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Home » Repro Entertainment Co., Ltd. “Mitsuya Sensei’s Planned Feeding” starring Masayoshi Yamazaki and Taisei Sakai W. ” The key visual full of smiles about “delicious food” has been released!

Repro Entertainment Co., Ltd. “Mitsuya Sensei’s Planned Feeding” starring Masayoshi Yamazaki and Taisei Sakai W. ” The key visual full of smiles about “delicious food” has been released!

[Repro Entertainment Co., Ltd.]
Masayoshi Yamazaki & Taisei Sakai W starring “Mitsuya Sensei’s Planned Feeding”. ” The key visual full of smiles about “delicious food” has been released!
*Repro Entertainment Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 11, 2024
Masayoshi Yamazaki & Taisei Sakai W starring “Mitsuya Sensei’s Planned Feeding”. ” The key visual full of smiles about “delicious food” has been released!
*Additional main cast also announced! Tomomi Maruyama plays the role of the main character Mitsuya’s ex-lover, Shohei Uno plays the cafe bar master, Chiaki Kawamo plays the role of Ishida’s boss and editor-in-chief, Hagoromo Mihara plays the role of his colleague, and Maya Imamori plays the role of the cooking assistant*
* Ishida is being “baited” by Mitsuya, the handsome old man with a kind smile! ? *
* The key visual of the two’s heartwarming daily life has been released! * The long-awaited manga “Mitsuya Sensei’s Planned Feeding” will be released in 2024 as a book. ” (Ayaka Matsumoto/Bunkasha) will be made into a live-action drama on MBS Drama Phil slot (every Thursday from 25:29) starting July 25th (Thursday).

When the information was released the other day, it was flooded with comments such as “It’s too good for me! I’ll definitely watch it!” and “Amazing! Surprising casting!!”, and it became a trend on SNS, and the drama “Mitsuya Sensei’s Plan” is gaining attention. feeding. “of*
Key visual unveiled *
. The key visual is based on the original work, and depicts a peaceful and somewhat soothing daily life of Mitsuya smiling kindly and enjoying the meal, and Ishida taking a bite of the food Mitsuya has prepared.

In addition, *5 additional main cast members have been announced*, and comments from the cast* have also arrived.
The main character Tomoya Ishida’s boss and the editor-in-chief of Monthly Sophia * Yuriko Todo *
Kawazura continues to make an impact with numerous works such as the currently released movie “Women of the Lake” and the 2023 movie “Rental x Family.”
Chiaki Kawamo* has been selected. And Ishida’s colleague and editor * Chito Aizawa * is played by * Mihara Ui *
is decided. Mihara is a top influencer with over 2.1 million followers on social media. In recent years, she has expanded her activities to include actresses and models. Last year, she was featured as the heroine for the first time in the MBS drama “Inu to Kuzu.” I’m bathing. In addition, “Mitsuya Kitchen” cooking distribution assistant *
The role of Yupi will be played by Maya Imamori, who won the Miss Magazine 2023 Grand Prix and is also appearing in the movie “What’s That?”, which will be released this month.
has been decided.

Also, the role of Kaoru Noguchi, a famous photographer who is the former lover of the main character, Ayumu Mitsuya.
With her outstanding style and acting skills, there is no day when I don’t see her in numerous dramas and movies, and she is currently appearing in the TBS drama “Laughing Matryoshka”.* Maruyama Tomomi Maruyama * will be in charge.
In addition, *Uno, who won the Japan Academy Award (Outstanding Supporting Actor Award) for the 2020 movie “Voice of Sin”, plays the role of Shige, the master of the cafe bar that Mitsuya frequents. Mr. Shohei Uno *
is decided. Please pay attention to how Mr. Uno, who shows a completely different face in each work, will play the role of Shige, the bar owner who frequents Mitsuya this time.
With the appearance of characters with both quirks and quirks, will the relationship between Mitsuya and Ishida change…? ! Please look forward to a mellow (gentle/comfortable) gourmet love story that will soothe you in the middle of the night on a hot summer day, with the warm worldview of the original and the spice unique to the drama. * “Performer”*
* ◆Yuriko Todo/Yuriko Todo * * (Performance: * * Chiaki Kawamo/Chiaki Kawamo * * )*
Editor-in-chief of Monthly Sophia, a fashion magazine for women. A hard-working boss who watches over Ishida harshly but warmly. * Comment from Chishin Kawamura (full text) *
In front of director Nojiri, superficial acting will not work at all. Every scene is full of tension.
I think each piece has been created with incredible care, making it an incredibly endearing drama. I would like many people to see this delicately crafted work.
* ◆Chito Aizawa/Chika Aizawa * * (Performance: * * Hagoromo Mihara/Ui Mihara * * )*
An editor of the women’s fashion magazine “Monthly Sophia” and a colleague of Ishida’s.
A steady person who notices even the most subtle changes in Ishida. * Mihara Hagoromo comment (full text) *
My name is Hagoromo Mihara and I will be appearing as Chito Aizawa in “Mitsuya Sensei’s Planned Feeding.”
He’s Ishida’s colleague, and he’s the only male and female friend he has. It was a lot of fun to play. Of course, this work will make you excited, but it also features a lot of delicious-looking food, so I think it will be more fun to watch if you watch it with a late dinner. Please enjoy!
* ◆Yupi * * (Performance: * * Maya Imamori/Maya Imamori * * )* Assistant for Mitsuya’s cooking live streaming “Mitsuya Kitchen.” * Maya Imamori comment (full text) *
I played the role of Yupi, Mitsuya-sensei’s cooking assistant. This is Maya Imamori. Yupi-chan is a cute and energetic girl who loves Mitsuya-sensei very much. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to perform a more cheerful performance than my usual self because she’s cute and energetic, but Mitsuya-sensei, played by Masayoshi Yamazaki, has really funny and cute gags between his plays, and I was naturally drawn to them. I was able to enjoy it brightly. Mr. Mitsuya’s feeding. It’s a very nice story and I love it. Everyone please enjoy! * ◆Kaoru Noguchi/Kaoru Noguchi * * (Performance: * * Tomomi
Maruyama/Tomomi Maruyama * * )*
A former lover who broke up with Ayumu Mitsuya 10 years ago. Works mainly overseas as a traveling photographer. She is full of adult sex appeal and has many fans. Mitsuya and I parted ways in a strange way…

