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2024 Miyagi Prefecture products Ranking announced!

[2024 Miyagi Prefecture products] Ranking announced!
*First Innovation*
Press release: July 10, 2024
[2024 Miyagi Prefecture products] Ranking announced!
*A survey was conducted among approximately 650 Miyagi fans, both male and female, both within and outside Miyagi prefecture, asking, “What do you think of Miyagi prefecture products?” *
First Innovation Co., Ltd., an IT company in Chuo-ku, Tokyo
(President: Yuji Kinone, hereinafter referred to as First Innovation), will utilize SNS and the web from July 1, 2024 to August 31, 2024. A public-private partnership regional revitalization campaign that aims to achieve “regional PR” by disseminating the charms of Miyagi Prefecture, and “supporting” the “resolution of regional issues” through the “connections” we have received with everyone in Miyagi Prefecture. As part of the Miyagi Connection Support activities, the survey service “SES”
In collaboration with “Miyagi Prefecture Products”, we conducted a popularity survey on “Miyagi Prefecture Products”.

* ■Questionnaire survey details*
“What do you think of Miyagi prefecture products?” survey conducted by SES Plus In this survey, we conducted a questionnaire survey about “Miyagi Prefecture products” targeting “approximately 650 male and female fans” of Miyagi Prefecture nationwide. We will announce the results in a ranking format.

* ■Questionnaire survey summary*
Survey target: Approximately 650 male and female Miyagi Prefecture fans from all over the country
Survey period: May 12th to May 15th, 2024
Survey service: SES Plus
Survey method: Survey on SNS
Number of valid responses: Approximately 650 people
Male to female ratio: 40.7%: 57.7%
Age of respondents: Teens (1.9%) / 20s (18.7%) / 30s (37.6%) / 40s (23.5%) / 50s (13.2%) /
Over 60s (5.0%)

* ■Questionnaire survey results*
“What do you think of Miyagi prefecture products?” Survey results announced When we conducted a survey of approximately 650 Miyagi Prefecture fans asking, “What do you think of Miyagi Prefecture’s products?”, 1st place was “Beef tongue (312 votes),” 2nd place was “Zunda (105 votes),” and 3rd place was “Sasa Kamaboko.” (94 votes)” was the result.

* [1st place: Beef tongue] *
“Ox tongue”
Beef tongue, which has been established as a Sendai specialty, is a must-try dish for tourists visiting Miyagi Prefecture. Beef tongue is generally served grilled, and is characterized by its juiciness and moderate texture. As a beef tongue set meal, it is often served with barley rice, tail soup, pickled Chinese cabbage and cucumbers, and miso-pickled green chili peppers, and the combination is one of its charms.

* [2nd place: * Zunda* ]*
Zunda is a sweet paste made by grinding edamame, and is enjoyed as an “old-fashioned sweet” eaten over rice cakes and dumplings. Zunda is a popular traditional home-cooked dish in Miyagi Prefecture, and in recent years, sweets and ice cream made with zunda have also become popular. One of the reasons why it is loved by so many people is that it is healthy and nutritious.

* [3rd place: * Sasa kamaboko * ] *
“Sasa kamaboko”
Sasa kamaboko is a type of kamaboko made with ground white fish, and is characterized by its bamboo leaf shape.
The simple taste of grilled white fish and the unique texture make it a delicious treat, and it is loved by a wide range of people, from children to adults. In addition to eating it as is, we also recommend dipping it with wasabi soy sauce, soy sauce, or mayonnaise.
Next, 4th place was “Mango (37 votes),” 5th place was “Hagi no Tsuki (28 votes),” 6th place was “Rice (25 votes),” 7th place was “Oysters (22 votes),” and 8th place was “Shark Fin (17 votes.) )”, 9th place was “Zunda Shake (8 votes)”, and 10th place was “Kokeshi (7 votes)”.

In addition, “Hagi no Tsuki”, which ranked 5th this time, is a product sold by “Kasho Sanzen”, which is participating as a co-creation company in the “Miyagi Connection Support” campaign run by our company. is.

* [5th place: *Hagi no Tsuki*]*
“Moon of Hagi”
Hagi no Tsuki is a famous confectionery shaped like a harvest moon floating in the sky of Miyagino, where clover bushes are blooming. This is a fluffy sponge cake filled with original custard cream that has a mellow and gentle flavor.
It’s delicious to eat at room temperature, but we also recommend eating it chilled on hot summer days.

■About “SES Plus”
SES Plus(Social Examine Service
Plus) takes various surveys on SNS and helps solve problems through ranking research.
Our mission is to accurately understand the marketing needs of our clients and deliver accurate information through advanced SNS research.
“SES Plus” official account

■About “Miyagi Connection Support”
“Miyagi Connection Support” is the realization of “regional PR” by disseminating the charms of Miyagi Prefecture using SNS and the web, and “resolving regional issues” through the “connections” we have received with everyone in Miyagi Prefecture. This is a “Regional Revitalization Campaign” that is a public-private partnership that “supports” the “Regional Revitalization Campaign”.
Campaign official website

* company overview*
Company name: First Innovation Co., Ltd. -FirstInnovation-
Representative Director and CEO: Yushi Kinone
Director and COO: Sachiko Yasuda
Location: 52F, DEUX TOURS EAST Tower, 3-13-1 Harumi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Establishment date: December 19, 2016
Capital: 10,000,000 yen
Business content: WEB production business, WEB-related business, SNS-related business, DX-related business, WEB countermeasures business, regional revitalization SDGs project, etc.
Official website:
Official Instagram: Representative Instagram: Official Twitter:
Official blog:
Official recruitment site:
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