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Home » “Kirin Ichiban Shibori Draft Beer” new TV commercial. If you’re going to go to the trouble of drinking it, it’s a nice beer. Tomoya Nakamura and Ryo Katsuji enjoy luxurious ingredients and “Ichiban Shibori” at a summer BBQ! New TVCM “Ordinary Kai” ve

“Kirin Ichiban Shibori Draft Beer” new TV commercial. If you’re going to go to the trouble of drinking it, it’s a nice beer. Tomoya Nakamura and Ryo Katsuji enjoy luxurious ingredients and “Ichiban Shibori” at a summer BBQ! New TVCM “Ordinary Kai” ve

“Kirin Ichiban Shibori Draft Beer” new TV commercial
If you’re going to go out of your way to drink it, it’s a nice beer. Tomoya Nakamura and Ryo Katsuji enjoy luxurious ingredients and “Ichiban Shibori” at a summer BBQ! New TVCM “Ordinary Kai” edition Broadcast starts from July 12th (Friday)
*Kirin Beer Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 11, 2024
“Kirin Ichiban Shibori Draft Beer” new TV commercial
If you’re going to go out of your way to drink it, it’s a nice beer. Tomoya Nakamura and Ryo Katsuji enjoy luxurious ingredients and “Ichiban Shibori” at a summer BBQ! New TVCM “Ordinary Kai” edition Broadcast starts from July 12th (Friday)
*~Devised a BBQ plan for two people of the same age to enjoy Ichiban Shibori. Mr. Nakamura: “I want to bring my parents.” Mr. Katsuji: “My parents? Lol.” “I want to drink with my fellow actors of the same generation!”~*
Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd. (President)
Hideki Horiguchi) will release a 30-second “Normal Kai” version (30 seconds) featuring actors Tomoya Nakamura and Ryo Katsuji as a new TV commercial for Kirin Ichiban Shibori Draft Beer (hereinafter referred to as Ichiban Shibori) in July 2024. It will be broadcast nationwide from Friday, March 12th.

* ■New TVCM Overview *
Title: “Normal Kai” edition
Cast: Tomoya Nakamura/Ryo Katsuji
Broadcast start date: Friday, July 12, 2024
Broadcast area: Nationwide
CM main URL:
Making URL:
Interview URL:

* ■About the new TV commercial*

In the new communication for Ichiban Shibori, which started in February of this year, the main character, Tomoya Nakamura, who had been casually choosing beer until now, has chosen beer under the catchphrase, “If you’re going to go to the trouble of drinking, it’s a good beer.” A TV commercial in which, through encounters with people who love Banshibori, they realize its high quality and rediscover its deliciousness.
The series is currently being developed.

The setting of the latest work, “Ordinary Kai”, is a glamping facility that Nakamura visited with his classmates on a summer holiday. The story begins with Mr. Katsuji appealing to Mr. Nakamura and his friends about his special ingredients as they prepare for the barbecue. When they were shown thick marbled meat and large lobsters one after another, everyone got excited and exclaimed, “It’s luxurious!” But when they told me that the beer to go with it was “Ichiban Shibori,” I thought, “That’s normal!” Nakamura commented. In response to that comment, Mr. Katsuji, who knows that Ichiban Shibori is an unusual beer with an ordinary face…

The best part is the fun conversation between Mr. Nakamura and Mr. Katsuji, which takes place in a refreshing summer setting, and the delicious expressions on their faces as they drink Ichiban Shibori. Nakamura and Katsuji were actually born in the same year, 1986, and have been working together as actors since they were young. “It felt like we were both really relaxed and just eating and talking with Katsuji normally” (Mr. Nakamura), “I was really happy to meet Tomoya on set, and it felt like work, but not work.
Please take a look at the natural acting of the duo of the same age, said Mr. Katsuji.

