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BLUEPOCH “Reverse: 1999” Encounter with the mad songstress “Isolde (CV. Anmi Asakura)” – Chapter 6 of the main story released

[BLUEPOCH] “Reverse: 1999” Encounter with the mad songstress “Isolde (CV. Anmi Asakura)” – Chapter 6 of the main story released
*BLUEPOCH Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 11, 2024
“Reverse: 1999” Encounter with the mad songstress “Isolde (CV. Anmi Asakura)” – Chapter 6 of the main story released
*The curtain of a new stage and the raindrops of “Storm” rise at the same time* BLUEPOCH GAMES CO.,
LIMITED (hereinafter referred to as BLUEPOCH) announces that the main story chapter 6 “The Star Shines” will be released today on July 11th in the end-of-the-century time-reverse RPG “Reverse: 1999” and a new character “Isolde” will be implemented. To do.
* ■The curtain rises on the stage in Vienna, the latest chapter “Stars Shine” is released*
Chapter 6 “The Stars Don’t Shine”
The main story Chapter 6 “The Star Shines” has been updated today, July 11th. Set in Vienna, the capital of art, an encounter with opera singer Isolde brings a new twist to the story.
▼Ver.1.7PV “Stars shine”
Vienna in the early 1910s, a gorgeous city where the lights never go out. People come and go on the Ringstrasse, and aristocrats gather in the salons to witness true “art.” Eventually, the line between the stage and reality gradually begins to blur, and a “storm” arrives… [Opening conditions]
Cleared the main story “Prisoner of the Cave” and the special edition “Star” In addition, a limited time event will be held in conjunction with the release of the main story.
By clearing any main stage, insight stage, or resource stage and collecting “Symphony”, you can earn gorgeous rewards such as the new ★6 heart phase “Knock on the narrow door” and Monoro.
Symphony can also be obtained at the mission event “Golden Waltz” held at the same time, so please enjoy the event to the fullest.
[Event schedule]
“Stars Shine” limited time event: July 11th (Thursday) after update – August 15th (Thursday) 4:59
Mission event “Golden Waltz”: After July 11th (Thursday) update – August 12th (Monday) 4:59
*Event item “Symphony” can be exchanged for event rewards at [Outdoor Theater].

* New character “Isolde” appears, event summon “Living for song, living for love” will be held *
A limited time period where the appearance rate of “Isolde (CV. Anmi Asakura)”, “Tenant (CV. Tomoaki Takahashi)” and “Necrologist (CV. Shion Wakayama)” which newly appeared in the main story has increased significantly. The summoning has begun.
Here, we will introduce a few episodes about the newly appearing mysticist (arcanist).
[Character with increased appearance rate]
★6: Isolde (spirit)
★5: Tennant (Beast), Necrologist (Rock)
*This summon is a [limited time character summon], and the confirmed number of times is shared with the same type of summon.
*You can check information about the summon from “Details” at the bottom left of the in-game summon screen.
*”Isolde” is a new non-limited character that will be added to the permanent summon after the version 2.0 update.
[Event period]
July 11th (Thursday) after update – August 1st (Thursday) 4:59 ◤Isolde (CV. Anmi Asakura)◢
[Pearl of the Empire]
Isolde was born as the youngest daughter of the aristocratic Viennese Dittersdorff family. She exudes class in her every move, and treats everyone with the gentleness of a spring breeze. The opera, which showcases outstanding artistic talent, is the most popular in Vienna. She has everything people want in an aristocratic woman. However, the audience does not know where the pearl called Her is located, on top of a hundred velvets, or under a hundred sheets, nor do they care to know the truth.
▼Isolde introduction PV
* ▶Isolde episode event “Little Room” held*
An episode event has opened where the past of the new character “Isolde” will be told.
Enjoy the story of the Dittersdorf family’s “curse” from back in the day, when she was still a young girl.
Small room, ordinary door. A glass jar with violets on a small table. No, there was nothing there.
[Event period]
After July 11th (Thursday) update – August 1st (Thursday) 4:59 [Participation conditions]
Clear the main story “Our Era”
[List of rewards]
Growing materials, raindrops, etc.

