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Idea Co., Ltd. Grand opening of “Ebisu kuruma”, a new type of Japanese fusion of “Yakitori x Wine” in Ebisu North

[Idea Co., Ltd.] Grand opening of “Ebisu kuruma”, a new type of Japanese fusion of “Yakitori x Wine” in Ebisu North
*Idea Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 10, 2024
Grand opening of “Ebisu kuruma”, a new type of Japanese fusion of “Yakitori x Wine” in north Ebisu
*This time, Ebisu will be opening a Japanese food fusion restaurant that will create a completely new world view by combining “Yakitori x Wine” with Italian elements.
kuruma” will open on Tuesday, July 23, 2024. *
Ebisu is a 5-minute walk from Ebisu Station, located close to the station, but in a hidden area with little foot traffic.
Kuruma” is newly opened. We will deliver an innovative world that fascinates everyone who sees it. You can enjoy the space and food perfect for special dinners, entertainment, and adult dates.

* [New store information] *
– Store name: Ebisu kuruma
– Address: 1st floor, Kokura Building, 3-22-9 Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0011
– Google Maps:
– Phone number: 03-5778-9601
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Japanese fusion to decorate the night in Ebisu
At Ebisu Kuruma, we have established an innovative and completely new genre of cuisine, unbound by conventional values. *
A marriage of Japanese chicken cuisine and Italian cuisine, centered around yakitori. *

You can enjoy a variety of exquisite menus that are beautiful to look at, combining the melt-in-your-mouth flavor of chicken with seasonal ingredients.

The menu at “Ebisu Kuruma” is made up of carefully selected menu items that have been tested more than 100 times for each item.

We have created an exquisite combination of Japanese and Western cuisine, focusing on colorful ingredients. You can enjoy the different flavors and textures of each menu item, and the individuality of each dish shines through.

– Delicate texture that impresses from the first bite
– Overwhelming visuals that let you feel the beauty before eating – Created with only carefully selected ingredients that are safe and secure to eat.

We only collect masterpieces that have been tested through trial and error from a unique perspective.

We offer rare wines by our exclusive sommelier.
At “Ebisu kuruma”, we will introduce you to the finest wines and sake that go well with yakitori, chicken dishes, and Italian food.

* Our dedicated sommelier selects the best brands according to your mood and preferences that day. * Seasonal wines available upon request.

The bottles we stock change daily, so you have a chance to find rare brands that are only available on that day*
is. We look forward to welcoming you with a once-in-a-lifetime experience with your precious wine every time you visit us.

Charcoal-grilled yakitori using locally produced local chicken The yakitori and chicken dishes at “Ebisu Kuruma” are not only visually impressive, but are also made with great care in their ingredients.

*Miyazaki local chicken produced in limited quantities at a dedicated poultry farm*
We use rare bird parts that are not available on the general market. They were slowly raised in Miyazaki’s rich natural environment while being fed pesticide-free feed.*
We use the highest quality chicken “Kagura chicken”*, which is several times softer than regular chicken and has a much different flavor.

What’s more, through thorough safety management at the poultry farm, our chicken is extremely fresh and can be eaten with confidence even when cooked at low temperatures. We also perform careful sterilization using an acidic water system.

Because it is cooked to the highest freshness that can be eaten raw, * “the deliciousness of real chicken” *
You can feel it. As for grilling, the charcoal is made in-house from scratch, which gives the yakitori its distinctive mellow aroma.

Furthermore, a professional griller who has passed a rigorous screening process will carefully grill the yakitori over charcoal to the perfect temperature.

A superb dish that also incorporates Italian elements.
“Chicken Cheese” is crispy on the outside and soft and melty on the inside, overflowing with rich cheese.The rare chicken is gently wrapped in cheese, and from the first bite, you will experience the exquisite taste of Japanese and Western.

We will deliver a world of Japanese and Western cuisine, created by a chef who has experience training at top-class Italian restaurants. “Torikarubo” is our signature menu item that you must try when you visit our store.

Creamy taste characterized by rich egg yolk and plenty of cheese. This exquisite pasta dish is accented with just the right amount of pepper and sprinkled with secret chicken pancetta to match the chicken dishes.

kuruma We offer a variety of brightly colored special dishes, focusing on the Omakase Course.

Our dedicated sommelier will guide you through the exquisite dishes that go perfectly with wine and sake.
*Please enjoy a variety of luxurious bird dishes made with
limited-edition Kagura chicken* and pairings with wine and sake. * ◼️ Menu contents of Omakase course (8,800 yen: tax included) * – Grilled fatty breast with sea urchin and seaweed sauce
– Chicken and avocado with wasabi soy sauce
– Boiled chicken liver baguette cream cheese
– Seared thighs covered in green onions or 3 types of chicken sashimi – Kagura chicken charcoal-grilled thighs
– 5 skewers + 2 types of grilled vegetables
– Kuruma’s TKG
*Course menu contents and prices are subject to change.
“Toro-roasted Breast”, which is slowly grilled at a low temperature, is luxuriously topped with sea urchin and is a masterpiece that highlights the rich flavor of the bird. From the entry “Ebisu” The chef’s carefully selected menu allows you to immerse yourself in the world of Kuruma.

Enjoy super rich chicken liver stew on top of a baguette.
Cream cheese”. “Tori liver boiled” prepared using a secret recipe is one of our signature menu items.

The “Kagura Chicken Charcoal-grilled Thigh”* prepared by a skilled griller is a smoky and aromatic “yakitori for adults”*.

The final dish is “Kuruma’s TKG,” which uses generous amounts of shaved chicken. This egg-cooked rice is served with a glossy, brightly colored egg yolk on top, the proof of its freshness.

A pure Japanese-style space with a calm and chic atmosphere, complete with private rooms and counter seats.
The seating layout is tailored to suit the occasion, including comfortable table seats, private rooms for four people, and counter seats.

– Counter seats for 1 to 7 people
– Table seating for 2 to 4 people
– Private room for 4 people

The private rooms are perfect for entertaining, dining, and dates, and can be used smoothly by making reservations in advance.

*Click here to reserve a private room▶︎*

“Kagura Tori” is a limited production variety with a pedigree that is a natural monument.
“Kagura Tori”, which is produced in limited quantities by “Ebisu Kuruma”, is a very rare chicken that is not distributed to the general public.

A uniquely developed additive-free and pesticide-free feed (completely free of chemicals) that contains vitamins, minerals, and naturally derived nutrients that enhance chicken internal organ function.* We raise healthy, safe, and safe Kagura birds in a carefree breeding environment bathed in the sunshine of Miyazaki, a tropical country.

By “aging” the males for 120 days and females for over 150 days, which is longer than normal, the Kagura chicken has firmer meat, more fat, and an increased texture and flavor.

Please enjoy the “extraordinary” at “Ebisu kuruma”, a luxurious and gorgeous bird-Japanese food fusion that decorates the night of Ebisu.

* [New store information] *

Store name: Ebisu kuruma

Address: 1st floor, Kokura Building, 3-22-9 Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0011

Google Maps: **

Phone number: 03-5778-9601
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