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Home » Sustainable Management Strategy – Practice of GX human resource development with an eye to 2050 – | Held on Thursday, August 22nd

Sustainable Management Strategy – Practice of GX human resource development with an eye to 2050 – | Held on Thursday, August 22nd

Sustainable Management Strategy – Practice of GX human resource development with an eye to 2050 – | Held on Thursday, August 22nd *Skill up NeXt*
Press release: July 11, 2024
Sustainable Management Strategy – Practice of GX human resource development with an eye to 2050 – | Held on Thursday, August 22nd Skill Up NeXt Co., Ltd. (Skill Up NeXt, 3-3-20 Kanda Misaki-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Shinichi Tahara, former company name)
Skill Up AI Co., Ltd.) will hold an online seminar “Sustainable Management Strategy -” on August 22, 2024 (Thursday) 16:00-17:15. “Practice of GX human resource development with an eye to 2050” will be held. Applications are accepted from the following URL.

Application: ■Seminar overview

In Japan, which aims to become carbon neutral by 2050, companies are required to engage in GX (green transformation) to create growth opportunities while responding to various policies. Recently, it was announced that the GX2040 Vision, an industrial strategic goal for 2040, will be compiled by the end of this year, and the movement is accelerating.

However, one of the challenges that many companies face is the lack of human resources with the specialized knowledge and skills to realize GX. In this seminar, we will discuss the following important topics through a panel discussion with people from different perspectives.

* ● GX human resources market and human resources policy*
Mr. Naoya Orikuchi, GX Group, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

* ● Current status of GX human resources in companies*
Mr. Satoshi Hyota, Sustainability Planning Department, KDDI Corporation Mr. Takashi Kikuchi, Sustainability Promotion Department, Sumitomo Corporation

* ● GX human resource skill definition that serves as a guideline for human resource development*
2024 GX League Talent Market Creation WG Makoto Koizumi
Skill Up NeXt Co., Ltd. Shinichi Tahara

We will delve into the current situation and issues of GX human resources from a multifaceted perspective, and provide those in positions responsible for promoting GX with specific knowledge and practical tips on organizational building and human resource development. Please join us.

■Speaker profile
*Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, GX Group, Environment and Economy Office, Assistant Director*
*Mr. Naoya Orikuchi*
Joined the ministry in April 2015. He assumed his current position in July 2023 after being seconded to the Secretariat of the Headquarters for Realizing New Capitalism in the Cabinet Secretariat. Currently in charge of the GX League and the greenhouse gas emissions calculation, reporting, and publication system under the Act on Promotion of Global Warming Countermeasures.

*KDDI Corporation Corporate Headquarters Sustainability Management Promotion Headquarters*
*Sustainability Planning Department Carbon Neutral/Environmental Group Leader* * Mr. Satoshi Hyota *
2007 KDDI Corporation
Joined the company. Responsible for consumer service promotion, sales, marketing, etc. for about 5 years. After being seconded to a government agency for two years, he worked in the corporate planning department to formulate strategies for carbon neutrality and the energy field, and from October 2022, he will be in charge of the carbon neutral strategy for the entire KDDI Group in his current department.

*Sumitomo Corporation Sustainability Promotion Department*
* Mr. Takashi Kikuchi *
Joined Sumitomo Corporation in August 2023. In the Sustainability Promotion Department, he is in charge of formulating sustainability policies including GX promotion for the entire group. Recently, in addition to climate change response, he has also been working in the sustainability field, including natural capital, circular economy, and respect for human rights. At his previous jobs at the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (where he was seconded), he was in charge of promoting GX measures and international negotiations regarding the Paris Agreement.

* Representative Director of Skill Up NeXt Co., Ltd. (FY2024 GX League Human Resources Market Creation WG representative leader company)* * Shinichi Tahara*
After gaining experience as an IT engineer and project manager as a new graduate, he was involved in numerous AI and data analysis projects at Recruit. In 2018, he founded Skill Up AI Co., Ltd. (currently Skill Up NeXt Co., Ltd.), which focuses on AI human resource development business. He majored in natural environmental studies at university, and will start a GX human resource development project in 2022. Served as a representative leader company of the GX Human Resources Market Creation Working Group in the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s GX League, and promoted the formulation of the “GX Skill Standards”.

* Executive Advisor, Skill Up NeXt Co., Ltd.*
*2024 GX League Talent Market Creation Working Group Chair*
* Makoto Koizumi *
After being in charge of corporate planning and business development at Recruit, he joined the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Bureau of Commerce and Information Policy
Responsible for promoting the utilization of data and AI across industries at the Information Economy Division. After retiring, he operated the Digital Literacy Council, was a core member of the Prototype Policy Research Institute, and worked for the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
He is active across industry, academia, and government in human resource development and labor market reform, including as a member of the Digital Skills Standards Literacy Study Working Group and as the chairperson of the Talent Market Creation Working Group within the GX League of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

■Event overview
Date and time: Thursday, August 22, 2024 16:00-17:15
Location: Zoom
Participation fee: Free
Application deadline: August 22nd (Thursday) 12:00

■About Skill Up NeXt
Company name: Skillup NeXt Co., Ltd. ( Address: 3-3-20 Kanda Misakicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Established: May 2018
Capital: 123 million yen (including capital reserves)
Representative: Shinichi Tahara, Representative Director
Company name Skill Up NeXt Co., Ltd.
Address: 3-3-20 Kanda Misaki-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Established May 2018
Representative Director Shinichi Tahara
Business content Digital human resources development business centered on DX/AI Consulting and system development business related to data analysis and AI development
GX (Green Transformation) human resources development project Recruitment support business specializing in digital human resources centered on DX/AI
Web service development business
Service site
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