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Home » Hankyu Hanshin Department Store Co., Ltd. Hanshin Umeda Main Store A rare event where baskets from 10 countr ies around the world gather! “World Basket Expo 2024”

Hankyu Hanshin Department Store Co., Ltd. Hanshin Umeda Main Store A rare event where baskets from 10 countr ies around the world gather! “World Basket Expo 2024”

[Hankyu Hanshin Department Store Co., Ltd.] [Hanshin Umeda Main Store] A rare event where baskets from 10 countries around the world gather! “World Basket Expo 2024”
*Hankyu Hanshin Department Store Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 11, 2024
[Hanshin Umeda Main Store] A rare event where baskets from 10 countries around the world gather! “World Basket Expo 2024”
*We also have a wide range of interior goods such as modern and sophisticated Moroccan rugs and babouche. *
* ■Hanshin Umeda Main Store “World Basket Expo 2024” *
* ■July 17th (Wednesday) → July 22nd (Monday) 8th floor event hall – until 5pm on the last day – *
* ■July 17th (Wednesday) → 23rd (Tuesday) *
* 3rd floor Event Terrace 7th floor Event West/Event Terrace – Until 6pm on the last day – *
* 3rd floor en to en 7th floor Deco Deco Living / Relaxing / “Quatre Saison” / “Claska Gallery & Shop”
“Do” / “Muji” – Until 8pm every day – *
* *Some products may be produced or use raw materials in countries (regions) other than those listed. *
* ■Hanshin Umeda Main Store Official Website: * **

From things that have been cultivated in different cultures, to unique items encountered in countries around the world, to items spun by Japanese sensibilities, and even colorful miscellaneous goods that are perfect for your basket.
We have a collection of expressive baskets that are full of fun finding what you want.

\A wonderful gift too! “World Basket Expo 2024” Stamp Rally/ From Wednesday, July 17th,
1. 7th floor “MUJI” (all products), 3,300 yen or more including tax 2. Purchase a basket worth 3,300 yen or more (tax included) at the “World Basket Expo” sales area on each floor listed above.
A stamp will be affixed to each purchase.
The first 200 customers who have both stamps 1 and 2 will receive a pack of drip coffee at the MUJI counter.
*Ends as soon as it runs out.

◆The joy of having a basket that satisfies your heart and life The way people enjoy basket culture changes depending on the country. We have a wide variety of baskets, including baskets that become more appealing as you use them, baskets that you can admire indoors, and baskets that are attractive with overwhelming beauty.
Wonderful furniture with vibrant colors and delicate workmanship * 8th floor “Fatima Morocco” Morocco *
“Fatima” offers modern and sophisticated Moroccan baskets and interiors. Morocco”. Representative Maki Ohara, who was fascinated by the beautiful colorful streets and delicate traditional crafts, supports the local women who are weavers. We offer new baskets every season. The warmth of handicrafts that can only be found in regions with harsh winters *Photos are for illustrative purposes only.
* 8th floor “Riga Collection” Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania *
A brand that offers warm, handmade miscellaneous goods. The
representative, Mr. Yojiro Kawashima, is a parent and child who run the business for two generations.
He loves Ruto and organizes local tours to convey its charm to Japan. The delicate and adorable details are unique to regions where people enjoy the long snow-covered winter indoors.
We have miscellaneous goods that will make your time at home even more enjoyable.
* 8th floor “Lalac” Lithuania, Russia, Poland *
Introducing Lithuanian baskets and Siberian boxes purchased by Chiya Shin-Oda, who is fascinated by old tableware and miscellaneous goods from Eastern Europe.
The traditional Siberian craft “Belester” made from white birch bark is a piece of art that can be stored.
They also carry miscellaneous goods that will make you smile, such as adorable cookie rollers from Poland.
A work of weaving art said to be “the most beautiful basket in the world” *Reference: (C) New England Nantucket Basket
* 8th floor “Walnut House” Nantucket Island, USA *
The “Nantucket Lightship Basket” is known as a traditional American art and historical asset. Naoko Inai met Etsuko Yashiro, who she met while studying abroad in Boston, and wanted to convey this wonder to Japanese people, who taught her to be a leading expert there. This time, we will also be holding a workshop where you can learn the techniques Inai has learned.
With a collection of tasteful second-hand tools that have been cultivated over a long period of time.
* 7th floor Deco Deco Living “Slow Hand Department” Japan*

