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Home » Sanrio Co., Ltd. Public call for content for the next Sanrio Virtual Festival VR public call project “Sanrio Virtual World Awards” has started!

Sanrio Co., Ltd. Public call for content for the next Sanrio Virtual Festival VR public call project “Sanrio Virtual World Awards” has started!

[Sanrio Co., Ltd.] Public call for content for the next Sanrio Virtual Festival VR public call project “Sanrio Virtual
World Awards” has started!
*Sanrio Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 11, 2024
Public call for content for the next Sanrio Virtual Festival VR public call project “Sanrio Virtual World
Awards” has started!
*Other projects are underway to co-create with artists and creators! * (C) 2024 SANRIO CO.,LTD. Copyright Sanrio Co., Ltd.
Sanrio Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; hereinafter referred to as Sanrio) will hold a virtual event, “Sanrio Virtual Festival.”
In preparation for the next edition of the Sanrio Festival (commonly known as Sanrio Vfes), we are holding a public content recruitment project on the Metaverse called Sanrio Virtual World.
Awards” will be announced and applications will be accepted starting today, July 11th. “Sanrio Virtual
“Festival” is the world’s largest VR event held mainly on the social VR platform “VRChat”, and provides various entertainment on “Virtual Sanrio Puroland”, another Puroland that exists in the virtual world. . Sanrio is “Sanrio Virtual
Sanrio Festival” is positioned as an event created together with artists, creators, people who come to play, and everyone, and we are holding a public recruitment project “Sanrio
Virtual World
Awards” will be held with the aim of further enhancing co-creation with VR creators in preparation for the next event. In addition to public projects, co-creation projects with artists and creators are currently underway for the next event. Please continue to pay attention to Sanrio Vfes, which is being created not only by the customers who come to the event, but also by creators and artists.

* ◆About the VR public recruitment project “Sanrio Virtual World Awards” * The “Sanrio Virtual World Awards” to be held this time will be held in the next SANRIO Virtual World Awards.
This is an open call for content to be published within the Festival. We are inviting the public to submit content to be developed on “Virtual Sanrio Puroland” on VRChat.
Up to three works will be selected by the management that they want to be developed on the virtual Sanrio Puroland in the future, and the winners will be selected from the Sanrio Virtual
We will be awarding 1 million yen (for up to 3 works selected by the management) to the production of official content used at the Festival and production support funds. We are looking forward to receiving applications for a variety of content, including game worlds, puzzle worlds, exhibition worlds, and chill worlds.
*We do not plan to select parade or show-based content that revolves around stories and songs.
Dedicated site:

* ■Conditions for content to be submitted*
・It must be mobile compatible (the experience can be experienced from a VR headset alone or a smartphone)
・The content must be based on Sanrio’s corporate philosophy of “Everyone is friends” and it is expected that new communication will be born from the content.

* ■Application schedule*
July 11, 2024 (Thursday) Public recruitment starts
Submission deadline: 23:59 on Sunday, August 18, 2024 (*Please submit in a state where you can experience part of the final completed world) Around early September 2024: Selection and presentation of works Delivery around November 2024
Around December 2024 Debug
*Details such as the schedule and submission of promotional materials will be communicated by the management office after the works have been selected.

* ■How to apply*
Please submit the necessary information using the form below by Sunday, August 18, 2024.

* ■Application requirements*
* □Production representative contact information*
・Representative name: Handle name, etc. of the production representative ・X (old Twitter) account ID
・Team members: If you are a team, please write the handle names and roles of the main members.

* □Work description*
・Work title: Name of the submitted work
・Concept: A concise explanation of the work’s theme, concept, and intended users.
・Main features: Uniqueness and main elements of the work (game mechanics, exhibition content, interactive elements, etc.)
・Technical requirements: Requirements for the technology and platform used (e.g. Unity version, required hardware, etc.)
Assets/external tools used: 3D models, shaders, gimmicks, sound effects, BGM, etc.
・Communication elements: The mechanism and intention of communication between users within the work
・Future plans: Future production plans and schedule if selected

* □World Link*
・World URL: URL of the world in progress without using Sanrio characters ・World description: Overview of the world, progress status, and explanation of unfinished parts
・Operation confirmation method: Steps to access the world and necessary environment settings
・Reference materials: Screenshots and videos of major scenes and objects in the world (optional)