* ▶ Two types of login events will be held at the same time * In the first half of the event, two login gifts will be held simultaneously. Allows up to 14 consecutive free summons
You can get Monorow and monumental buildings, so don’t forget to log in to receive them.
* 1. Up to 14 consecutive free summons are possible with “Curtain and Dome Top/Bottom” *
[Event period]
“Curtain and Dome – Top” After July 11th (Thursday) update – August 1st (Thursday) 4:59
“Curtain and Dome Bottom” August 1st (Thursday) 5:00 – August 15th (Thursday) 4:59
[Participation conditions]
Clear main story 1ST.01
[List of rewards]
Starting from August 1st, you can earn 7 monorows each in the first half and second half (up to 14 in total).
* 2. “Shadow of the Heat” will be held only in the first half of the event * [Event period]
July 13th (Sat) 5:00 – July 23rd (Tue) 4:59
[Participation conditions]
Clear main story 1ST.01
[List of rewards]
Monumental building, raindrops

* ▶Re-screening of “Nightmare of Lake Midoro” event*
The event “Nightmare of Lake Midoro”, which is based on a horror movie, is back. Event-limited stories and stages are back for a limited time. Collect “Canned Screams” and exchange them for items in the forest attic. [Event period]
Event stage open: July 29th (Monday) 5:00 to August 8th (Thursday) 4:59 Event exchange: July 29th (Monday) 5:00 to August 11th (Sunday) 4:59 [Participation conditions]
Clear the main story “Our Era”
[List of rewards]
Monorow, breeding materials

* ▶New costume series “Moment of Exclamation” is now available* Introducing the new costume series “Moment of Exclamation”. This time we will be selling 37 and Melania’s new costumes.
Also, Carla Bonner’s new costume will appear in the “Red Earth” series, so be sure to check it out as well.
▼Costume introduction PV
[Exclamation Moment Series]
“Fun chicken sashimi”-37
“The night color is calm” – Melania
Sales period: July 11th (Thursday) after update – August 15th (Thursday) 4:59 [Red earth series]
“Standby, Jump, Pause” – Carla Bonner
Sales period: July 26th (Friday) 10:00 to August 11th (Sunday) 4:59

* ▶ New episode of Night X is now available *
New character episode events for “Knight” and “X” will be held. Don’t miss the opportunity to see a new side of them.
[Event period]
Night “The Ninth Virtue”: July 15th (Monday) 5:00 to July 29th (Monday) 4:59 X “Gear Will”: July 29th (Monday) 5:00 to August 12th (Monday) 4:59 [Participation conditions]
Clear the main story “Our Era”
[List of rewards]
✦5 Heart Phase, Greed

* ▶Mane arrangement book “The wonders of Senjima” *
The investigation targets for the Mane Arrangement Form have been updated. The subjects of this research are “The Strange Views of Senjima,” “Virtual Exhibitions,” and “Nightmare Projections.”
[Event period]
July 18th (Thursday) 5:00 – August 15th (Thursday) 4:59
Weighing the bag of gold and life. Chase down the mystical creatures featured in newspapers and magazines and earn your own glory and wealth. Mane wanted book, bestows value on courage and erudition. [List of rewards]
Gluttony, Greed, material for strengthening cardiac phase, resonance material, insight material

“Reverse: 1999”
■Work summary
“Reverse: 1999″ is an end-of-the-century time reverse RPG created by BLUEPOCH. In a world that has “rolled back” to a new old era at the end of the century, you will walk through the waves of time as a “time keeper,” an observer of time, and explore the mystery of the “storm” that will bring about the end.
Enter the nostalgic world of “Reverse: 1999” with a profound story that feels like a movie, artistic and retro visuals that realistically depict various eras, and unique characters brought to life by a gorgeous voice actor. invites the player.
We have prepared many easy and familiar elements such as orthodox battles and a miniature garden system that you can enjoy DIY. Please enjoy the unique atmosphere unique to this work, which is somewhat mysterious and nostalgic.

* ■Game Overview*
Title: Reverse: 1999
Distribution format: Smartphone (iOS/Android), PC
Genre: End of the century time reverse RPG
Sales price: Basic free (item charge system)
Distribution date: October 26, 2023
Distribution URL: **
* ■Click here for the latest information*
Official website: **

Official X (old Twitter): **
Official YouTube: **
Official Discord: **

(C) Bluepoch Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
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