From a Hiroshima-based brand known as “a place that connects things and people.”The baskets are made from natural materials that utilize the wisdom of our ancestors, and over time they turn a beautiful amber color.New products come with It gives off a unique charm.
The long-loved wicker basket has been updated to the present. * 7th floor relaxing “Hail” Japan *
It has been popular in Japanese life since ancient times.
While keeping the details of the wicker basket, it is sized to fit in with your current lifestyle. Place it in a nearby place to neatly store your belongings. We create each item one by one after receiving an order.
*Delivery will be approximately 1 month to 1 and a half months later. Delivered with a natural taste that fits into your daily life * 7th floor “MUJI” Vietnam *
We received baskets of various weave patterns and sizes made from rattan, seagrass, bamboo, etc. from Vietnam. You can find the perfect basket to suit your individual lifestyle.

◆A basket full of the shopkeeper’s thoughts, which he discovered while traveling around the world
While interacting with local weavers, the Japanese store owners became fascinated by their presence. Introducing baskets made with the support of local weavers.
All baskets are signed by craftsmen and are full of useful beauty. * 8th floor “moily” Cambodia *
“moily” was founded by Seimi Ikemiya, who encountered “lapea” at a Cambodian market and hoped to help the local women who weave baskets become independent. attitude
A simple, carefully woven basket in bright colors is a reliable everyday item that repels oil and can be washed with water if it gets dirty.
A basket that you cherish and use every day without hesitation * 8th floor “AMPIANA+” Madagascar *
Moved to Madagascar due to overseas assignment
Mr. and Mrs. Yasumi Yoshida and Ms. Saiji. Set up a basket bag atelier and secured employment for craftsmen. A portion of the proceeds will also be used to pay for medicines for deaf craftsmen. Baskets made from pliable raffia have become a part of local life.
Items created to shed light on the future of women
* 3rd floor event terrace “Srolanie” Cambodia *
Minami Yoshida, the representative of the group, is working to create a future where local women can lead independent lives.
We have established and run an “employment support workshop” that provides jobs to women in order to provide “enduring support” so that women can someday say, “I’m done with the support.”
Opening up a future for Filipino women with a single crochet hook * 3rd floor event terrace “Sulci” Philippines *
“Providing a connection to society for women who cannot leave their homes,” said Ri Sekiya, who showed local women the possibility of independence through crocheted raffia.
A brand launched by Ms. Due to our close relationship with the local community, we are able to replace handles and other parts.
We also handle minor repairs such as: It evokes the mindset of cherishing things and using them for a long time.
A bag that is resistant to water and dirt is perfect for the upcoming season *The photo is for illustrative purposes only.
* 7th floor Event West “Sing Ken Ken” Indonesia*
Washable basket bags from Bali, each made by hand in Indonesia ” Not only are they colorful and cute, but they are also surprisingly light. What’s more, if they get dirty, they can be washed with water.

◆A supple and cored Japanese creator basket
Items full of various ideas, such as delicate colors and bold knitting methods. Check out the baskets created by Japanese creators that exude originality.

With a cool appearance and a wide variety of
* 7th floor event terrace “Yoshimitsu Rattan Crafts” Japan * The designer (Mitsue Yoshimitsu) uses fabrics she has purchased overseas and has spent over 50 years working on them.
This is a one-of-a-kind rattan basket bag that is full of quality and originality.
Continuing to create with the theme of “baskets you want to have all year round” * 3rd floor event terrace “Megg egg” Japan *
Megumi Miyauchi, a crochet artist who crochets not only the basket but also all the knitted parts herself.
. Utilizing our experience as knit apparel designers, we have a lineup of unique basket bags that incorporate seasonal materials and motifs. A cute and transparent basket bag for adults *The photo is for illustrative purposes only.
* 3rd floor en to en “atelier matoa” Japan*
Yoshimi Nishi is one of the creators who also works as a shoemaker. Rattan dyed pale gray
The original basket, which combines materials such as linen and cotton, is a popular item that is loved by the cool crowd.
Enjoy the bold and expressive basket bag *The photo is for
illustrative purposes only.
* 3rd floor en to en “yummy yummy cafe” Japan*
Hiromi Mihara, who is also active as a porcelain and icing cookie maker, specializes in making baskets that fit into everyday life using rattan and red rattan. The red wicker basket with its irregularly woven pattern is a brand icon whose impression changes depending on the drawstring bag you put inside.
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