water, allows you to enjoy the flavor of sake and the refreshing feeling of carbonation, and because the alcohol content is lower, you can experience a new type of alcohol.
We are giving away a set of “KURA ONE” (1 type) and Toyoko Inn original carbonated water & snack can (1 bottle each)!

Aluminum cans are more environmentally friendly containers than bottles or plastic. Please enjoy “Bijiho drinking” in a sustainable manner at your home or hotel.

Toyoko Inn’s efforts towards environmental sustainability

* ◆How to apply*
Please apply from the Toyoko Inn official email newsletter, which will be distributed on Thursday, July 11, 2024, or the Toyoko Inn official LINE, which will be distributed on Friday, July 12, 2024.

* [To receive email magazine or LINE] *
◎Register for Toyoko Inn official website account
*If you already have an account but have not registered for the e-mail magazine, please log in to My Page and check the e-mail distribution information.
Please click “Receive” for “Toyoko Inn E-mail Magazine” in the notification.

◎Add friends on Toyoko Inn official LINE

* [Gift application period] * Until July 15th (Monday) 23:59

* [Number of winners] * 50 people for mail magazine, 10 people for LINE

* [Notes, lottery/winner announcement, etc.] *
・As the gift items include alcoholic products, minors are not allowed to apply. ・You cannot choose the type of sake/snacks canned.
・If there are too many applicants, a lottery will be held.
・Winners will be announced on the Toyoko Inn official website on July 22nd (Monday).
・Shipping of the gifts is scheduled for late July 2024.
・Please check each application form for other notes.

* What is Toyoko Inn? *
A business hotel chain with the largest number of guest rooms in Japan, located in 42 prefectures (*1), with the concept of being a base hotel for a nationwide network. Located all over the country, including airports and Shinkansen stations (*2), we offer a
“one-price, in principle” price that does not change significantly throughout the year, providing a sense of security that is always there, and ensuring that each customer departs with a smile on their face. I will send you off by saying, “See you there.” Overseas, there are a total of 355 stores, including 17 stores in five countries, and a total of 77,920 guest rooms (*3).

*1: Scheduled to open in all 47 prefectures with opening in Kochi Prefecture in 2026
*2: Stores opened at all Tokaido Shinkansen stations
*3: As of July 10, 2024

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