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Home » July 28th (Sun) “3150FIGHT vol.9” IBF World Minimumweight Champion Ginjiro Shigeoka Public Sparring/Press C onference

July 28th (Sun) “3150FIGHT vol.9” IBF World Minimumweight Champion Ginjiro Shigeoka Public Sparring/Press C onference

July 28th (Sun) “3150FIGHT vol.9” [IBF World Minimumweight Champion Ginjiro Shigeoka Public Sparring/Press Conference]
*Kameda Promotion Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 10, 2024
July 28th (Sun) “3150FIGHT vol.9” [IBF World Minimumweight Champion Ginjiro Shigeoka Public Sparring/Press Conference]
*Shigeoka: “I want to defeat him as the main character of the gorgeous 3150FIGHT and get excited!”*
(From left) Koki Kameda, founder, Ginjiro Shigeoka, trainer Machida Professional boxing event to be held on Sunday, July 28th at Shiga Daihatsu Arena, Shiga Prefecture, Okui Group presents “3150FIGHT” vol.9” main event, IBF World Minimumweight Champion Ginjiro Shigeoka, who will defend his third defense against IBF World Minimumweight No. 1 Pedro Tadulan (Philippi), will be defending his title for the third time at a gym in Tokyo. He held a press conference and revealed his practice, which included light sparring.

During the public practice, he engaged in some light sparring with his sparring partner Jacebar Abseed, who was invited from the Philippines. Ginjiro showed a variety of offensive moves, such as countering a southpaw abseed punch that was intended to hit his opponent, Taduran, and driving his opponent to the ropes to perform a combination.

In addition, on the defensive side, he has been practicing more consciously in recent practice, saying, “Even if you are landing a punch, if you receive one punch (from your opponent), you will flip over.” In addition to his technique of exchanging punches while moving, he also showed movements of exchanging punches while moving his head and upper body, giving the impression that his defensive skills have further improved.

At a press conference held prior to the public practice, he said, “I have no injuries and my weight loss is progressing smoothly.My grandmother in Kumamoto sent me a large amount of horse sashimi (a specialty of Kumamoto Prefecture), so I lost weight while eating horse sashimi.” I’m grateful to my grandmother,” she said, indicating that her weight loss is going well.

Regarding his designated challenger, southpaw (left stance) fighter Pedro Tadulan (Philippines), he said, “I have the impression that he is a fighter with guts. I’m better at southpaw than orthodox (right-hand stance) because I can hit my opponent with punches.I don’t have any weaknesses against southpaw,” he said, expressing his confidence for his next match.

When asked about his enthusiasm for the match, he said, “This is the first world title match to be held in Shiga Prefecture (where it will be held), so I hope that the people who come to the venue and the ABEMA viewers will enjoy it.” I want to compete. Also, “3150FIGHT” always motivates the athletes with its spectacular production, so I will be participating in the main event (my first time), so in the end, I will be able to defeat my opponent as usual. I hope that by defeating him, we can make this spectacular event even more exciting,” he said, vowing a KO victory to the fans who are looking forward to Ginjiro’s world battle.

Founder Kameda, who was present at the press conference, commented on Ginjiro’s future, saying, “First of all, I’m looking forward to his next defense match.I think Ginjiro is a professional in the true sense of the word, as he responds with results that exceed expectations every time. This is a really great player who has lived up to expectations by winning by KO in matches against various fighters (against Ginjiro).I have also received offers from champions from other organizations. So, if we can win this match, we will have a lot of options. I’m looking forward to what Ginjiro will do next.” * [Overview of Okui Group presents “3150FIGHT vol.9”] *
July 28th (Sunday) Scheduled to open: 12:00 Scheduled to start: 13:00 Venue: Shiga Daihatsu Arena
779 Ueda Kaminakanocho, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture 520-2164 Approximately 15 minutes by bus from Seta Station on the JR Tokaido Main Line (get off at Shiga Arena bus stop)
*Advance application is required to use the parking lot. Please check below for details.
7/28 (Sun) Parking information for 3150FIGHT vol.9 | Shiga Daihatsu Arena | Mizuno (

* ◎Event details*
*July 28, 2024 Okui Group presents “3150FIGHT vol.9” details*

* ◎All matches will be broadcast live for free on ABEMA Boxing Channel* **

* ◎Ticket*
*On sale at Lawson Tickets*
*Click here for purchase page* * ・List of released tickets*
SRS seat 30,000 yen
S seat 15,000 yen
Arena A seat 10,000 yen
2nd floor reserved seat 8,000 yen
*Price includes tax.
*Ticket sales will end as soon as they are sold out. Please note.

* [Battle card] *
* ○* Main event
IBF world minimumweight title match 12th round
Champion Ginjiro Shigeoka (Watanabe) VS 1st place Pedro Tadulan (Philippines)

58kg contract 8th round
Kyonosuke Kameda (TMK) VS Mugicha Nakagawa (Mitsuki)

○Featherweight 8th round
Pete Apolinal (Philippines) VS Nakagawa Matcha (Spider Nemoto)

○52.8kg contract 6th round
Lim Seebram (Cambodia) VS Ryusei Moriwaki (KWORLD3)

○Super flyweight 8th round
Keisuke Iwasaki (all) VS Daichi Morino (future)

○Super flyweight 8th round
Fuyuma Kondo (Kanie) VS Hayao Hanada (KWORLD3)

○58kg contract 6th round
Toga Fukuhama (Diamante) VS Majiska Kosaka (KWORLD3)

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