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Denon New Product Wireless Streaming Amplifier “Denon Home Amp”

[Denon New Product] Wireless Streaming Amplifier “Denon Home Amp” *D&M Holdings Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 10, 2024
[Denon New Product] Wireless Streaming Amplifier “Denon Home Amp” *Denon Hi-Fi sound in every room*

* Enjoy Denon’s Hi-Fi sound even in rooms where you previously gave up due to the size of the Hi-Fi amplifier.
New era wireless streaming amplifier “Denon Home Amp”*

Denon will release the wireless streaming amplifier “Denon Home Amp” in late July 2024.
– Product Name: HEOS Built-in Integrated Amplifier
– Product number: DENON HOME AMP
– Color: K (black)
– Suggested retail price: 121,000 yen (tax included)
– EAN code: 0747192143299 (DENONHOMEAMPK)
– Release date: Late July 2024

“Serious audio requires large and heavy amplifiers and players.” There are probably many people who have such an image. Of course, in pursuit of maximum performance, full-size components are wonderful, with many expensive, high-quality parts mounted on a heavy chassis. We at Denon are committed to traditional
We have been making Hi-Fi components for many years and have grown into a market-leading brand.
On the other hand, Denon has actively incorporated new technology and used ingenuity to create a number of compact products that can fit into a variety of spaces while offering sound quality and performance comparable to full-size components. We have a history of sending them out.
The latest wireless streaming amplifier, Denon Home Amp, joins that lineage. Latest generation Class
D-amp technology and sound tuning based on the sound master’s keen sensibilities create a nuanced, natural sound and high output (125W + 125W /
4Ω) in a compact housing. And that’s not the only surprise. Audio inputs include one analog input and one optical digital input, as well as HDM (eARC) that can be connected to a TV.
/ ARC) terminal is also equipped. Furthermore, it is equipped with HEOS, and Amazon Music
Music streaming services such as HD, AWA, Spotify, SoundCloud, Internet radio, network audio, AirPlay
2. You can freely enjoy various sound sources such as Bluetooth with this one device.
*Separate registration, contract, and fees may be required to use the service. We want you to enjoy Denon’s Hi-Fi sound even in rooms where you have previously given up on full-fledged audio due to size. Denon Home Amp is a new wireless streaming amplifier born from our thoughts.

*Main features*
– Fully digital amplifier boasting a high output of 125W+125W (4Ω) – Monoblock inner structure for high rigidity
– Compatible with HDMI ARC/eARC so you can also enjoy TV audio – Compatible with HDMI control function (CEC) and can be operated with the TV remote control
– Analog input & optical digital input
– HEOS Built-in supports music streaming services, internet radio, and network audio
– AirPlay 2 & Bluetooth compatible
– Touch controls & 3 quick select buttons
*About Denon*
Denon, which celebrated its 110th anniversary on October 1, 2020, is a premium audio brand with origins as Japan’s first record and phonograph manufacturing company and Japan’s first professional recording equipment manufacturing company. Our innovative
technological and development capabilities, including the
commercialization of the world’s first digital PCM recorder, have earned us high praise around the world. Since 2001, the company’s name has been unified from “Denon” to “Denon,” further expanding its role as a global brand.
*The information contained in the press release is current as of the date of announcement.
*Specifications and appearance may be partially changed due to improvements. *The color of the product photo may differ slightly from the actual product due to printing.

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