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Minato Yamaguchi Godo Shimbun Co., Ltd. Expanding local salmon – National map of aquaculture production areas published

[Minato Godo Shimbun Co., Ltd.] Expanding local salmon – National map of aquaculture production areas published
*Minato Godo Newspaper Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 11, 2024
Expanding local salmon: Nationwide map of aquaculture production areas published

Starting from July 10th, Minato Shimbun, a daily newspaper
specializing in the fisheries industry, will be compiling the brand name, production area, producer group name, annual production volume, etc. of salmon (a member of the salmon and trout family) farmed in Japan. We have released the “Local Salmon Production Area Map” (Note: This is the same content as published in the Minato Shimbun electronic version dated July 1, 2024 (main newspaper dated July 2, 2024)). You can purchase it on the media platform note.
* note Spreading local salmon nationwide production area map *

Covers salmon farming areas across Japan from Hokkaido to Kyushu

Salmon sashimi and sushi are popular with both adults and children. Salmon that can be eaten raw is mainly imported from Norway and Chile, but in recent years the farming of salmon and trout, also known as “○○ salmon”, has expanded in the seas and inland waters of various parts of Japan. doing. Finally, the number of “Local Salmon” brands across the country has exceeded 100.

The Minato Shimbun, with the cooperation of the National Research and Development Corporation Fisheries Research and Education Agency, has reporters from all over the country independently investigating the current state of salmon and trout farming in Japan. We have compiled the original data into maps and lists and are selling them on the media platform note.

* Information for fisheries professionals. Recommended for the following people. *
* ▶For those in the aquaculture industry who would like to know the situation of other competing production areas*
* ▶ Business owners who want to support salmon farming in Japan * * ▶Those interested in salmon farming as a regional development measure* * ▶For those interested in branded farmed salmon as a food ingredient*

*Main content*
*The following information is posted for each brand.
* ·brand name*
* ・Country of production (up to prefecture or city/town/village name) * * ・Production group name*
* ・Type/name (trout, coho salmon, cherry salmon, etc.) *
* ・Annual production volume in 2017*
* ・Planned annual production volume for 2024 *As of June 2014* * ・Shipping date*
* ・Cultivation method*
*Aquaculture methods include marine aquaculture, inland aquaculture, terrestrial aquaculture (flow-through type), and terrestrial aquaculture using a closed circulation terrestrial aquaculture system (RAS).

[Image] Data published on local salmon production area map

*How to use*
You will need to access the media platform note to purchase. To purchase, you will need to register as a member of Note.
After completing the purchase procedure, you can download the map and list in PDF file format. You can save it to your computer or smartphone, or print it out.

*Product information*
Name: Local salmon production area map
Release: July 10, 2017
Price: 3,980 yen (10% consumption tax and handling fee included)

* Notes*

This “local salmon production area map” was published in the electronic version of the Minato Shimbun newspaper distributed on July 1, 2024 (main newspaper dated July 2, 2024). Readers of the Minato Shimbun electronic version can view it after logging into the electronic version. Please note that there is no need to purchase.

*Minato Shimbun electronic version subscription information*

Even if you are not a Minato Shimbun subscriber, if you sign up for a new Minato Shimbun subscription, you will be able to access and view past articles, including this “Local Salmon Production Area Map.” The subscription fee is 5,500 yen per month (tax included) for the electronic version, and 8,140 yen per month for the print and electronic version (same). The electronic version distributed on July 1, 2024 (paper dated July 2) also includes interviews regarding the current situation and challenges of local salmon, so please consider subscribing to this issue.

* About Minato Shimbun *
Minato Shimbun is a daily seafood specialty newspaper published by Minato Godo Shimbun (head office: Shimonoseki City, Prefecture).
With the mission of “Leading the seafood industry and contributing to sustainable development,” we report on the seafood industry in general, including fisheries, aquaculture, wholesale market
distribution, food processing, retail, and restaurants, with a focus on news and data useful for business. Covers a wide range of topics, from corporate trends to politics/administration and science and technology.
We disseminate domestic and international information from our main and branch offices in Sapporo, Sendai, Tokyo, Osaka, Shimonoseki, and Fukuoka.
*Minato Shimbun electronic version* (

【Company Profile】
Name Minato Godo Newspaper Co., Ltd.
Representative Representative Director and President Masaaki Inoue Head office location: 1-1-7 Higashiyamatocho, Shimonoseki City, Prefecture
Established February 11, 1946
*About details about this release*

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