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Home » One year since the start of Miyazaki Kodomo no Kuni Build-up Project Grand opening of AOSHIMA PICNIC CLUB camp area

One year since the start of Miyazaki Kodomo no Kuni Build-up Project Grand opening of AOSHIMA PICNIC CLUB camp area

Libertyship Co., Ltd.
[One year since the start of Miyazaki Kodomo no Kuni Build-up Project] Grand opening of AOSHIMA PICNIC CLUB camp area
A camping area in front of the sea will be grandly opened in July in the 120,000 square meter Kodomo no Kuni in Aoshima, Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture. As part of the Kodomo no Kuni Build-up Project, we plan to continue expanding our facilities.
“AOSHIMA PICNIC CLUB” has been creating various contents since April 2023 as a build-up project for Kodomo no Kuni. In July 2024, an area where you can enjoy camping in the vast nature overlooking the sea of ​​Aoshima and the Chifuku River will open.
AOSHIMA PICNIC CLUB’s build-up status so far
[Image 1:×612.jpg] July 2023: Byron Bay Coffee AOSHIMA opens, its first store in western Japan. October 2023: JUICE STAND & MARCHE, E-BIKE rental, camper rental, and RV PARK open.
February 2024: BAKERY & COMMUNITY LOUNGE opens.
July 2024: “FOREST CAMP AREA” where you can camp empty-handed OceanSide Camp Area, which allows you to enter a car, is open. Forest Camp Area also has a private sauna facility and DOG SPACE.

AOSHIMA PICNIC CLUB camping area grand opening in July 2024
[Image 2:×2600.jpg]
[Video 2:] “FOREST CAMP AREA”, where you can camp empty-handed, will also open at the same time (outside the open river space area)
Tent rentals are available at the campsite in Tabu no Moriuchi, overlooking the ocean of Aoshima and the great nature of Kodomo no Kuni. You can stay overnight in a Dutch-made safari tent, which is rare in Miyazaki Prefecture, and enjoy camping empty-handed.
[Image 3:×867.jpg]
[Image 4:×867.jpg] 1. Stay in a comfortable safari tent for all seasons, equipped with air conditioning, refrigerator, and bed.
[Image 5:×867.jpg]
[Image 6:×867.jpg] 2. Experience camping empty-handed at an ocean view site overlooking a spectacular view
[Image 7:×867.jpg]
[Image 8:×867.jpg]
[Image 9:×867.jpg] For this site, we have prepared “SABBATICAL,” developed by A&F Co., Ltd., which has been importing and selling excellent outdoor and camping equipment from around the world for over 45 years. We will lend you all the necessary camping gear, so you can easily enjoy camping.
Enjoy camping where you can feel the ocean and river at OCEANSIDE CAMP AREA
[Image 10:×2194.jpg]
[Image 11:×2600.jpg]
[Image 12:×2600.jpg]
[Image 13:×2600.jpg] An auto camping area where cars are also allowed. You can easily drive in and enjoy camping.
There is also a shower booth, so you can feel safe after enjoying surfing at the surf point in front of you.
This is a rare camping area in Japan, right in front of a surf spot. The dog space is also open. Take your dog with you
[Image 14:×867.jpg ]
We have received many requests for dogs to enter Kodomo no Kuni, and with the opening of dog runs and dog spaces, this will now be possible in some areas.
[Image 15:×768.png ]
The popular sauna area has also been renovated.
[Image 16:×2600.jpg] The popular private sauna, which was previously operated as
Kodomonookuni SAUNA PARK, has been relocated and reopened. You can enjoy the sauna while enjoying the spectacular view in a more private space surrounded by forest trees.
Day camp plan also available
[Image 17:×2600.jpg] Day camp plans are also available for those who want to enjoy BBQ and picnics easily.
You can rent out the riverside tent area by the hour and have BBQs and picnics. For those who need it, we can also rent picnic goods, BBQ goods, and arrange meat.
Even if you are not staying overnight, please feel free to enjoy AOSHIMA PICNIC CLUB.
Breakfast is served at the attached bakery.
[Image 18:×2600.jpg] The bakery opens from 7 a.m. and has started a breakfast plan. There’s also an American breakfast set (1,500 yen) and Aya’s organic vegetable salad set (1,320 yen).
Enjoy a pleasant morning experience that can only be found at AOSHIMA PICNIC CLUB.
Business hours and reservation information for each plan
camping area plan
Business hours: Check-in 15:00~, Check-out 10:00
No regular holiday
More information:
Day camp plan
Business hours: 11:00~20:00
No regular holiday
Detailed information: Tent space rental, BBQ gear rental, and food arrangements available.
private sauna
Business hours: 7:00~21:00
No regular holiday
More information: dog space
Business hours: 11:00~18:00
No regular holiday
More information:
Business hours: 7:00~11:00
No regular holiday
More information: *For reservations and inquiries about each plan, please use the HP reservation site, official LINE, or by phone.
About Kodomo no Kuni
A children’s colony with a history dating back to before the war. AOSHIMA PICNIC CLUB is located within the park. As you can see in the old photos, it has been operated under the concept of “We want everyone to be children and have fun.” In fact, Kodomo no Kuni Park is not a public facility, but an area that has been maintained and managed by Miyazaki Kotsu Co., Ltd. for many years. In addition, AOSHIMA PICNIC CLUB OCEANSIDE CAMP AREA is a Type 2 Special Area of ​​Nichinan Kaigan Quasi-National Park and is an area under the jurisdiction of Miyazaki Prefecture. The Kodomo no Kuni Build-up Project entity has been designated by the Governor of Miyazaki Prefecture as an urban/regional revitalization use area based on the river site occupancy permit rules and has been certified by the Chifuku River Right Bank Riverbed Utilization Coordination Council. (Miyazaki Kotsu Co., Ltd./Libertyship Co., Ltd.) has been operating and operating businesses for the purpose of environmental preservation since April 2024.
We are managing. Inquiries regarding this project
■Facility manager
Miyazaki Kotsu Co., Ltd.
Aoshima Children’s Country Development Department
■Operating company Company name: Libertyship Co., Ltd.
Address: 2-2-7 Aoshima, Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture, 889-2162, Kaiyokan No. 7
Established: October 2019
Capital: 75,975,000 yen (including capital reserves)
Business content
・Provided by project management office
・Providing web marketing services
・EC site design/system construction
・EC backyard agency business
・Domestic barrel sauna sales
・Apparel and cosmetics sales
・Sauna media management
・Rental car business
・Food and beverage/cafe business
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