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Marquit One Co., Ltd. Changing the future of local governments! A new standard for regional loyalty using NPS

[Marquit One Co., Ltd.] Changing the future of local governments! A new standard for regional loyalty using NPS
*Markit One Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 11, 2024
Change the future of local governments! A new standard for regional loyalty using NPS
*Proposes a new index “rNPS” that takes into account the response trends of Japanese people*
Introducing a new indicator of local loyalty using NPS in Hinohara Village Researcher at the Startup Accelerator Research Institute at Tokyo Metropolitan Graduate Institute of Industrial Technology, who is also the business manager of our company
Mikio Kitayama is working with NPS(R) (Net Promoter) on Hinohara Village, the only village on the mainland of Tokyo.
We conducted research to explore new possibilities for regional loyalty indicators using “Score”.
This research proposes a new method to easily and effectively measure the satisfaction level of local residents.

What is NPS?
NPS (Net Promoter)
Score) is a method of evaluating customers’ willingness to recommend products and services to friends and family on a scale of 0 to 10, and measuring customer satisfaction based on the results.
NPS is divided into three segments: promoters, detractors, and neutrals, and is calculated by subtracting the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters. This method is said to be useful in predicting customers’ future purchasing behavior and in formulating marketing strategies and improvement measures for companies.

Utilizing NPS in Hinohara Village
In this study, we conducted a questionnaire survey using NPS in Hinohara Village, Tokyo, and measured and analyzed the recommendation level of local residents.
The survey was conducted among village residents, staff at
tourism-related businesses, and tourists.
As a result, the tourist destination “Hossawa Falls” had the highest recommendation level.
On the other hand, the recommendation level for “migration” was the lowest. In addition, although the “Hinohara Forest Toy Museum”, a facility related to wood education, had a relatively high recommendation level, it was suggested that awareness among village residents was low.

Paper: “A new regional loyalty index using NPS (Net Promoter Score)” -Using Hinohara Village, Tokyo as a sample-
click here to download

Proposal of new index “rNPS”
Furthermore, by analyzing comments from respondents, we proposed a new index based on NPS: rNPS (Regional Net Promoter Score).
This is an index that responds to region-specific evaluation trends by classifying the 6 NPS points as neutral.
When Hinohara village data was applied to rNPS, the results showed that the positive evaluation of the area was reflected more than NPS. For example, the rNPS for tourist destinations was 6.1, and the rNPS for migration was -52.2.

rNPS classification

Significance of the research and future prospects
This research provides a new method to easily measure and compare the loyalty of local residents, and contributes to the consideration of local government measures to improve local strength.
In particular, rNPS is an indicator that is easier to accept by Japanese local governments than NPS, and is considered to be effective in measuring regional loyalty and “local love” in the future. However, further verification and research is needed to disseminate rNPS nationwide.
Future research is required to apply rNPS in other regions and confirm its validity and reliability.

Looking for partners for area research
This time, in order to expand the possibilities of this new indicator, we are seeking local governments to become partners in publishing the survey results and jointly conducting the survey.

Each local government is implementing various initiatives related to regional revitalization, but it has been difficult to measure their effectiveness.
rNPS is the ultimate question, “How likely would you recommend that an acquaintance who lives outside ○○ (municipality name) visit ○○ (municipality name)?”
By regularly measuring the results before and after each measure or once a year, it becomes possible to measure the love that local residents have for their local area.
If you are a local government official or researcher who is
interested, please feel free to contact us.

Markit One Co., Ltd.
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