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Home » OKI OKI holds its first “Manufacturing experience session for elementary school students”

OKI OKI holds its first “Manufacturing experience session for elementary school students”

OKI holds its first “manufacturing experience session for elementary school students”
Learn by observing the manufacturing site and deepen your
understanding of manufacturing
[Image 1:×375.jpg] Manufacturing experience session
OKI Symphotech (President: Shoichi Tomizawa, Headquarters: Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture, hereinafter referred to as OSC), a sheet metal processing and power supply manufacturing company of the OKI Group, conducted a training program for 101 third-grade students at Noda Elementary School in Fukushima City on July 5th. We held a “Manufacturing experience session for elementary school students.” This is an initiative that aims to help children understand the characteristics of the manufacturing industry and the ingenuity and efforts of the people involved in the industry.
OSC has been holding remote factory tours for elementary school students even during the coronavirus pandemic, but this was the first time that it was holding a real-life “manufacturing experience session.” We explained to the children who participated that day the products, processes and equipment at the OSC factory, as well as where and how the products are used. In particular, we used videos to provide an easy-to-understand introduction to OSC’s main product, power supplies, to get people interested in manufacturing, including how they work and the manufacturing process.
[Image 2:×320.jpg] Noda Elementary School original strap
During the tour of the sheet metal factory, the children were very interested in the large-scale industrial equipment, and were able to actually experience bending and screw processing. I was also impressed to see so many employees lined up in a line at the assembly factory, assembling power supplies with precision and a certain rhythm. After the tour, the participants were given a chance to try tightening screws using an electric screwdriver, and afterwards they were presented with an original strap manufactured at OSC’s sheet metal factory. During the question session, a variety of questions were asked, such as “How many machines do you have in your factory?” and “Are there any factories other than here?” which showed the high level of interest in manufacturing.
Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. is commonly known as OKI.
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