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NTT PARAVITA Corporation Starts providing “Sleep Support Group” in Higashikawa Town, Hokkaido

[NTT PARAVITA Corporation] Starts providing “Sleep Support Group” in Higashikawa Town, Hokkaido
*NTT PARAVITA Corporation*
Press release: July 11, 2024
Started providing “Sleep Support Team” in Higashikawa Town, Hokkaido *Supporting residents to extend their healthy life expectancy by improving sleep*
NTT PARAVITA Co., Ltd. (Osaka City, Representative Director and President: Koji Nakano, hereinafter referred to as “NTT
PARAVITA”) is Higashikawa Town, Hokkaido (Mayor: Kikuchi)
We will start providing sleep improvement service “Nemuri no Oudan (*1)” to 100 residents of Shin, hereinafter “Higashikawa Town”) from July 25, 2024 (Thursday). By providing this service, we will support the extension of the healthy life expectancy of town residents. – * Background behind the provision of “Sleeping Cheer Team” *

Higashikawa Town is a town with a population of approximately 8,000 people located in the center of Hokkaido, characterized by its rich forest resources and outstanding natural scenery. Due to the natural environment such as Mt. Daisetsu and the improvement of the living environment, there are many immigrants, and the number of people has increased by more than 1,000 over the past 20 years. In Higashimachi, there were issues such as a sluggish rate of health checkup
participation, and while the number of female participants in conditioning courses was on the rise, the participation rate of men over 70 in health courses was low.

In order to solve these issues, we are promoting the “Smart Through Health Promotion” initiative, in which townspeople become more health-conscious on their own by understanding their own health status, practicing daily exercise, and participating in health events, and all generations work to maintain their health on a daily basis. As part of the “Life Business”, NTT
We have introduced PARAVITA’s sleep improvement service “Sleep Support Team”.

By providing services that help visualize sleep and review lifestyle habits, we aim to create a town where residents can live healthy and vibrant lives.
Outline of the “Nemuri no Ouendan” program scheduled to be implemented – *Implementation overview*
Period July 25, 2024 – March 31, 2025
Target: People over 20 years old living in the town
*Excluding those who have been certified as requiring long-term care. *If there are a large number of applications, we may inform you of the second (autumn) session.
Specific content * 1: Attendance at a sleep seminar*
Develop knowledge about sleep.
*2: Measure daily sleep status*
You will be able to understand your own sleep status by using the sleep sensor (Active Sleep ANALYZER (*2)) used in our service. * 3: Providing sleep improvement advice online (2 times) *
A sleep expert (Nemuri Personal Trainer) will provide sleep
improvement advice tailored to each participant’s individual lifestyle.
* 4: Distribution of Nemuri content (LINE) *
We will deliver seminars, short videos, columns, etc. that will improve the quality of your sleep.
* 5: Sleep consultation room (LINE) *
Our sleep specialist staff will listen to your concerns and provide advice on how to improve your sleep.
How to apply Please apply using the application form below.
*An information session on the programs we offer will be held on July 25th (Thursday). If you would like to participate, please do so. *Part of the program contents may be subject to change.

– *Comments from both companies*
Higashikawa Town | Higashikawa Town Mayor Shin Kikuchi
Higashikawa Town offers a conditioning approach to improve the life performance of all residents. In the “smart life business through health promotion” offered this time, NTT
PARAVITA’s latest ICT technology allows you to visualize your sleep and help improve your lifestyle habits. We aim to enable townspeople to independently achieve healthy lifestyles and to enable all generations to live full of vitality.
NTT PARAVITA Corporation | Representative Director and President Yasushi Nakano NTT
Since PARAVITA was established as a joint venture between NTT West Japan and Paramount Bed in July 2021, it has improved the sleep of over 4,000 people.
The obvious things like getting a good night’s sleep and living a healthy life can lead to solving important issues in local
communities, such as reducing medical and nursing care costs and promoting health management. By providing the “Sleep Support Team” to Higashikawa Town, we will help extend the healthy life expectancy of the town’s residents by promoting local health and early detection of pre-symptomatic conditions.

*The information contained in the news release is as of the date of announcement. Please be aware that the information at this time may differ from the information as of the announcement date.