* ■Bonus*
・Production of official content used at Sanrio Virtual Festival ・Production support of 1 million yen (for up to 3 works selected by the management)

* ■Contact information regarding this content recruitment*
Sanrio Virtual Festival Official Discord:

* ■Notes regarding application for this project*
・If an award-winning work is originally created by the applicant or uses other assets, the copyright will belong to the creator. ・The creator of the award-winning work will agree to allow Sanrio Co., Ltd. to develop the completed work in the digital entertainment field, including reuse and monetization.
・Entrants can freely use and develop works that are submitted and rejected. (It is not possible to use elements related to Sanrio characters.)
・When applying, please obtain the necessary permissions to ensure that the work does not infringe on the copyrights or other rights held by third parties.

* [Already published information] *
For the next Sanrio Vfes, we are holding a public VR project called “Sanrio Virtual World
In addition to “Awards”, we are also working on co-creation projects with artists and VR creators.

* ◆The winner will sing on stage at the next Sanrio Vfes! “SANRIO VIRTUAL IDOL CONTEST” qualifying tournament starts *
We are holding an idol contest in which idol singers who are active in VR compete with their performance with the aim of appearing on stage at the next Sanrio Vfes. The singers who will go to the finals will be decided by the votes of the fans who will be making the event exciting. Idols and fans come together to create a stage that can only be seen here.

The 12 VR idol groups gathered through public recruitment will be divided into 3 blocks and will hold preliminary rounds for 3 weeks starting from 9pm on Saturday, July 13th.
The winners of each block will advance to the finals scheduled to be held in September 2024, and the VR idols who won the championship will be given the right to perform at the next Sanrio Vfes.
You can watch the preliminary performance before voting by viewing on VRChat with a “Preliminary Viewing Ticket” (free) or streaming on Youtube.
*To obtain qualifying tickets, you will need to register for an account on the digital goods site XMarket.
Dedicated site:

* ■Ticket application schedule*
July 13th (Saturday) (DAY1): July 5th (Friday) 12:00 to July 11th (Thursday) 19:00 (Due to popular demand, we have reached the planned number of tickets)
July 20th (Saturday) (DAY2): July 15th (Monday) 12:00 to July 18th (Thursday) 19:00
July 27th (Sat) (DAY3): July 22nd (Monday) 12:00 to July 25th (Thursday) 19:00

* ■How to vote*
1. During the voting period for each day, you can proceed to vote from the idol details page on the SANRIO VIRTUAL IDOL CONTEST page. 2. You will be redirected to the digital goods site XMarket, so press the “Download for free” button.
3. Voting is complete when it is added to “My Package (Purchase History)”. *You must register for an account on the digital goods site XMarket to vote. *Each person can vote up to 1 vote per artist.

* ■Event schedule*
The qualifying round will be held over three weeks: DAY1: July 13th (Saturday) 21:00~, DAY2: July 20th (Saturday) 21:00~, DAY3: July 27th (Saturday) 21:00~ . *Viewing is free.
The voting period is as follows.
July 13th (Sat) DAY1: July 13th (Sat) 23:00 – July 19th (Fri) 23:59 July 20th (Sat) DAY2: July 20th (Sat) 23:00 – July 26th (Fri) 23:59 July 27th (Sat) DAY3: July 27th (Sat) 23:00 – August 2nd (Fri) 23:59 The finals are scheduled to be held in September, so details will be announced on the Sanrio Vfes site at a later date. The finalists will also be announced on X (formerly Twitter) in early August.

* ■Performer information*
MC: Nekotani Hanabi
July 13th (Sat) DAY1: Pomelzu, MeltyMoon, Lily Parfait, July 20th (Sat) DAY2: mokz × Vivi, Coconuts Miilk, Gibies, Milleneige July 27th (Sat) DAY3: Meta Grandma, Yuzuki Tia, Coffee Miru, Sugar*3 MC: Hanabi Nekotani
July 13th DAY1 Participation: From left: Pomelzu, MeltyMoon, Merrily Parfait,
Participating in DAY2 on July 20th: from left: mokz × Vivi, Coconuts Miilk, Gibiers, Milleneige
Participating in DAY3 on July 27th: From left: Meta Grandma, Yuzuki Tia, Coffee Miru, Sugar*3

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