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Home » KSR Co., Ltd. STARKIDS releases their collaboration song “BUSY (feat. BENXNI & TAHITI)” today with the pop ular young Korean rapper UNEDUCATED KID as a kick-off for their EP “ASIAX”!

KSR Co., Ltd. STARKIDS releases their collaboration song “BUSY (feat. BENXNI & TAHITI)” today with the pop ular young Korean rapper UNEDUCATED KID as a kick-off for their EP “ASIAX”!

[KSR Co., Ltd.] STARKIDS collaborates with popular young Korean rapper UNEDUCATED KID to kick off their EP “ASIAX”
“BUSY (feat. BENXNI & TAHITI)” released today!
*KSR Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 10, 2024
STARKIDS will kick off their EP “ASIAX” with a collaboration song “BUSY (feat. BENXNI & TAHITI)” released today!
*Tokyo-based hip-hop unit STARKIDS will release an EP called “ASIAX,” scheduled to be released on July 31st, by Korean rapper UNEDUCATED KID.
The latest single in collaboration with is released today. * This dynamic, trap-tinged song delves deep into the artists’ daily lives, exploring themes of ambition, individuality, and dedication to loved ones.
“BUSY” is the first single to kick off STARKID’s collaborative EP “ASIAX” scheduled to be released at the end of this month. “ASIAX” is a collaboration project with five different artists from Asia (Taiwan, Thailand, and South Korea), and it is a cutting-edge sound that involves not only Japan but all of Asia. Packed with a huge amount of energy and creativity, “ASIAX” is a mixed sound that perfectly captures the vibrancy and dynamic vibe of Asia’s hyperpop music scene.

A gripping story that faithfully depicts the events that he
experienced during his life as an artist. It clearly reflects the ups and downs they face in their music career, and shows the obstacles they overcome and their unwavering attitude in order to achieve great success.

STARKIDS are back with a sharper, more energetic sound that mixes hyperpop, EDM, and trap. Their lyrics reflect their unstoppable drive and unique style, emphasizing the importance of staying true to yourself no matter what.

KID brings a fresh and eclectic vibe, and his lyrics speak of gracious living and a strong commitment to music. He also touches on the harshness of success, alluding to the stress that comes with fame. This collaboration not only highlights his lyrical skills, but also shows how his music can explore themes that everyone can relate to.

A six-member unit based in Tokyo, consisting of Boy, BENXNI, TAHITI, levi, espeon, and ROAR. Their music ranges from Eurobeat, happy hardcore-inspired EDM instrumentals to hard-hitting trap and hip-hop production.
Known for their high-energy performances, STARKIDS has a unique aura with catchy melodies and a perfect blend of both English and Japanese, drawing talented creators from all over the world to Tokyo. This led to the formation of their collective and record label, guntai9. “Forever”
STARKIDS with the catchphrases “Stars, Forever Kids” and “Time to Shine with the 9″
is a vibrant and promising artistic journey that aims for global recognition and will leave an indelible mark on the international music scene.

* Instagram* Uneducated Kid –
His real name is Kim Sung-woo (김성우), a South Korean rapper who debuted independently in 2018. Currently, Yng&Rich is a company founded by rapper Superbee.
Records” and is affiliated with DirtyPlay.
He is also the founder of Records. It features bold lyrics and a unique flow that combines elements of trap and modern hip-hop. In July, he held his second solo concert “UNEDUCATED”
KID 2nd Concert-The Cult-” will be held in Korea.

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Focusing on street music such as HIPHOP, R&B, and REGGAE, we provide master recording production, distribution, artist promotion, and management support for artists closely connected to the field. We aim to create hit content from Asia to the world by strengthening relationships with global DSPs, overseas domestic DSPs, and overseas master production teams, not only in the domestic market, but also in the global music market with a focus on Asia. want to be.
Head office location: 6-10-12 Face Minami-Aoyama, Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062

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