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Home » New Balance Japan Co., Ltd. Introducing a new model of “FuelCell Propel v5”, an introductory model of shoes with plates that cultivates a sense of repulsion.

New Balance Japan Co., Ltd. Introducing a new model of “FuelCell Propel v5”, an introductory model of shoes with plates that cultivates a sense of repulsion.

New Balance Japan Co., Ltd.
Introducing the new FuelCell Propel v5, an introductory model of shoes with plates that cultivate a sense of repulsion.
[Image 1:×1134.jpg] New Balance will release a new updated version of the introductory model “FuelCell Propel”, a plate-filled shoe that combines stability and resilience. A new design linked to the TOP model, a midsole with improved rebound, a TPU plate that provides more supple rebound than a carbon plate, and a new upper with breathability in mind create an even more bouncy feeling and are also lightweight. realization. These shoes will support your feet from races where you’re starting to pay attention to your time to everyday training.
“FuelCell Propel v5”, which is lighter in weight and has improved rebound resilience, minimizes the burden on the body and maximizes performance, will be available at the New Balance official online store from 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, July 11th. It will be sold at some New Balance official stores.
New Balance official online store FuelCell special site
New Balance Official Online Store FuelCell Propel List
[Image 2:×2000. jpg ]
[Image 3: &s3=29460-1206-95AD4821557047C6BDA489F E639BCD9-3000×2000.jpg]
[Image 4:×1410.jpg] FuelCell Propel v5
[Image 5:×1410 .jpg ]
・TPU Plate
Like the previous model, it uses a TPU plate that is more flexible than a carbon plate. Combined with the midsole, it minimizes the burden on the body and maximizes performance in creating a sense of repulsion. It also has the added security of a plate, and is characterized by its high versatility that can be used for a wide range of levels and uses.
[Image 6:×1410.jpg ]
Based on trajectory data while driving, we have adopted a rubber arrangement that makes it easier to ride at speed. Designed based on the concept of data to design, it has moderate flexibility and is equipped with N durance, which has excellent durability on the outside of the heel.
[Image 7: &s3=29460-1206-c8183598E4DD7664C664 E5355ED0-3195X1410.jpg]
・MIDSOLE (mid sole)
Compared to the previous model, a compound specialized for weight reduction is used. Coupled with improved rebound resilience, this pair allows you to enjoy an even more bouncy sensation. The more balanced midsole creates rhythmic movement and supports daily training to develop a sense of rebound.
[Image 8:× g ]
Following the design of the racing model, it has been updated to be more stylish. The upper is designed with a mesh that is lighter than the previous model and emphasizes breathability and comfort, making it easy to use every day and perfect for everyday training.
[Image 9:×1410.jpg ]
■FuelCell Propel v5 (Men)
Product number: MFCPR
Width/Size: D/25.0~29.0,30.0cm 2E/25.0~29.0,30.0cm
*LK5/LW5 is with 2E only, LW5 does not have 30.0cm expansion Price: 13,750 yen (tax included)
[Image 10:×1400.jpg]
[Image 11:×1400.jpg ]
[Image 12:×1400. jpg ]
[Image 13: &s3=29460-1206-537E791D185A196E09EF8E09Ef8e D454C5A7-2500X1400.jpg]
[Image 14:× g ]
[Image 15:×1400. jpg ]
■FuelCell Propel v5 (Women)
Product number: WFCPR
Color: LC5 (WHITE/MULTI), LB5 (BLACK), LH5 (NAVY/BLUE), LS5 (GRAY) Width/Size: B/22.0~25.5cm D/22.0~25.5cm
*With D is LB5 only
Price: 13,750 yen (tax included)
[Image 16: &s3=29460-1206-5AB40C32C7FAA782CF8134 E65b7774-2500X1400.jpg]
[Image 17:×1400. jpg]
[Image 18:×1400.jpg]
[Image 19:×1400.jpg] ■FuelCell Propel v5 (Kids)
Introducing the kids takedown model of the speed model “FuelCell Propel v5”. The midsole is accented with TPU material decoration and is equipped with FuelCell, which provides resilience and stability. The highly breathable and stretchy upper features a drawcord that makes it easy to put on and take off, and provides a bouncy driving force to support the feet of active kids.
Product number: PAFCPR
Color: B5 (BLACK)
Width/Size: W/17.0-21.5cm
Price: 11,000 yen (tax included)
[Image 20:×1400. jpg ]
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