* Tomomi Maruyama comment (full text) *
The character of Kaoru, who is pure in love and is unconventional and sometimes disturbs those around him, is
It was a type of role that I haven’t played often, but I felt like a new door opened every time I played it, and it was a lot of fun. The session with Mr. Yamazaki was a very luxurious and enriching time in the world created by Director Nojiri. I was very inspired by Mr. Yamazaki’s honest acting and Mr. Sakai’s straightforward acting. * ◆Shige * * (Performance: * * Shohei Uno/Shohei Uno * * )*
The master of the cafe bar that Mitsuya frequents. I have known Mitsuya for 10 years. A good confidant who warmly watches over the relationship between Ishida and Mitsuya.
* Shohei Uno comment (full text) *
I was very happy to be able to participate in director Nojiri’s work for the first time in a while. I performed my best while receiving hints from the lead actors, Mr. Yamazaki and Mr. Sakai, the director, and the staff of each part. I would appreciate it if you could watch it.
*《Overall drama synopsis》*
Young editor Tomoya Ishida (Taisei Sakai) is having trouble adjusting to the environment of a women’s magazine. Meanwhile, he is appointed by the editor-in-chief, Yuriko Todo (Chiaki Kawazura), to be in charge of Ayumi Mitsuya (Masayoshi Yamazaki), a popular cooking researcher who is suddenly in demand on TV and in magazines. Ishida was nervous to the point of fainting on his first visit, but he was completely captivated by Mitsuya’s food, and was moved by Mitsuya’s gentle gaze on him, his cheerful personality, and his occasional cuteness. . Mitsuya’s ex-girlfriend Kaoru Noguchi (Tomomi Maruyama), cafe bar master Shige (Shohei Uno), Ishida’s editorial colleague Chito Aizawa (Hagoromo Mihara), Mitsuya’s program assistant Yupi (Imamori) With the appearance of Maya and others, the story takes a big turn…? ! A human gourmet love story told by Mitsuya, who is full of adult sex appeal, and Ishida, who is pure and straightforward.
*《Drama Overview》*
* MBS Drama Phil slot “Mitsuya-sensei’s planned feeding.” ” Broadcast starts from Thursday, July 25, 2024! *
■M B S : Starts July 25th (Thursday) Every Thursday from 25:29 (press 10 minutes for episodes 1, 2, and 3, from 25:39)
■TV Kanagawa: Starts July 25th (Thursday) Every Thursday from 25:00 ■TV Saitama: Starting July 29th (Monday) Every Monday from 24:00 ■Gunma TV: Starting July 30th (Tuesday) Every Tuesday from 24:30 ■Tochigi TV: Starts July 31st (Wednesday) Every Wednesday from 25:00 ■Cibatele: Starts August 1st (Thursday) Every Thursday from 23:00 -delivery-
Free distribution of the latest episode on “TVer” and “MBS Dougaism” after MBS broadcast
Exclusive unlimited viewing on FOD

Original work: Ayaka Matsumoto “Mitsuya Sensei’s planned feeding. ” (published by Bunkasha)
Cast: Masayoshi Yamazaki, Taisei Sakai
Chiaki Kawazura, Hagoromo Mihara, Maya Imamori / Tomomi Maruyama / Shohei Uno
Director: Katsuo Nojiri (drama “What did you eat yesterday?”, movie “The Suzuki Family’s Lie”)
Screenplay: Nami Yoshikawa (Netflix “Girlfriend”, movie “Exchange Lie Diary”) Music: Tomohide Harada
Production Production: Repro Entertainment
Production: “Mitsuya Sensei’s Planned Feeding” Production Committee/MBS

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Drama Official X (old: Twitter): @dramaphil_mbs

Drama official Instagram: @dramaphil_mbs

MBS drama official TikTok: @drama_mbs

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#Mitsuya Sensei’s planned feeding.
#Drama Phil #Drama Mitsuya Sensei

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