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Home » UNCHI Co., Ltd. Opening campaign for “Human Minami Noodles and Japanese Cuisine Yuki”, a collaboration bra nd between Osaka’s No. 1 ramen shop “Humanity Minami Noodles” and “Japanese Cuisine Yuki (Kitashinchi, Osaka)” ! Get a free ticket for one bowl

UNCHI Co., Ltd. Opening campaign for “Human Minami Noodles and Japanese Cuisine Yuki”, a collaboration bra nd between Osaka’s No. 1 ramen shop “Humanity Minami Noodles” and “Japanese Cuisine Yuki (Kitashinchi, Osaka)” ! Get a free ticket for one bowl

[UNCHI Co., Ltd.] Osaka’s No. 1 ramen shop “Humankind Mina Noodles” and “Japanese Cuisine”
Yugi (Kitashinchi, Osaka)’s collaboration brand “Noodles and Japanese Cuisine Yugi for All Humanity” opening campaign is being held! Get a free ticket for one bowl of ramen!
*UNCHI Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 11, 2024
A collaboration brand between the No. 1 ramen shop in Osaka, “Jinjin Mina Noodles” and “Japanese Cuisine Yuki (Kitashinchi, Osaka),” “Jinshin Mina Noodles and Japanese Cuisine”
Yugi” opening campaign held! Get a free ticket for one bowl of ramen! *Japanese food
A collaboration between the delicate flavors of Yuki’s Japanese cuisine and the popular ramen from Osaka’s No. 1 ramen shop, Jinjin Mina Noodles! We will be giving away a “1 free bowl of ramen ticket” for only 3 days after opening! *
UNCHI Co., Ltd. (Head office:
Yodogawa-ku, Osaka City, Representative Director: Takahiro Matsumura) will collaborate with Japanese restaurant Yuki (Kitashinchi, Osaka), a Japanese restaurant located in Kitashinchi, Osaka, on Saturday, July 13th.
We will be holding the grand opening of our new brand “Humanity Minami Noodles and Japanese Cuisine Yuki” at Aeon Mall Kyoto Katsuragawa.

To commemorate the grand opening, we will be giving away a “1 free bowl of ramen ticket” for only 3 days after opening. The “One Free Ramen Voucher” can be given as a gift to the recipient’s family or friends, and the “Japanese Cuisine” which inherits the taste of the long-established Japanese restaurant “Kiccho”
This campaign is a collaboration between “Yuki” and Osaka’s No. 1 ramen shop, “Jinjin Mina Noodles,” allowing many people to enjoy the ultimate cup.
What is “Japanese Cuisine Yuki”? The event “Journey of The Taste – Humanity Minna Noodles” held in August 2023 at “Humanity Minna Noodles”
We are collaborating with them on “Summer 2023” and using high quality white sesame paste “Silk Habutae Sesame (pure white)”, we have provided “Sesame Ramen” where you can enjoy the rich yet elegant flavor of sesame.
The grand opening of “Noodles and Japanese Cuisine for All Humanity” will be held this time.
At “Yuki”, you can enjoy ramen that has been further improved and refined from last year’s collaboration ramen.

About Japanese Restaurant Yuki
“Japanese Restaurant Yuki” inherits the spirit of Teiichi Yuki, the founder of the long-established Japanese restaurant “Kiccho”, and offers authentic kaiseki cuisine that combines tradition and innovation.
“Japanese food
At Yugi, we pursue the beauty and taste of each season and use seasonal ingredients from all over Japan carefully selected by our craftsmen. The dishes bring out the natural flavors of the ingredients to the fullest, and each brightly colored plate reflects our commitment to taste and beauty. In addition, we give meaning to the vessels and presentation, delivering a “once in a lifetime” atmosphere that values ​​the Japanese spirit.
-Photo: Japanese Restaurant Yuki Main Branch-

-Photo: Japanese Restaurant Yuki Main Branch Owner: Shoji Yuki-

During the day, you can enjoy a kaiseki course, and at night, you can enjoy a variety of course meals tailored to your class in a
sophisticated and luxurious space. In a private room, you can enjoy a quiet moment where you can feel the changing seasons.
▪️Japanese restaurant Yuki

▪️Collaboration planned for summer 2023! The secret story behind the development of “Japanese Cuisine Yuki” Shoji Yuki and “Noodles for All Humanity” Matsumura is now available on Youtube!

* About Takahiro Matsumura, the founder of All Humanity Noodles * -Photo: UNCHI Co., Ltd. Representative Director: Takahiro Matsumura-

everyone! nice to meet you. I dreamed of opening a ramen shop when I was 10 years old, and I was able to open one when I was 24 years old. Ten years have passed, and now I am working every day with the dream of being the first to open a ramen shop on Mars.
People around me often think it’s an interesting dream and feel like it’s a pipe dream, but with this project, my brand will actually be launched into space.
We would be happy if we could show off this joy of approaching a star at the Osaka/Kansai Expo (although we currently have no offer to open a store at the Osaka/Kansai Expo lol).

Please continue to pay attention to UNCHI Co., Ltd.’s mission, “Changing the world with the power of ramen,” with the aim of creating some excitement and giving everyone time to think about their dreams.

X (old Twitter):

*About noodles for all humans*
-Photo: Ramen origin-

Since opening in Osaka’s Nishinakajima on April 12, 2012, this ramen shop is one of Osaka’s most representative, with lines of over 50 people on weekends. This “soy sauce ramen specialty store” is famous for its extra-thick pork roast pork and extra-thick menma, and uses homemade noodles made with whole grain flour. Ranked No. 1 in Osaka for five consecutive years on a famous gourmet site, and No. 1 in Osaka queues on YouTube.
This Osaka specialty ramen restaurant has been introduced as No. 1 and boasts the highest number of reviews on Google.

*About UNCHI Co., Ltd.*
-Photo: The queue for noodles for all humans on the weekend-

With the mission of “changing the world with the power of ramen”, we have continued to create popular ramen brands such as “Noodles for All Humanity,” “The Last Fool of the Damned Old Man,” and “The World’s Most Free Ramen Shop,” and have opened stores overseas since 2018. . We have expanded to various countries including Manhattan, New York, China, Korea, and Nepal. In 2020, we started a franchise business and opened more than 20 stores even during the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition, in order to contribute to restaurants that are struggling with sales, we will simultaneously open 126 stores nationwide in the summer of 2020 with the brand “Jinmen”, which was developed to allow you to easily make ramen with just water and soy sauce. Preliminary activities will also be carried out vigorously.
In November 2022, Representative Director Takahiro Matsumura personally went to Ukraine during the war to create the “Noodles for Humanity” jointly developed with Nissin Foods Co., Ltd.
I am involved in charity work around the world, such as going out to make “Mecha Uma Shellfish Dashi Soy Sauce Ramen” for local people.

*Store details*
《Noodles and Japanese Cuisine for All Humanity Yuki》

▪️Grand opening
July 13, 2024 (Sat) 12:00~

376-1 Kuzetakadacho, Minami-ku, Kyoto 601-8601
Aeon Mall Kyoto Katsuragawa 2nd floor

▪️Business hours

▪️Closed on regular holidays
None *Same as Aeon Mall Kyoto Katsuragawa
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