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beberise Co., Ltd.
*beberise Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 11, 2024
beberise Co., Ltd.
*Would you like to start a low-risk rental office franchise? * *beberise Co., Ltd.*
*Starting recruiting new franchisees*
It’s a franchise model with a purchase guarantee, so there’s no risk to franchise owners!
RISE is a franchise brand operated in Tokyo by beberise Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Kunihiro Yashima). OFFICE” has started recruiting new member stores. Now that the demand for real offices and rental offices is rapidly increasing, why not take this opportunity to achieve success with a risk-free investment franchise business?

About us
Tokyo – Beberise Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as our company) is a franchise brand that operates a rental office sharing economy business.
OFFICE” has officially started recruiting new member stores. By establishing a dominant presence in the successful areas of Minato Ward, Shinjuku Ward, and Shibuya Ward, we have realized a store opening method that aims to increase awareness and attract customers. Going forward, we will focus on opening stores in a total of five wards, Chuo Ward and Chiyoda Ward, as District A.
By opening dominant stores, we aim to improve management efficiency and contribute to owners.

[*Characteristics of rental offices and market needs*]

▶︎What is a rental office?
A rental office is a rental office business that rents one floor and creates several rooms for rent. Taking pizza as an example, the business model is to take a pizza that costs 1,600 yen each and divide it into 8 pieces and sell them at 400 yen each, resulting in a total of 3,200 yen in sales and a profit of 1,600 yen.
▶︎Market and future prospects
As the coronavirus subsides, demand for physical offices is on a recovery trend. In particular, demand for flexible shared offices is rapidly increasing worldwide, and the market size is expected to expand at an annual growth rate of 20% and reach 230 billion yen by 2026.
Currently, it is possible to obtain permits and licenses as an office for start-up companies, recruitment industry, real estate, secondhand goods dealer, foreign corporation registration work visa, etc. Companies in industries such as the liquor sales industry are increasingly using rental offices.
* ▶︎Characteristics of franchise business*
<* No deficit risk* >
Franchisees do not need to carry out any particular operations, and are responsible for rent, utility expenses, personnel expenses, etc. We will bear all running costs such as advertising costs, so even if sales are 0 yen, you will not be in the red.
<* Possibility to sell franchise business* >
It is possible to sell after 6 years, which is not possible with other franchises.
In addition, there is a purchase guarantee from the headquarters, and the depreciation of interior decoration and equipment is up to 15 years.
<* High yield* >
In the case of a one-room real estate investment, the yield will be around 5%, Our business model achieves high yields of over 24% and provides a stable profit model.
* ▶︎Strengths of RISE OFFICE*
Thanks to our discernment in property selection and our know-how in attracting customers online, we are proud of an average occupancy rate of 99% for our directly managed stores.
-Six points for high occupancy rate-
Initial cost: 0 yen Monthly rent is among the lowest in the area First 3 months discount campaign
1 month notice of cancellation Commitment to approvals Store opening plan focused on address
[*About recruiting franchise stores*]
▶︎* Flow from joining to opening*

Inquiries: Click here for inquiries on the franchise recruitment site below. contacting.
A representative will explain the details in detail via ZOOM.
FC contract/property proposal and contract After FC contract, propose store opening location and contract
Interior construction Standard interior of RISE OFFICE + paintings etc. placed in consideration of local characteristics
LP completed, start attracting customers Once the landing page (LP) and property interior are completed, attract customers and start viewing for prospective tenants.
Start of operation We handle monthly rent collection, negotiation with tenants, contract management, etc.
Sold after 6 years Posted on M&A portal. Target to sell at 120% of initial cost *In the unlikely event that you are unable to sell at the desired price, we will guarantee the purchase.
▶︎* Recommended for these people*
・I want to consider starting a new business
・I want to start a business that allows me to move away from my existing business.
・I want to make low-risk investments
We are looking for partners who sympathize with and agree with RISE OFFICE’s vision, including owners and investors who think that way.

Representative Director and President Kunihiro Yashima
* ▶︎Comment from the representative*
“RISE OFFICE is a business model that can achieve high profits with low risk. We would like to further grow this business together with everyone across the country. ”
[*About beberise Co., Ltd.*]
* 【Company Profile】*
Company name: beberise Co., Ltd.
Head office location: Akasaka Office Heights 1F, 4-13-5 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative Director: Representative Director and President Kunihiro Yashima Business content: Rent guarantee service
Real estate brokerage business
Rental office business
bridal business
ETC discount business
Funding support
Schedule adjustment app “Appointure” business
MEO customer attraction business, etc.
Established: April 24, 2013
* [FC member store recruitment page] *
If you are interested, you can download business explanation materials by requesting materials from the [FC member store recruitment page]. You can also make reservations for the briefing session by contacting us, so please check it out.
More details will be discussed at the business briefing session.

*About details about this release*

*Download press release materials*

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