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Acrio Co., Ltd. Started providing new business startup support services for large companies

[Acrio Co., Ltd.] Started providing new business startup support services for large companies
*Acrio Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 11, 2024
Started providing new business startup support services for large companies *Accelerate the launch of new businesses for large companies: Minimize risk and improve cost efficiency through acrio’s outsourcing services* Starting a new business not only requires a large amount of initial investment, but also faces many challenges such as securing personnel and building a system. Under such circumstances, Acryo Co., Ltd. (Representative Director and CEO)
By using the new business support services of Daiki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo (hereinafter referred to as acrio), it is possible to launch a new business while keeping costs down and risks to a minimum.

Challenges of starting a new business
Securing initial investment
Even for major companies, launching a new business requires a huge amount of initial investment. A large amount of capital is required to realize a business, including capital investment, personnel costs, and advertising costs. The challenge is how to invest efficiently with limited management resources.
Securing and developing human resources
Securing and developing excellent human resources who will play a central role in new businesses is also an important issue. It is necessary to find and develop human resources within the company who have the know-how and expertise. However, it is not easy to secure human resources, such as transfers from other departments or recruitment from outside.
Building a system
Creating a system to promote new business within the company as a whole is also inevitable. It is necessary to quickly establish an efficient system, including organizations, roles, and business processes. It is not easy to build an agile system while dealing with the vertical divisions and silos that are unique to large companies. lack of know-how
Even for large companies, the reality is that many new businesses involve unknown fields and sufficient know-how has not been
accumulated. Therefore, the problem is that you have to go through trial and error, which takes time and costs.
Responding to unexpected risks
There are various risks lurking in new businesses. It is important to have a system in place that can quickly respond to unexpected situations, such as changes in market needs, conflicts with laws and regulations, and advances in technology. However, it is not easy to take such measures within existing organizations and business flows.

Benefits of outsourcing
Significant reduction in initial costs
Starting a new business requires a huge initial investment. However, by utilizing external resources, costs such as securing buildings and investing in equipment can be significantly reduced. From the perspective of making effective use of limited management resources, outsourcing is an attractive option.

Utilization of human resources with specialized knowledge
Special knowledge and know-how are essential for new businesses. It is often difficult to have such specialized human resources in-house. By hiring external specialists, you can introduce advanced knowledge and increase your ability to drive your business forward.

Rapid construction of project structure
To launch a new business, it is necessary to establish an effective structure early on, including organizations, roles, and business processes. By utilizing external resources, you can quickly secure the necessary personnel and build a flexible project structure.

Reduction of various risks
New businesses involve various risks. It is important to prepare for unexpected situations such as changes in market trends, obsolescence of technology, and conflicts with laws and regulations. Working collaboratively with outside professionals can help minimize these risks.

Focus on core business
Launching a new business requires a lot of man-hours and time, but running an existing business cannot be overlooked. Outsourcing allows you to concentrate on your core business without being overwhelmed by new business. A major advantage is that limited management resources can be allocated optimally.

Background to the popularity of outsourcing new businesses
Accelerating changes in the business environment
In recent years, the business environment surrounding companies has been changing rapidly due to advances in technology and acceleration of globalization. Amid such drastic changes in the environment, large companies are now required to respond quickly.

Need for quick response due to intensifying competition
As market competition intensifies, it is important to bring products to market quickly, such as by introducing new products or launching new businesses. However, there are many cases in which a company’s own management resources are not sufficient to respond.

Increasing importance of selection and concentration of management resources Making the most of limited management resources and effectively achieving results has become an urgent issue for companies. To achieve this, it is essential to focus on our own strengths and make effective use of external resources.

Expanding and improving the quality of specialized services
In recent years, professional service providers in various fields have emerged. The advanced know-how and proven track record provided by these businesses is expected to be of great help to new businesses of large companies.

Improving awareness through increased number of success stories There is an increasing number of cases of companies that have achieved great results by outsourcing new businesses. As a result, the effectiveness of outsourcing has become widely recognized, and its use is becoming more common.
acrio’s strengths
Abundant new business support track record
・We have received over a dozen contracts and have a great track record. ・We are used by companies of a wide range of sizes, from a few trillion yen in annual sales to double-digit billion yen in annual sales.
*The following are some examples.
Securing excellent human resources
・We have over 2,000 registered professionals with a wide range of experience and knowledge.
・Professional personnel come from various companies. For example, the industry is IT/human resources/consulting, etc. Company size ranges from large companies to startups.
Service customization according to customer needs
It is possible to customize the support system, vision, and support content according to the project phase.
By building a support system tailored to your needs, we are able to provide support at minimal costs.
About free consultation session
We offer free 30-minute individual consultations online. At this consultation session, people who have experience in launching new businesses or who were in charge of marketing/sales for new businesses at major companies will help you solve your company’s problems. If you are interested, would it be possible to have a meeting after checking the materials?
* ■Examples of professional personnel who can be consulted*
1. Mr. Y.J.
Launched a recruitment business in the nursing
care/construction/logistics industry – As business manager, grew annual sales to double digit billion yen
2. Mr.Y・Y
At a major recruitment agency, I led the visualization of work for CAs and RAs in the career change area, the formulation of work improvement plans, and the operation, reducing overtime hours for all employees by 3,200 hours.
3. Mr. O.E.
Achieved sales of tens of billions of yen or more as a marketing manager in industries such as nursing, childcare, and doctors. If you have any interest in the above and case studies, please feel free to contact us.
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