* ■Photography episode*
* ◇The famous duo of the same age who call each other “Katsuji” and “Tomoya” will perform together again *
 Continuing from the previous “With Colleagues” edition, the “Ichiban Shibori” commercial
Nakamura-san and Katsuji-san are performing together for the second time. As soon as they entered the venue, the two men of the same age knew each other and called each other “Katsuji” and “Tomoya,” and there was a relaxed atmosphere befitting the setting of close friends at work. In the test, I intentionally overplayed my lines and facial expressions,

Mr. Katsuji, who livens up the occasion, and Mr. Nakamura, who is quick to add accurate tsukkomi to such goofy actions and provoke even more laughter, are a perfect pairing. It was a very friendly and friendly shoot where you could hear the constant laughter of the director and staff members having fun.

* ◇Mr. Katsuji was requested to make a cut that was not in the script because of his good drinking ability *
The scene where everyone drinks “Ichiban Shibori,” which Mr. Nakamura realizes is an “unusual” beer thanks to Mr. Katsuji. At first, we were supposed to only shoot a drinking scene with Nakamura-san as the main focus, but since Katsuji-san’s drinking style stood out so much, we decided to take a close-up of Katsuji-san as an extra shot. When Mr. Katsuji was informed of this, he looked at Mr. Nakamura with a big smile and said, “Give me a close-up of me. Wow!” and looked at Mr. Nakamura happily. Mr. Nakamura then teased Mr. Katsuji with a laugh and said, “It’s unusual for Katsuji to be addicted to something,” and Mr. Katsuji immediately responded. “Hey! I’ve been doing this for 25 years because I’m addicted to it,” he said, and the scene was filled with laughter.

* ◇This co-starring work is full of emotion for the two who grew close to each other over drinks *
In the scene where Mr. Katsuji asks Mr. Katsuji how it tastes, Mr. Nakamura, who had previously said it was “average,” murmurs “delicious,” and the moment the cut is made, Mr. Nakamura replies, “It was perfect.” Mr. Katsuji spoke to me. In response, Mr. Nakamura yelled to the director who was checking the monitor from a little distance away, “Mr. Katsuji says he’s perfect!” Immediately after. I got the OK.
Since their debut as actors, Nakamura has been aware of each other’s existence, but it was in his early 20s that the distance between them became much closer.Actually, it all started when a drinking party set up by a senior actor for the two of them started. said Katsuji. As they have such common memories, it seems that they were deeply moved by the collaboration, which took place at a drinking party, and said, “Being able to appear in a beer commercial together feels like we’ve both grown up.” There was also a scene where they had a conversation saying, “Wow.”

* ■Interview with Tomoya Nakamura and Ryo Katsuji *
* —Please tell us your honest thoughts after drinking “Ichiban Shibori” and your impressions of “Ichiban Shibori”. *
* [Mr. Nakamura] *: The word that comes to mind when drinking “Ichiban Shibori” is “beautiful.” The beer is so beautiful It feels like it’s of high quality. It’s easy to drink and has a refreshing taste that’s perfect for summer, just like the one in this commercial, so I personally love it.
* [Mr. Katsuji] *
:If Tomoya says the word “beautiful,” then I mean “deep.” I feel like it has a deep flavor. However, it has a refreshing taste that you can drink even in summer. It goes well with cooking, so I get the impression that you can drink it while eating.
* [Nakamura-san]*: You might understand that. I can totally see why it goes well with food.
* [Mr. Katsuji] *
:Actually, I had a childhood friend who was a chef, and I asked him, “What beer does a chef think goes best with food?” Of course, there are many different kinds of dishes, but my friend told me that Ichiban Shibori (Ichiban Shibori) is the best.
* [Nakamura-san]*: I’m sure you don’t fight.
* [Mr. Katsuji] *: That’s what it means.
* [Mr. Nakamura] *: That’s right. According to Katsuji research. * [Mr. Katsuji] *: According to research by Katsuji.

