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SEGA Co., Ltd. “PSO2 New Genesis ver.2” Update including addition of new content “Line Strike”!

Sega Co
“PSO2 New Genesis ver.2” Update including new content “Line Strike” added! ……
SEGA Co., Ltd. will add new content “Line Strike” to the popular service “PSO2 New Genesis ver.2” (hereinafter referred to as NGS ver.2) on Wednesday, July 10, 2024. We have implemented an update.
[Image 1:×628.jpg] New content “Line Strike” Introduction to how to play Glenn’s Line Strike
■New content “Line Strike” is now available
As a new content, “Line Strike” will be introduced where you can enjoy card battles.
There are “Rate Battles” where you can compete with players of similar skill level, “Unrated Battles” where you can play casually without worrying about your rating, “Battles against NPCs” that are perfect for testing your skills, and “Free Battles” where you can play directly with your favorite opponent. We have many battle formats available.
You can watch other players’ matches, and you can also check replays of your own past matches.
At the start of a match, your and your opponent’s ARCS cards will be displayed, making the match even more exciting. On the “Line Strike” battle screen, you can use registered card sleeves and playmats for your deck and board. Let’s play “Line Strike” on your favorite battle screen.
Learn how to start “Line Strike” from NPC “Victoria” in Central City. You can also take on side tasks from Victoria and learn the basics of how to play.
In addition, you can obtain “Card Scratch Supplement Tickets” by completing the limited-time tasks and title tasks that will be added. Collect new cards and strengthen your deck.
Along with the addition of the new content “Line Strike”, a new build part “Line Strike Battle Table” will also be released. This build part has a unique gimmick that starts a “line strike” match when two people are seated. You can also sit on one chair and wait for your opponent. Two colors, red and blue, will be available, so be sure to place them in your creative space and have fun playing “Line Strike”.
Additionally, there will also be an official C space where many of these build parts are placed. Please use it as a place to find opponents and friends.
[Image 2:×486.jpg ]
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[Image 11:×486.jpg]
[Image 12:×486.jpg]
[Image 13:×486.jpg] ■New special scratch “Treasure Scratch 4” is now available
Distribution period: July 10, 2024 (Wednesday) after regular maintenance to August 7, 2024 (Wednesday) 11:00
In this “Treasure Scratch 4”, the acquisition period for Treasure Scratch tickets will be held for the first time in three weeks. Up to 6 scratch tickets can be obtained each day from daily tasks during the period, and can also be obtained from drops from all emergency quests. Additionally, the number of times you can clear emergency quests will be increased to 2 times.
The prize lineup includes materials perfect for strengthening equipment, various auxiliary items, and special ability capsules. Valuable items such as “Preset Ability Enhancement Success & Substitute Materials/Lv.2” will also appear.
Also, with the number of times bonus, you can get luxury items such as lobby action “566 “EP Oracle 1″” and “SG Legacy Coordination Badge (Hair)”, so don’t miss out.
■New AC Scratch “12th Anniversary Support Item Selection”
Distribution period: After regular maintenance on Wednesday, July 10, 2024 until 11:00 on Wednesday, July 31, 2024
In the new AC scratch “12th Anniversary Support Item Selection”, “Nadi” special abilities that increase each status and consumable items useful for adventure will reappear.
With the number of times bonus, in addition to items that can support weapon enhancement such as “C/Astraio”, you can also obtain powerful items such as “C/Grand Gigas Maesty S” and “Preset ability enhancement success rate +100%/Lv.4” . Strengthen the weapons and armor you have acquired and aim for even greater heights.
Please check the official website for other update details.
◆What is “NGS ver.2”?
The latest work in the domestic online RPG “Phantasy Star Online 2” (PSO2) series, which started service in 2012. The total number of registered users worldwide has exceeded 11 million (as of June 2023). In June 2023, we will begin distributing “NGS ver.2”, a super evolutionary update.
The ultimate character creation has been further evolved with the addition of a “toon display” function as a new expression. Create your only hero in the world and go on an adventure.
In addition, with the new content “Creative Space”, it is now possible to edit an entire island of your own. By making full use of various building materials and functions, you can create a wide variety of play activities.
New elements such as “portable holograms” will be added to the seamless open field where up to 32 players can come and go, creating further connections and expansion in the adventure world, and new encounters and surprises.
When fighting against powerful enemies such as the new enemy type “Starless”, you can enjoy fast-paced battles with exhilarating and easy-to-operate actions.
Gather together. Create. As you think.
“NGS ver.2” official PV: [“NGS ver.2” product overview]
Product name: PSO2 New Genesis ver.2
Compatible models: PlayStation(R)4, Windows PC, cloud version (Nintendo Switch(TM), Windows PC)
Service period:
Service starts on Wednesday, June 9, 2021
PSO2 New Genesis ver.2 Service starts on Wednesday, June 7, 2023 Price: Basic play free (some paid items available)
Genre: Online RPG
Manufacturer: SEGA Co., Ltd.
CERO notation: D category (for people over 17 years old)
Copyright notice: (C)SEGA
Official website:
Official Discord:
■Company names and product names listed are registered trademarks or trademarks of each company.
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