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Home » Level Infinite Free access to season 0 of “Stampede Racing Royale”, a battle royale kart racer with a total of 60 players, begins on Xbox Game Preview!

Level Infinite Free access to season 0 of “Stampede Racing Royale”, a battle royale kart racer with a total of 60 players, begins on Xbox Game Preview!

[Level Infinite] Battle royale kart racer “Stampede Racing Royale” with a total of 60 players Xbox
Get free access to Season 0 with Game Preview!
*Level Infinite*
Press release: July 11, 2024
Battle royale kart racer “Stampede Racing Royale” with 60 players in total Xbox Get free access to Season 0 with Game Preview!
Stampede Racing is a 60-player battle royale kart racer developed by Sumo Leamington and published by Secret Mode.
Royale” is available for free on Xbox Game Preview from today. Free version available on Xbox S|X console or Windows
You can play it on PC.

* ▼Click here for the latest trailer video *–SNKTNrVc

Launching on Xbox Game Preview is Stampede Racing
Season 0 of Royale offers Xbox players over 450 kart and racer customization items, 11 surprising race tracks, and special events that add even more variety to gameplay.

Additionally, Xbox Game Pass
Ultimate subscribers can use the exclusive Starter Pack for free. This pack includes a special kart and avatar to customize your racer, as well as coins to unlock in-game benefits from the beginning of the game.
In preparation for the launch of Season 1, during the game preview period, the official SNS (Discord | X | TikTok | Instagram | Please follow us on YouTube and share your thoughts and feedback with us! – * About “Stampede Racing Royale” *
『Stampede Racing』
Welcome to Royale! Step on the gas in the wildest racing events and exciting kart races and battle events with up to 60 participants competing at the same time. Use your skills and a wealth of power-ups to stay ahead of the pack in classic circuit races, or go head-to-head against the crowd in arena battles to earn the most points.

*Racing Royale*
* 『* Stampede Racing
Royale will pit 60 players against each other in a three-round eliminator event, culminating in a finale to determine the winner. Rounds include “Stampede Race,” where players compete against up to 59 opponents on classic kart action on an original circuit, and “Stampede Battle,” where players fight for victory in an arena.

Participate in more races to unlock new vehicles and endless customization options. If you find a cart you like, give it a unique, original look with custom paint. Dress up your character in the best clothes and aim to be the most visible on the track. .

* 24/7 live feeling *
『Stampede Racing』
Royale” will be constantly updated with new updates. Race content is constantly changing with new seasons, events, and challenges, and you can earn various rewards.

*Race with friends*
Create a new party or join an existing party to start Stampede Racing Why not enjoy the chaotic action of “Royal” with your friends and family? – * About Secret Mode *
Incognito Mode is from Sumo Group, winner of “Ukie Best UK Publisher 2024” Ltd.’s publishing division. We believe games are for everyone, there are no limits to creativity, and it’s all about quality and fun, and we have 18 game development studios across the UK, US, Europe and India, as well as third-party independent We are working with the goal of publishing development projects from game developers. We believe that creativity is limitless and that everyone can play games. It’s also all about quality and fun.
– * About Sumo Leamington *
Leamington was founded in March 2019 and is managed and operated by a team of industry veterans with deep experience in service-based gaming. The studio’s vision statement is very simple: “To make you look forward to tomorrow,” with a vision to create games that players want to come back to every day and year after year.
We also believe that by putting people and purpose first, we create a studio culture that fosters performance, motivation to achieve, and makes people proud to be part of the team.
Sumo Leamington is part of the award-winning Sumo Digital family of studios. Sumo founded in 2003
Digital employs over 1,300 staff across the UK, Europe, India and Canada and is recognized for its versatility, unique technology and creativity with a games portfolio that includes titles from major publishers such as Microsoft, Sony, Sega and 2K. I am.
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