* –Please tell us your impressions of the shoot. *
* [Mr. Nakamura]*: He was very relaxed. We chatted the whole time. * [Mr. Katsuji] *: We were talking the whole time.
* [Mr. Nakamura] *: While I was talking about work and other things, Katsuji was basically talking bad about people.
* [Mr. Katsuji] *: You say amazing things. I had a microphone on, so please listen to everything. I’m not saying anything bad (laughs). * [Nakamura-san]* :Ahahaha.
* [Mr. Katsuji] *: I think I said it last time, but I met Tomoya when I was in my early 20s…
* [Nakamura-san]*: He had a lot of respect for me.
* [Mr. Katsuji] *: That’s not true. To each other, right?
* [Mr. Nakamura] *: It seems like I admired him. It seemed like he was following my back.
* [Mr. Katsuji] *: What are you talking about? (laughs) No, but I was really happy to meet Tomoya on the set.
* [Mr. Nakamura] *: That’s right.
* [Mr. Katsuji] *: Of course it’s work, but it doesn’t feel like work. * [Mr. Nakamura] *: We were just talking about eating food normally. * [Mr. Katsuji] *: That’s right. That’s why I’m so happy.

*–Katsuji was so happy that when the previous commercial they co-starred in was aired,*
* Did you post an episode with Nakamura-san on Instagram? *
* [Mr. Katsuji] *: That’s right. But I don’t think he watches Instagram, so it’s okay to keep it a secret.
* [Mr. Nakamura] *: The manager told me the night before the shooting. * [Mr. Katsuji] *: Why are you saying that? It’s embarrassing though (laughs). I once went out drinking with Tomoya alone.
The reason we became so close to each other was because we were having drinks together, so it’s very emotional. As expected, as I got older, my friends who had been with me since my teens started other jobs or quit acting.

It makes me feel like we’re all doing our best, and even though we don’t always keep in touch, I’m really happy that we can work together like this.
* [Nakamura-san]*: You must be quite fond of being so verbose, aren’t you? * [Mr. Katsuji] *: That’s what it is.
* [Nakamura-san]* :Ahahaha.
* [Mr. Katsuji] *: That’s why I’ve always wanted to work with Tomoya on this “Ichiban Shibori” commercial.

* – Please come up with a recommended barbecue plan for the two of you to enjoy “Ichiban Shibori”. *
* [Mr. Katsuji] *: Maybe a mountain. But don’t you want to hear the sound of the river?
* [Mr. Nakamura] *: A mountain stream. I want to go fishing. * [Mr. Katsuji] *: We don’t really talk about anything, but we relax while fishing and have quiet moments, and when night falls, we sit around a bonfire…
* [Mr. Nakamura] *: Are you good at draining water?
* [Mr. Katsuji] *: Drainer? It’s really good. Because I was playing baseball. * [Nakamura-san]*: Oh, that’s right.
* [Mr. Katsuji] *: I’m an ace and number four.
* [Mr. Nakamura] *: Ace and number four? That’s the way someone who is an ace and not number four would say that (lol).
* [Mr. Katsuji]* :Ahahaha.
* [Mr. Nakamura] *
:A long time ago, at a barbecue I went to to celebrate something, one of the staff brought out a home-made smoker, and when I put cheese and sausages in it, it was really delicious. I want you to bring it. * [Katsuji-san]* :Then I’ll take it.
* [Mr. Nakamura] *: Also, if there was “Ichiban Shibori”.
* [Mr. Katsuji] *: I’ll bring that too.
* [Mr. Nakamura] *: I would also like someone to drive me home. * [Mr. Katsuji] *: I also drive.
[Mr. Nakamura]: Oh, then why don’t you drink it?
[Mr. Katsuji]: Ahahaha. After all, I want to go with actors of the same generation. A little below, a little above. I want to give you some hard work. I want to be praised.
* [Nakamura-san]*: Well then, I’ll take my parents with me.
* [Mr. Katsuji] *: Oh? Tomoya’s house?
* [Mr. Nakamura] *: He’s an elderly man, but he’s kind.
* [Mr. Katsuji] *: I don’t mind. Then I thought, “I’ll bring my parents too…” Why would I bring my parents to a barbecue? (laughs) * [Nakamura-san]*: No?
* [Mr. Katsuji] *: No, it’s fine. But I’m an actor of the same generation, and I want to praise each other and be praised because we’ve worked so hard so far.
* [Nakamura-san]* :Ahahaha. This is a disgusting drinking party. * [Katsuji-san]*: Katsuji has worked hard so far. Many things must have happened, Katsuji. What was the most difficult time?     But I want to be told that I overcame it well.
* [Mr. Nakamura] *: Well then, I’ll say what Katsuji wants to say, so please come up with a script. I’ll remember it.

