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Home » DMMTV PR Office DMM TV releases the latest lineup of summer 2024 anime! Unlimited viewing of over 50 works!

DMMTV PR Office DMM TV releases the latest lineup of summer 2024 anime! Unlimited viewing of over 50 works!

DMM TV releases the latest lineup of summer 2024 anime! Unlimited viewing of over 50 works!
You can watch it now without registration! The first episodes of over 2,000 anime works, including the latest summer anime, are now available for free! !
“DMM TV”, operated by LLC (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Chairman and CEO Keiji Kameyama, (hereinafter referred to as DMM), provides a variety of content and entertainment experiences. DMM’s comprehensive video distribution service. By subscribing to “DMM Premium,” which allows you to enjoy DMM’s various entertainment services at a great price for 550 yen per month (tax included), you can watch over 5,900 anime works, of which you can enjoy over 4,600 *1 unlimitedly.
In addition, the first episode of over 2,000 *2 works is available for free. Free public works can be viewed immediately by anyone without the need to register as a DMM Premium member.
[Image:×675.jpg] DMM TV has released the latest lineup of unlimited anime for summer 2024. The unlimited viewing works that can be enjoyed by subscribing to “DMM Premium” include “TRUMP series TV anime ‘Derrico’s Nursery’,” which is exclusively distributed in advance, “NieR:Automata Ver1.1a (2nd season)” and “Goddess’s Nursery” which is exclusively distributed in advance. More than 50 works have been lined up, including Cafe Terrace (2nd season), Nare Hana Nare, Elf-san Can’t Lose Weight, and 2nd season of Oshi no Ko.
In addition, the first episodes of over 2,000 anime works*2, including the latest works, are being released for free on DMM TV! Free public works can be viewed immediately by anyone without the need to register as a DMM Premium member.
Please enjoy the summer 2024 anime on DMM TV, which has a complete lineup from the latest works to past works.
[Click here for summer 2024 anime! DMM TV anime distribution calendar】 [The first episode of 2,000 anime works*2 or more will be released for free! Click here to watch now] *1 As of April 2024
*2 As of July 2024
▼DMM TV Summer 2024 anime/distributed works list * Alphabetical order ATRI -My Dear Moments-
Disqualified from another world
Isekai Suicide Squad
A leisurely journey to another world ~Being an adventurer while raising children~
Egumi Legacy
Elf can’t lose weight. TV broadcast ver./Mini anime “Naoe-kun wants to lose weight.” ☆ Advance delivery
Elf can’t lose weight. Potepote ver. ☆Advance delivery
[Oshinoko] 2nd season
I’m going to [parie] everything ~ The world’s strongest person, who has a reverse misunderstanding, wants to be an adventurer ~
Cardfight!! Vanguard Divinez Season2
Once upon a time, magical girls and evil were enemies.
Tower of God – Return of the Prince
pseudo harem
sister-in-law life
The final battlefield of you and me, or the holy war where the world begins Season II
Legend of the Galactic Heroes Die Neue These Clash
Grendizer U
Modern Mistranslation/Superconductivity Conference ~Documentary of Modern Mistranslation~
Love cannot be divided into twins
Mio is downstairs
small citizen series
0 year old child start dash story
Sengoku demon fox
Senior is a man
Many missing
twilight out focus
person in the dungeon
wisteria of staff and sword
Tenho no Sakunahime
Arya-san, my neighbor, sometimes blurts out in Russian.
TRUMP series TV anime “Derrico’s Nursery” ★Exclusive advance distribution Why doesn’t anyone remember my world?
Nare Hana Nare ☆Advance delivery
NieR:Automata Ver1.1a (2nd course) ☆Advance delivery
Young man who is good at escaping
2.5 dimensional temptation
Bye bye, Earth
Until I became the strongest with the failure frame and overran everything.
Stick it around! Koinu
I’m a VTuber, but if I forgot to turn off the stream, I would become a legend. FAIRY TAIL 100 Year Quest
my wife has no feelings
A beautiful girlfriend and a disappointing boyfriend
There are too many losing heroines!
Magician Dahlia doesn’t look down.
midnight punch
Moriarty’s perfect crime white paper in another world from the future mastermind villainess
Goddess Cafe Terrace (2nd season) ☆Advance delivery
Dark play 13th season
Yoasobigurashi! [On air version]
ramen red cat
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