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Mitsui Home Co., Ltd. Mitsui Home’s first home with insulation class 7, “MOCX THERMO”, is launched

[Mitsui Home Co., Ltd.] Mitsui Home’s first home with insulation class 7, “MOCX THERMO”, is launched
*Mitsui Home Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 11, 2024
Mitsui Home’s first home with insulation class 7, “MOCX THERMO”, is launched. *~A house with the highest insulation rating that utilizes the know-how of wooden construction~*
“MOCX THERMO” Insulation performance grade 7 specifications *Image is for illustrative purposes only. The frame material placement position etc. may differ from the actual structure.

Mitsui Home Co., Ltd. (Head office: Koto-ku, Tokyo, President: Ikeda) In pursuit of home comfort, energy savings, and environmental friendliness, MOCX has achieved insulation grade 7 (*1) in order to further contribute to the realization of a decarbonized society. We are pleased to announce that “THERMO” has started on July 11th.

* [What is “MOCX THERMO”]*
■* Pursue environmental friendliness with the highest level of high insulation “insulation performance grade 7” and realize even more comfort in your home*
■* Our unique insulation structure employs double insulation inside and outside and triple glass to pursue energy savings*
■* A new brand that utilizes MOCX technology, a technology of our company that has been involved in over 250,000 wooden buildings for 50 years *

Recently, efforts to achieve carbon neutrality with the goal of 2050 have become active, with new homes being required to comply with the energy conservation standards stipulated by the Building Energy Saving Act in 2025, and ZEH/ZEB standards in 2030. It is planned that compliance will become mandatory. Our company has been using our unique “premium monocoque construction method” to standardize the insulation performance of new homes to ZEH standards, utilize solar power generation systems and other energy-generating equipment, and reduce the burden on the environment. We have been promoting design proposals, etc. “MOCX
Through the provision of “THERMO”, we will promote ultra-highly insulated houses to more customers, and encourage further transition to wooden buildings.
By realizing wood-based materials, we will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society that is kind to people and the environment together with trees.

* [Definition of MOCX] *
A general term for “elemental technologies (*2)” that provide optimal solutions for converting city buildings to wood.

Insulation performance grade 7 in the housing performance display system based on the Quality Assurance Act. In energy saving
classification 5 to 7 areas, only fireproof structure equivalent to ministerial ordinance. Areas 1 to 4 have insulation performance grade 6.
*2 Elemental technology: “MOCX WALL,” which combines high-strength load-bearing walls and trusses.
Our proprietary technologies include “ROOF” and roof insulation panels “DSP (Double Shield Panel).”

* ■ Pursue environmental friendliness and realize even more comfort in your home with the highest level of high insulation “Insulation performance grade 7” *

In October 2021, it was decided to strengthen reduction targets such as global warming countermeasures in order to achieve carbon neutrality in 2050. In response to this, there is an urgent need for initiatives in the building sector, which accounts for 30% of Japan’s energy consumption, and the government will require newly built homes to comply with energy conservation standards stipulated by the Building Energy Saving Act in 2025. The company aims to achieve energy-saving performance of ZEH standards by 2030. Since our company’s founding in 1974, we have focused on the potential of wood in the construction field and have continued to refine our
technology.We have combined our unique high-insulation structure with energy-saving and energy-creating equipment, and have achieved ZEH standards as standard specifications. Cleared.
(1) ZEH = Into an era where insulation class 5 or higher is required The “ZEH standard”, which has until now been synonymous with highly insulated housing, corresponds to “grade 5”.
Class 5 is scheduled to become compulsory in 2020, and the country is rapidly making progress in making homes more highly insulated. Under these circumstances, Mitsui Home already supports “grade 6” and “grade 7”. We have a system in place to provide our customers with
next-generation highly insulated homes.
Housing performance display system Image diagram of insulation performance grades

Reduce the energy you use in your home by improving insulation and choosing energy-saving equipment. Equipped with energy generation equipment, it generates more energy than it uses. In this way, ZEH is a home that aims to reduce the balance of primary energy consumption to below zero.

(2) Contribute to decarbonization
Highly insulated houses have less energy loss, so CO2
Emissions can be suppressed. Additionally, wooden structures can fix a large amount of carbon in the wood, which is the structural material, and store it for a long time, further contributing to decarbonization. (3) Reduce heating and cooling utility costs
Highly insulated homes can reduce utility costs. For example, in a home with “insulation class 7″, 2021
It is said that heating and cooling utility costs can be reduced by approximately 40% compared to “insulation grade 4”, which is the highest grade up to this year.
*For insulation class 7. Compared to a home with insulation class 4. From the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism’s “Review of housing performance labeling, etc.”

