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Home » World Co., Ltd. World SDGs Promotion Office held an “upcycling workshop” for children at Aoyamakan “Cari pa”

World Co., Ltd. World SDGs Promotion Office held an “upcycling workshop” for children at Aoyamakan “Cari pa”

[World Co., Ltd.] World SDGs Promotion Office held an “upcycling workshop” for children at Aoyamakan “Caripa”
*World Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 11, 2024
The World SDGs Promotion Office held an “upcycling workshop” for children at Aoyamakan “Karippa”
*~ Communicating the SDGs through fashion through “play x learning” ~* * The World SDGs Promotion Office, which promotes sustainable activities in the World Group, will hold an event at Akasaka Children’s Junior and Senior High School Plaza in Minato Ward on June 24th (Monday).
We held an upcycling workshop for children at Aoyamakan “Karippa”. *

World Co., Ltd. started holding workshops at “Carippa” located right next to the World Kita Aoyama Building in August 2023, and this is the 11th time the workshop has been held, with a total of 212 people participating so far. Did. Through this upcycling workshop, WORLD provides an opportunity for children to learn about the SDGs in a fun way, in order to spark an interest in sustainable initiatives from fashion.

*What is Minato Ward Akasaka Children’s Junior and Senior High School Plaza Aoyamakan “Karippa”? A child welfare facility and children’s center that can be used by children aged 0 to 18 and their guardians and related parties.
Click here for the “Carippa” homepage

Left: Scene from the workshop held this time at Aoyamakan “Carippa” Right: Scene from the workshop “Craft Box Making” held in the past

* Workshop held by “Dr. Nankoro” of the SDGs Promotion Office ~First free research project during summer vacation~*

This time, we will hold an upcycling workshop for children attending “Karippa” where they can make their own original roses using leftover cloth and yarn from World’s own factory.
de Flower Rose” was held.

In this workshop, participants will create a single rose by stacking petals of different shapes and sizes made from leftover fabric and pasting them onto paper straws one by one. Furthermore, this workshop is scheduled to be held multiple times, and by increasing the number of roses at each workshop, the final original rose bouquet will be completed. We have designed it so that it can be used as a submission assignment. We aim to deepen children’s interest in the SDGs by having them come into contact with leftover cloth and thread every time they participate in a workshop.
Paste the petals made from leftover fabric one by one.
Bouquet of “Zanpu de Flower Rose” made with original roses
* -Profile of Kazuko Minamida, also known as “Nankoro Sensei”-* World Co., Ltd.
Belongs to the SDGs Promotion Office. After joining a textile company, he gained experience in patterning and production before joining World Co., Ltd. World Production Partners Co., Ltd., a production subsidiary responsible for the group’s manufacturing, is responsible for the production of multiple brands. Based on our own ideas, we proposed an upcycling event that reused leftover fabrics and waste materials from our own factories. With the theme of “Smile in 15 minutes, be happy in 15 minutes”, he produces SDGs workshops and holds them all over the country.
* About the World Sustainability Plan *
** Since its founding, World Group has evolved as a “value-creating corporate group” since 1992.
In 2017, with the aim of maximizing customer value and productivity, we announced the “SPARCS” concept, which integrates everything from retail to production with consumers as the starting point, turning loss and waste into value. We have implemented our brand strategy. We will continue to aim to realize a sustainable society full of diversity and choice by achieving a high level of both “diversity of lifestyle” and “industrial world without loss and waste.”
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