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FUJIFILM Business Innovation Co., Ltd. New release of “Revoria Cloud Marketing” that realizes efficient ma rketing for companies with a cloud-based platform

[FUJIFILM Business Innovation Co., Ltd.] Achieving efficient marketing for companies with a cloud-based platform “Revoria Cloud Marketing” new release
*FUJIFILM Business Innovation Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 11, 2024
New release of “Revoria Cloud Marketing,” which enables efficient marketing for companies using a cloud-based platform
*Easy to analyze advertising data and website analysis, and discover issues using AI*
Fujifilm Business Innovation Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Hama)
Naoki) is a cloud-based platform that improves the efficiency of corporate marketing operations through data analysis support and AI-based problem discovery.
Cloud Marketing
” will be available from July 17th. “Revoria Cloud
“Marketing” is a company’s marketing tool that helps businesses improve their marketing by clarifying issues for improving conversion rates*2 (hereinafter referred to as CVR) through analysis of advertising effectiveness across multiple advertising platforms*1 and website access analysis. We support DX.

In recent years, companies that become brand owners are required to conduct marketing activities that utilize various advertising channels and communication channels such as the web and apps, in line with changes in consumer preferences, trends, and advertising platforms. On the other hand, in order to carry out marketing activities in line with social trends, it is necessary to decipher the vast amount of collected and accumulated consumer behavior data and reflect it in measures. Additionally, in order to improve the effectiveness of sales promotions, specialized knowledge, skills, and experience, such as data analysis, were required.
Furthermore, companies in the advertising and printing industries also play a role in supporting the marketing activities of client companies, but it is difficult to secure human resources with specialized knowledge and skills in the digital marketing field. For this reason, companies in the advertising and printing industries sometimes subcontract web advertising operations and access analysis work to other companies that specialize in digital marketing*3 in order to respond quickly and accurately to the needs of client companies. However, there were issues such as difficulty in
accumulating know-how as a contractor.

“Revoria Cloud
“Marketing” is a cloud-based platform that supports companies’ promotion of marketing DX through “advertisement operation” and “website improvement” functions. The “Advertising Operations” function uses business intelligence (hereinafter referred to as BI) *4 to automatically create reports that cross-analyze multiple advertising platforms. The “Website Improvement” function uses AI to discover issues and areas for improvement on a website and clarify the issues that need to be addressed, thereby supporting the resolution of issues faced by marketers at companies engaged in digital marketing. In addition, in conventional data marketing*5, in order to understand the current situation and consider improvement measures, it is necessary to extract and integrate data scattered across multiple advertising platforms and access analysis tools*6, and compile and analyze it in reports. there was. “Revoria
“Marketing” combines reports that cross-analyze multiple advertising platforms and website access analysis reports, and allows you to check them on a dashboard, solving the issues faced by corporate marketers.

Fujifilm Business Innovation has launched “Revoria Cloud”.
By providing “Marketing”, we promote corporate marketing DX and contribute to improving business profitability by shortening the process of analyzing the current state of web advertisements and websites, discovering issues, and making improvements.

“Revoria Cloud
Service configuration diagram of “Marketing” (dotted lines are scheduled to be released in October 2024) Supports corporate marketing DX with “advertisement operation” and “website improvement” functions. Advertising platform, access analysis tool, and “Revoria Cloud Marketing”, it is possible to automatically create various reports and discover issues on the website.
* ■Service details of “Revoria Cloud Marketing” *

* [Advertisement operation] function*
It is possible to automatically create reports that cross-analyze multiple advertising platforms. From October 2024, multiple
advertising platforms and “Revoria
By linking “Revoria Cloud Marketing”, “Revoria Cloud Marketing” It is now possible to distribute advertisements from “Marketing”, and the simple operation helps reduce the amount of work required for companies that are not accustomed to advertising operations. We also plan to provide a function that uses AI to optimize and make recommendations for advertising budgets.

* [Website improvement] function*
AI presents issues for improving CVR. With the BI analysis of the “Website Improvement” function, you can get an overall picture from standard reports, and AI will analyze “where are the issues for efficient CVR improvement?” AI discovers issues on a website by analyzing data on the website and past trends.

* Combination of [ad operation] and [website improvement] functions* Using BI using the “Advertising Operation” function, we can
automatically create analysis reports for various web and offline advertisements, reducing the man-hours involved in cross-sectionally extracting, integrating, and visualizing data from multiple
advertising media. In addition, the “website improvement” function automatically creates a website access analysis report. You can combine and check advertising operations and website analysis reports on the dashboard.

* [Other cross-sectional functions] *
For companies in the advertising and printing industries that support the marketing activities of client companies, we provide multi-tenant functionality that allows multiple projects to be managed on a single cloud. This feature allows each client company to
You can build individual work environments for “Marketing” and work safely and efficiently by switching the operating environment for each project. “Revoria
By using “Cloud Marketing” to support client companies’ advertising operations and website analysis, we can improve operational efficiency and increase profits.

* ■Sales price *
– Advertising operation function: 30,000 yen/month ~
– Website improvement function: From 30,000 yen/month

*1: Google Ads, Yahoo Ads, X Ads, Meta Ads, Offline Ads (CSV manual registration).
*2: Percentage of users who visited a website or page and achieved a final result, such as purchasing a product or making an inquiry. *3: General online marketing activities that involve advertising and promotions through digital channels.
*4: Mechanisms and methods that utilize knowledge obtained by analyzing information related to business decision-making.
*5: A method of optimizing marketing activities using data.
*6: Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, etc.

*Services, product names, etc. listed in the press release are registered trademarks or trademarks of each company.

* About Fujifilm Business Innovation *
We support the effective use of knowledge and information through DX to help workers demonstrate their creativity and maximize the power of their organizations. Based on the technology and knowledge we have cultivated since our founding in 1962, we conduct research,
development, production, and sales of workflow solutions, IT services, and printing equipment such as digital multifunction devices. We will continue to be a global leader in innovating the business of customers around the world, providing sales and implementation support for core systems and outsourcing services for business processes.
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