* ――How do the members drink “Ichiban Shibori”? *
* [Mr. Katsuji] *: Drink while being praised and feeling good. * [Mr. Nakamura] *: Your mind and body will be satisfied.
* [Mr. Katsuji] *: Of course, the food is important, but I think it’s more about who you drink with.
* [Mr. Nakamura] *: It also depends on who you eat with when cooking. * [Mr. Katsuji] *: That’s what you mean. I want to be praised while listening to the sound of a bonfire while listening to the sound of a murmur.

* —In honor of the line “Is it normal?” in the commercial.* * What do you think is normal, but have people around you told you it’s not normal? *
* [Mr. Nakamura] *
:When I think about it myself, I think about it for about a month when I buy clothes. I can easily pick up clothes from genres that I’ve worn in the past that I know will look good on, such as colors, but I can also pick up clothes that look a little different and mature, or a blouson that I’ve never worn before. When it comes to shape, I can’t think of anything to wear at home, and I think I’ll buy it eventually, but I’ll never be able to wear it properly, so I’ve been thinking about it for about a month.
* [Mr. Katsuji] *: Isn’t there a pattern where you don’t end up buying it? * [Mr. Nakamura] *: There is a pattern of not buying. I think to myself that I don’t need to worry about things and stop buying them. * [Mr. Katsuji]*: He has a very solid way of living. I’ll buy it right away. * [Mr. Nakamura] *: Buy it right away.
* [Mr. Katsuji] *: Even if I think it’s difficult, I’ll buy it right away. * [Nakamura-san]*: Katsuji is stylish, isn’t he?
* [Mr. Katsuji] *: Well!

*Reference) About vertical video commercials*

This time, we also created a vertical video in which Mr. Katsuji lectures Mr. Nakamura on the delicious way to drink Ichiban Shibori. Unlike the messages conveyed in TV commercials, the natural
interactions between the two will help people feel more familiar with Ichiban Shibori, so we will introduce ways to enjoy beer this summer: “Imagination Version”, “Pouring Method Version”, and “Chilling Method Version”. We created 3 patterns. Currently being developed mainly on YouTube.

Title/URL: How to enjoy beer this summer “Imagination” edition  How to enjoy beer this summer “How to pour”  How to enjoy beer this summer “How to chill it” Cast: Tomoya Nakamura/Ryo Katsuji
Broadcast start date: July 2, 2024 (Tuesday) – Currently in development

* ■Profile*
* Tomoya Nakamura *
Born on December 24, 1986. Born in Tokyo.
Debuted as an actor in 2005. 2014 stage performance “HISTORY” He made his first leading role in “BOYS/History Boys” and won the Best Actor Award at the “22nd Yomiuri Theater Awards.” His main appearances in recent years include the stage play “Kenjitoshi.” “OUT OF
ORDER”, drama “Kamen Rider BLACK
SUN”, “Hayabusa Fire Brigade”, the movies “Silence Fleet”, “Missing”, etc. His pending works include the drama “Shrink – Psychiatrist Yowai” (August 31, 2024). Gekidan☆Shinkansen 44th Anniversary Performance/Summer/Autumn Performances currently opening on July 7th
Currently appearing in Inoue Kabuki’s “Basarao”.

* Ryo Katsuji *
Born on August 20, 1986. Born in Tokyo.
In 2000, he made his acting debut in the drama “Chiaki, Smile Again”. He won the 29th Japan Academy Award for Best New Actor for the movie “Aegis of the Exile” released in 2005. His main
appearances in recent years include the dramas “Live Drama! Tokyo is 24 Hours,” “Marriage is Hard for a Ninja,” and “Nemesis the Movie.” The Mystery of the Golden Spiral”, the stage play “Yashagaike”, “Broadway Musical Beetlejuice”, “Hazakaiki”, etc. The movie “Saint Onisan THE” is on the waiting list.
MOVIE ~Holy Men VS Demon Army~” (scheduled for release on December 20, 2024). *About details about this release*

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