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Samsung Samsung Electronics “Galaxy Ring” announced today on July 10, 2024

[Samsung] [Samsung Electronics] “Galaxy Ring” announced today on July 10, 2024 *Samsung*
Press release: July 10, 2024
[Samsung Electronics] “Galaxy Ring” announced today on July 10, 2024 for global release
*[Samsung Electronics] Galaxy AI enables 24-hour health management and Samsung’s best-in-class sleep analysis just by wearing it*
Samsung Electronics (headquartered in South Korea, hereinafter referred to as Samsung) today announced its new product “Galaxy Ring” *1. “Galaxy”
“Ring” is the latest wearable device designed to provide a wellness experience*2 that leads to good mental and physical health and good lifestyle habits.

Samsung takes a holistic approach to daily wellness, providing personalized information and tailored wellness experiences that give you a more comprehensive understanding of your health.
We aim to strengthen digital health management with AI. Obtaining accurate, detailed, and sophisticated information about your health is a key component of this process. “Galaxy” equipped with sensor technology accumulated by Samsung
Ring” brings these visions to life. Additionally, it can be
comfortably worn on your finger while you sleep, providing health monitoring, tracking, and personalized information.
TM of Samsung President and MX Business Manager
“The new additions to the wearable series are the culmination of Samsung’s most advanced technology and innovation, enabling people to take control of their health and wellness through preventative healthcare solutions,” said Roh.
“The intelligence, guidance, and information provided by Ring will help users derive meaningful insights from their data, expanding smart wellness experiences and ushering in a new era.”
The features of “Galaxy Ring” are as follows.

* ■Galaxy Ring: Have a healthy lifestyle just by wearing it. Let’s start with sleep. *

Ring” *4 offers a simple approach to daily health management. It features Samsung’s proven sensor technology in a minimal and discreet way, providing insights to help you understand your health. It is designed to perform health monitoring *5 24 hours a day, and is lightweight at approximately 2.3 to 3.0 g *6, so it can be worn comfortably for long periods of time *7. characteristic*
The recessed design* provides a stylish look while maintaining durability. *Waterproof performance of 10ATM* *8 and *Grade 5 Titanium*
*9The finish allows you to wear Galaxy Ring with confidence anywhere. * Up to 7 days of battery life*
*10 allows continuous use, and a specially designed charging case *11 with beautiful LED lights to indicate charging status is also included. Color can express your individuality*
Available in 3 color variations* (Titanium Black, Titanium Silver, Titanium Gold). Also *9 sizing kits*
*You can choose the fit size that suits you by trying size 12.

In “Galaxy Ring”, Galaxy
Customized to the user’s needs with advanced technology of AI, it will become your strong supporter over time, 24 hours a day.
Enjoy support around the clock. All data and insights are available under *Samsung Health*
”*13, allowing seamless access from a single platform without the need for a subscription. First of all, when it comes to sleep, which is the foundation of wellness, Samsung offers best-in-class sleep analysis *14 function and powerful “*14” that helps you understand your sleep patterns and build better sleep habits.
sleep AI algorithm*. *Sleep Score*, in addition to snoring analysis, new sleep indicators* Movements during sleep*, *
Sleep latency*, heart rate and breathing rate* have been added to provide detailed and accurate sleep quality analysis. * “Menstrual Cycle Tracking” *
*15 allows you to track your menstrual cycle more accurately by monitoring your skin temperature at night.

Ring’s comprehensive insights and motivational messages help users wake up refreshed and start their day. Every morning, Galaxy Check various health indicators with detailed AI-generated health reports. Furthermore, new Galaxy AI function “*Energy Score* ”*16 can increase health awareness and improve according to
recommendations tailored to your physical condition. This score is evaluated and calculated based on four key physical and mental factors: sleep, activity, heart rate while sleeping, and heart rate variability while sleeping. moreover”*
Wellness Tips*
”*17, it is also possible to receive comprehensive data on all areas related to health and personalized messages that reflect individual preferences.

A wide range of other monitoring options are available for daily wellness. “*Heart Rate Alert*
” *18 You can always check your heart health status. When this feature detects abnormally high or low heart rate, it will instantly send a message to your Samsung device in real time.
Notifications will be sent through the Health app. For more
information about heartbeats, including heart rate per minute, start time, and duration, see * Live Heart
You can check from “Rate Check*”. In addition, “Galaxy Ring” can automatically track walking and running “*
Auto Workout Detection*19 and *Inactive Alert*19, which reminds you of your daily fitness routine.
” to help you maintain an active lifestyle and motivation. In addition, you can stop taking photos and alarms on your Galaxy smartphone with “*
Gestures**20 can be easily performed with a double pinch, as well as “*Samsung Find*”*21’s “*Find My Ring*”
You can also check the location of “Galaxy Ring” on your Galaxy smartphone through “.

* -Main specifications of “Galaxy Ring”-*
●“Galaxy” is a trademark or registered trademark of Samsung
Electronics Co., Ltd.
●Other company names, product names, service names, etc. listed are trademarks or registered trademarks of each company.
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