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LIXIL Housing Research Institute Co., Ltd. Aiful Home’s 40th anniversary “Play House” completed

LIXIL Housing Research Institute Co., Ltd.
Aiful Home’s 40th anniversary “Play House” completed
A new type of home experience facility that combines local community base elements
iful home company
To commemorate the 40th anniversary of its founding, LIXIL Housing Research Institute Aiful Home Company broke through the traditional model house concept and completed a new experience-based facility open to the local community, “Play House,” on July 14th. It will open in Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture.
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[Image 2:×2600.jpg] Since 2008, Aiful Home has been promoting the creation of homes with the aim of being the “No. 1 home that is easy to raise children in,” with the kids design philosophy of “Kid-friendly is good for everyone.” In May of this year, we will celebrate our 40th
anniversary, and we are currently formulating a new tagline, “Kindly, in form.” and developing our original character, “Kizunaa.” Looking ahead to the future, Aiful Home’s vision of creating a home that is easy to raise children in is based on forward-looking proposals that respond to changes in lifestyle as children grow, and that the living area is one area. We believe that it is necessary to “form a local community” where people can become like a big family, and we created Aiful Home’s “Asoberu House” that embodies this idea. In the new facility, the second floor space introduces the “Kids Design Philosophy” that is the basis of Aiful Home’s home construction. On the first floor, we will further evolve the “child-raising
proposals” that foster children’s ability to grow themselves in the “Kids Design Philosophy,” and create a “living environment that fosters a spirit of inquiry and nurtures children” that is close to the future of the child and the whole family. With the help of Professor Kunihiko Yahagi, a leading expert on inquiry-based learning, we have created various proposals to foster a spirit of inquiry in daily life. At AIFUL HOME, “Asobel House” is not just a model house, but by strengthening relationships with the local community, we are creating a sense of familiarity among current and future customers by allowing them to experience AIFUL HOME’s facilities up close. We hope that we will be able to foster a sense of community and gain sympathy, and at the same time contribute to the development of the region as a new base that is needed not only by people who are considering housing, but also by local residents. ■A new concept for “Asobeluya” Gather! Feel! Sodatsu! Overview of the local residential play park “Asobeluya” At Iful Home’s “Asobeluya” you can come visit anytime, connect with people, and enjoy new experiences. As a place, it has become a new community space as a “house open to the local
community,” expressing the full potential of housing. 1) Play a lot and learn a lot! Home Activities I want to play more at home! In order to make your wishes come true, we have prepared play spots for them to run around, hide, read books, jump, and jump. 2) Learn the secret to livability! Experience! Kids Design We have introduced many of Aiful Home’s “Kids Design” home building styles. Especially on the 2nd floor, this kids design is expressed through the growth story of parents and children. 3) Events and Workshops to Enrich Your Life “Asobel House” holds events and workshops related to daily life. Additionally, the space can be rented out to local residents and used as a community space.
■ “New child-raising proposals” developed together with Mr. Kunihiko Yahagi With the cooperation of Mr. Kunihiko Yahagi, a leading expert in inquiry-based learning, we have adopted a “new proposal for raising children” that fosters a sense of inquiry in everyday life. This is a form of “Nurture Suggestion”. 1. “A bookshelf to admire” = Place a bookshelf in an easy-to-reach place to foster imagination and encourage dialogue 2. “Places to choose” = How many places to choose from with different brightness, space, and sense of distance from family members We also have 3. “Umidasu Studio” = A place where you can observe and create freely in a dirt floor space connected to the outside 4. “Learning Kitchen” = An open, flat, and safe kitchen that is easy to help with 5. “Private Inspiration Room” = Highly versatile private room that can be changed flexibly to suit the environment and growth 6. “Yoriso storage” = storage that can be changed according to the items, amount, and people stored.
[Image 3:×1375.jpg] “Kunihiko Yahagi” Teacher Profile Mr. Kunihiko Yahagi A leader in inquiry-based learning, imagination education, and liberal arts education Director of the Institute for the Future of Liberal Arts President of Ars Combinator Chiso Gakusha, Visiting Professor of Tama University Graduate School, etc.
■ How to use “Asoberu-ya” 1) [Reservation required] Tours = Tours where you can fully enjoy the full view of “Asoberu-ya” are held regularly (reservations required) 2) Open days of “Asoberu-ya” = “Asoberu-ya” is held irregularly 3) Rental of community space = Rental space for local residents 4) Events to make life more enjoyable = Events and workshops to make life more enjoyable are held several times a month.
■ Overview of Aiful Home “Asobel House”
[Image 4:×2190.jpg] ◆Company overview
・Company name: LIXIL Housing Research Institute Co., Ltd. Aiful Home Company ・Representative Company President Kota Higuchi
・Head office location: Osaki Garden Tower, 1-1₋1 Nishi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0033
・URL [LIXIL Housing Research Institute Co., Ltd.] [Eyeful Home]
◆Iful Home Overview
Since our founding in 1984, our mission has been to “provide better homes to more people in a more rational manner.” We are a pioneer in developing and introducing a housing franchise chain system that allows anyone to purchase a home with peace of mind. By achieving high cost performance and uniform quality, we continue to provide high-quality homes at reasonable prices, and have provided over 180,000 homes to date.
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