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Home » About the adoption of “Mysterious Mirror (R) Ripples” in the Daini Nagoya Sanco Building and its creativity

About the adoption of “Mysterious Mirror (R) Ripples” in the Daini Nagoya Sanco Building and its creativity

Toyo Stainless Polishing Industry Co., Ltd.
About the adoption of “Mysterious Mirror (R) Ripples” in the Daini Nagoya Sanco Building and its creativity
An example of creating a fantastic space by combining Mysterious Mirror (R) stainless steel mirror surface and lighting.
“Mysterious Mirror (R) Ripples” has been adopted as an innovative design for the passage walls of the Daini Nagoya Sanco Building, which symbolizes the fusion of modern architecture and technology. Under the sophisticated design concept of Takenaka Corporation Nagoya Branch, this wall connecting the public entrance and office floor has gone beyond just a passageway and transformed into a fantastic art space.
[Image 1:×1000.jpg] For this project, Toyo Stainless Polishing Industry’s custom-made “Mysterious Mirror (R) Ripples” was used, and three types of panels were applied to the walls of the passageway. These panels change in texture and reflect light differently, giving different impressions depending on the viewing angle, providing new discoveries and excitement each time you walk down the aisle. In particular, the way the light is reflected at skillfully calculated angles and beautifully scattered on the floor tiles invites visitors to an extraordinary world.
[Image 2:×1000.jpg] During the development process, we examined the behavior of light and shadow in detail, from the initial design to light reflection tests and mini-mock-up creation. Through this thorough examination, we were able to ensure that the entire hallway has the qualities of a dynamic and interactive work of art.
[Image 3:×1000.jpg] While the Daini Nagoya Sanco Building aims to reduce its environmental impact and provide an advanced office space, it also takes into account ties with the local community and will play a role in providing public support in the event of a disaster. The adoption of the beautiful and functional “Mysterious Mirror(R) Ripples” in a building with such multifaceted functionality is a perfect response to the needs of the times.
This project is more than just a building, it serves as a landmark symbolizing the future of Nagoya City, providing inspiration and peace to all who visit. Through this case study, we will explore new possibilities for spatial design that combines advanced technology and art.
Property name: Daini Nagoya Sanco Building
Design and construction: Takenaka Construction Co., Ltd.
Panel construction: Matsunaga Co., Ltd.
Adopted location: Wall of passageway connecting public entrance and office floor Adopted panel: Mysterious Mirror (R) Ripples custom specification (3 types) Panel structure: cut panel two-layer composite
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