(4) Stay healthy

In addition to being comfortable, a highly insulated home also has the advantage of being healthy. Because there is little difference in temperature indoors, it has positive effects on health, such as preventing heat shock, stabilizing blood pressure, and increasing physical activity.
■Our unique insulation structure uses double insulation inside and outside and triple glass to pursue energy savings.
The performance of “MOCX THERMO” is an astonishing 0.26W/(square meter) in terms of UA value, which indicates insulation performance. ・K) has been achieved, creating an ultra-comfortable space that is not affected by outside temperature and maintains a comfortable room temperature. With the following specifications, it meets the standards of “Insulation Class 7”.
(1) Super high insulation double insulation inside and outside In addition to our standard high-performance glass wool filling on the inside of the wall to a thickness of 140mm, we also fill the outside of the wall with 100mm of high-performance glass wool.
We decided to use phenolic foam. This dramatically improves insulation performance.
(2) Ultra-high insulation triple glass sash
The sash has a structure with three panes of glass separated by two air spaces. Low-E for glass
It has a coating that reflects thermal radiation and prevents heat from entering or leaving the room. The air layer is filled with argon gas to keep thermal conductivity low. By insulating your home from the windows, you can not only reduce energy consumption, but also improve the indoor thermal environment, suppress the formation of
condensation, and reduce the risk of mold and corrosion.
(3) Ultra-high insulation high-performance entrance door
 High-performance insulation panels are filled inside the door, providing excellent insulation. We also offer a variety of designs and color finishes, so
You can match it with the exterior and interior of your home. The ultra-highly insulated entrance door aims to achieve high quality in terms of design and usability, making the entire home more
(4) Selectable exterior wall finishes
We use an “art wall” that finishes a special base board with paint, creating an exterior wall with a high texture and rich expression. Also,
It can also be used in combination with general siding finishes to accommodate a wide range of exterior designs.
■A new brand that utilizes our MOCX technology, which has been involved in over 250,000 wooden buildings for 50 years.
25 so far
Our company, which has been involved in the construction of more than 10,000 wooden buildings, has contributed to the realization of a decarbonized society and has built up a track record as a manufacturer of high-quality custom-built wooden houses. The wooden construction techniques we have cultivated over the years are diverse and have been accumulated as our own unique techniques.
“Wood” has high insulation performance, and its thermal conductivity is about 350 that of “steel”.
It will be 1/1. Wood, which has excellent thermal insulation properties, is used as a structural material, and the frame wall construction method (two-by-four construction method) is uniquely evolved to suit Japan’s climate and climate, using the “premium monocoque construction method” to create buildings with high energy-saving performance. It has come true.
Wood is a sustainable, circular resource that can be reproduced sustainably through proper forest management. Also, during the growth process, CO2
Wooden buildings absorb carbon and continue to fix carbon even after felling, so in addition to not returning carbon to the atmosphere for a long time, wood buildings also reduce CO2 by planting trees on felled areas.
Absorption capacity is restored, contributing to the prevention of global warming.

We are promoting the use of wood, mainly in medium- and large-scale buildings, by leveraging the wood construction technology we have honed, including in our sustainable wooden condominiums, MOCXION, aimed at creating a decarbonized society.
In addition, “MOCXION” has anti-degradation grade 3
By obtaining this certification, the property is allowed to be described as a “wooden condominium” on major real estate portal sites. It has been pointed out that the lifespan of houses in Japan is generally shorter than in other countries around the world.
We have ensured durability for 90 years.

* [Brand/Business Structure] *
“THERMO” is one of the “MOCX” technologies, including “MOCXION”, and is a unique material rooted in the ancient Japanese tradition of wooden houses, while also providing comfort, energy saving, and environmental friendliness. We aim to achieve the sustainability that will be required in the future.
[Please see below for details on “MOCX”. ]
[Mitsui Home will promote the MOCX Green Project]̲green̲project/
What is MOCX Green Project?
This is a project for our company, which has built over 10,000 wooden buildings, to further expand the possibilities of wooden buildings and contribute to decarbonization through various initiatives.
■About sustainability of the Mitsui Fudosan Group

The Mitsui Fudosan Group is committed to creating social value and creating economic value based on the & mark philosophy of “creating new value through symbiosis, coexistence, and co-creation, and continuing to take on challenges to achieve this goal.” We believe that creating social value leads to the creation of economic value, and that we can use that economic value to create even greater social value.
In addition, when formulating the new group management philosophy in April 2024, “GROUP
MATERIALITY (priority issues)” are “1. Contribution to industrial competitiveness,” “2. Coexistence with the environment,” “3. Health and vitality,” “4. Safety and security,” and “5. We have identified six areas: “Diversity & Inclusion” and “6. Compliance and Governance.” We will address these material issues through our core business and contribute to sustainability.

[Reference] ・“Group long-term management policy formulation”
・”Group materiality”

*The initiatives in this release contribute to the seven goals of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

Goal 3: Health and well-being for all
Goal 7: Affordable and clean energy
Goal 11: Creating a city where people can continue to live
Goal 12 Responsible production and consumption
Goal 13: Take concrete measures to combat climate change
Goal 14: Protect the richness of the ocean
Goal 15: Protect the richness of the land
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