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Builds Co., Ltd. Produced the highest number of successful applicants to the University of Tokyo! What is the mindset change introduced by “Study Coach”? ~ Closer to the University of Tokyo style learning know-how and the real ity of the “difficult

[Builds Co., Ltd.] Produced the highest number of successful applicants to the University of Tokyo! What is the mindset change introduced by “Study Coach”?
~ Closer to the University of Tokyo style learning know-how and the reality of the “difficult university seminar” ~
*Builds Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 10, 2024
Producing the highest number of successful applicants to the University of Tokyo! What is the mindset change introduced by “Study Coach”? ~ Closer to the University of Tokyo style learning know-how and the reality of the “difficult university seminar” ~
Builds Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and CEO: Hashimoto)
“Study Coach”, run by Ryuichi (hereinafter referred to as
“Builds”), is a Tokyo University-style private tutoring school that offers coaching-type cram schools mainly online.
There are over 300 University of Tokyo coaches in total, who provide the highest level of study planning know-how to a wide range of generations, from junior high school entrance exams to university entrance exams. The offline school building business, which started in 2022, has opened one after another, including directly managed schools and FC schools, and has expanded to 10 school buildings in just one and a half years. Additionally, as part of our educational activities, we regularly hold school lectures and provide learning know-how at various locations.

This time, we will use the lectures at Kanagawa University High School (hereinafter referred to as “Kamidai High School”), which produced the largest number of students admitted to the University of Tokyo as an example, to examine the actual state of school lectures and how they work through interviews with participants and schools. We will introduce the effects in detail.

■Produced the most students who passed the University of Tokyo in school history!
“Kamidai High School” is known as a junior high school and high school in Kanagawa Prefecture, but it was not ranked very high among the top Kanagawa Shinko Gakko schools. However, since around 2021, when Study Coach started giving lectures to Shindai High School, the number of students entering the university has been on the rise, and last year, the school produced four students who passed the University of Tokyo, the highest number in the history of the school. It has arrived.

■Actual situation of “Difficult University Seminar”
Changing your mindset about taking entrance exams
The “Difficult University Seminar” conducted by Study Coach provides important awareness for aiming for the most difficult university. Many test takers tend to be slow in preparing for the entrance exam and to obtain little information about the entrance exam. We believe that this tendency is creating barriers to entering the most difficult universities and determining one’s own limits, so we have placed emphasis on a “change in mindset.”
By making students aware of the University of Tokyo from the early grades and clarifying the path to taking the entrance exam, we aimed to improve their daily efforts. Furthermore, with the theme of “Anyone can aim for the most prestigious university if they have the right information and environment,” the program aims to dispel the lack of self-confidence that often occurs at mid-career schools. These “changes in mindset” have raised the perspective of the school as a whole and created an environment where students can aim higher.

Importance of study plan
Based on Study Coach’s top-notch study guidance know-how, the aim is to instill the importance of planning backwards from the point of passing the university entrance exam. Based on the equation, “maximize study quantity x quality = improve academic ability,” the school strongly emphasizes that even students who are busy with club activities and don’t have much time can study efficiently and get accepted to university. In addition, by referring to the “University of Tokyo Study Encyclopedia,” which has been compiled from University of Tokyo students enrolled in Study Coach, we provide study methods for students who will actually pass the University of Tokyo entrance exam.
[Click here to apply for the University of Tokyo Study Guide] You can apply from the official LINE. To add friends, please use the link below.

Common sense of preparatory school
By understanding what many of your competitors who aim to get into the most difficult universities are doing, you can improve the way you approach entrance exams. We invited staff from preparatory schools to instill common sense at high schools, where almost all students aim to attend the University of Tokyo. By knowing the basics unique to a preparatory school, such as the high level of awareness of all students and the fact that all the necessary entrance exam information is available to younger students, it becomes clear what needs to be done right away, and provides an environment that does not compromise on the current situation. Did.

■Participant interviews
*T.H. (Class of 2023)*

In his third year of high school, he took the “Difficult University Seminar” and unfortunately was not accepted into the University of Tokyo during his active years, but after a one-year Ronin period, he was accepted into Science II with a score higher than the passing score of Japan’s highest exam, Science III. Passed the class. Currently, I am providing study guidance to prospective students as a member of Study Coach’s teaching staff.

– *What I learned the most from the lecture*

We now know how much academic progress is being made at the top preparatory schools such as Chikukoma and Kaisei. As rivals aiming to attend the same university, by knowing what I should be able to do by when, I was able to think about my studies from a higher standard. – * How did your consciousness change after the lecture? * I studied hard so that I could catch up with the people at my preparatory school. I made sure to make a plan, execute it, and make adjustments if necessary.

■School side interview
*Career Guidance Department Teacher N*

* Reason for introducing lectures *
In the first place, in 2019, when the number of successful applicants to the University of Tokyo dropped to 0, I wanted to provide some kind of stimulus in order to make a comeback. I had previously talked privately with Mr. Hashimoto, a graduate student, about the future of Shindai University and the future of his career path, so (at that time, I also assumed the position of Deputy Director of the Careers Department), so I decided to officially announce this. The flow goes like this.

*What changes did the students experience after attending the lecture?* –
The story of the representative who lived in the same space as junior high and high school and survived the University of Tokyo entrance exam serves as a role model for the students. It motivates me to do it too!

The stories and experiences of children who graduated from “famous schools that naturally aspired to the University of Tokyo and were accepted into the University of Tokyo” will give you an opportunity to learn about the daily lives of the rivals you will be competing against (and winning against), and will become even more involved. It allows you to move toward your goals from a higher perspective. This will prevent the situation of “I don’t know the ocean of frogs in the well”, and in fact, I think it will enable autonomous and independent learning because you can learn about the commonplace of taking the University of Tokyo entrance exam while staying in the well. Masu. – There are students (and first year high school students) who take advantage of the free time after lectures to carry around English vocabulary notebooks.

*Advantages of introducing lectures*

Even if the information is the same when transcribed in writing, when it is uttered from the mouths of “seniors who successfully took the University of Tokyo entrance exams” or current students who have graduated from prestigious schools, it becomes words that have a great influence on the students.

Rather than sitting next to the student and teaching them
everything, the style is to act as a pacemaker for the student, receiving information about what to do and when, and then having the student think about it themselves based on that information. is not only useful for studying for entrance exams. Based on the information, think about what you should do now, work on it, get advice from speakers and coaches, revise it, and move on with your efforts. Learning this flow from an early stage will make you a useful person. I think it is also significant in terms of producing students into society.

■Study coach service overview
“Study Coach” is a service that provides thorough coaching guidance, including study plan management and study know-how, by instructors who have been accepted into the University of Tokyo, one of the most prestigious universities.

Rather than giving classes, University of Tokyo students will create a completely custom-made study plan for each student based on their own experience of taking entrance exams.

First, we will ask you about your current learning situation and the reference books you are using, and then create a yearly study plan based on your desired school. From there, you can create a weekly study plan during weekly meetings and provide feedback, allowing you to maintain motivation and continue while maximizing efficiency.

Additionally, because the instruction is online, there is no mismatch in compatibility with the instructor, and it is possible to match with the ideal coach from among the more than 300 University of Tokyo student coaches.

■For school personnel who wish to attend study coach lectures Please contact us at the email address below.

* ■* About free trial classes
– * I want to study hard, but I don’t know what to do…I’m worried because I don’t know if I should continue studying…*
– * I can’t keep up my motivation…I could do my best if I had someone to manage me…*
If you have any problems like this, please come and try it out for free! Please contact us by clicking on this link and “Apply for a free trial.”
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