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KURUKURU Co., Ltd. Amazon Prime Day INOPET’s popular pet goods are on sale for a limited time!

[Amazon Prime Day] INOPET’s popular pet goods are on sale for a limited time! Applies to all products! 15% off for 7 days from July 11th to July 17th ……
KURUKURU Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yasuhiro Sekizawa)’s pet brand “INOPET” is now on sale at a sale price on Amazon’s official store.
Products eligible for Amazon Prime Day pre-sale are:
・Advance sale -July 11th (Thursday) 00:00 – July 15th (Monday) 23:59- ・Amazon Prime Day – July 16th (Tuesday) 00:00 – July 17th (Wednesday) 23:59- Available at sale prices throughout both periods.
*Available ends as soon as stock runs out.
▼Amazon|INOPET Official Online Store
[Image 1:×1500.png ]
Recommended popular products
[Recommended by veterinarians! Unique Drytech formula shortens drying time and reduces stress on your pet! ]
●Organic Shampoo
[Image 2:×1097.jpg] [Customer feedback]
[It feels smoother than usual after drying]
“This is an additive-free organic shampoo made with the health of your pet in mind first.It’s a big relief to know that it’s okay even if it gets licked, and I’m really grateful for products like this.It has moisturizing, antibacterial, and deodorizing properties, and is fragrance-free. I feel like it’s a good thing because it reduces stiffness and dryness, and it feels smoother than usual after drying.I take my hair for a walk every day, so I shampoo it at home several times a month. I can’t use it, but if I do, it will save me a lot of time.It seems like it dries faster than usual after I thoroughly towel dry it.
[Dense foam and soft brush thoroughly cleans paw stains without using water! ] ●Otecare Shampoo
[Image 3:×1097.jpg] [Customer feedback]
[It’s so much easier! ]
“It’s now very easy to remove dirt from the soles of my feet after a walk.The silicone brush part is softer than I expected and has a nice touch.She’s still a puppy, so I was surprised at first, but she quickly gets used to it. It has a fine, pleasant foam without any unpleasant smells.It is safe to use because it does not contain any unpleasant smells.The silicone part of the brush is convenient because it can be removed and washed.
[Completely additive-free and nutritious, but also gentle on the stomach and intestines and less likely to cause milk allergies] ●Five Stars Goat Milk
[Image 4:×1097.jpg] [Customer feedback]
[Easy to sprinkle or dissolve in water]
“I usually feed my goat milk. I sprinkle it directly on his rice, or when I want him to rehydrate and he doesn’t drink water, I dissolve it in lukewarm water and he gulps it down.It’s gentle on his stomach, so I continue to use it every day. Even after switching from another brand, it still tastes great.”
[Remove unnecessary pet hair and keep it clean! Can also be used in bath] ●Pet Lover Brush
[Image 5:×1097.jpg] [Customer feedback]
[Easily throw away loose hair! ]
“I got this for my beagle.If you comb it gently with this brush, it removes more hair than I expected.It’s nice to be able to easily remove hair that has fallen out.When shampooing. I think it’s good that it can also be used for
About “INOPET”
For my irreplaceable family. We will continue to face that lifestyle and life honestly and honestly.
With innovation and a passion for life, not just innovation. “Thoughts for life and innovation”
INOPET is a veterinarian recommended brand.
[Image 6:×1097.jpg] [Related press release]
●[INOPET] New release of “Drycare Shampoo” for easy coat care without using water
●[INOPET] Two new products are released: “Pet Towel” with a water absorption capacity of 1.5L and “Pet Mat” which is reversible and can be used all year round.
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“People create. We create for people.” We are a company that creates and delivers products with all our heart.
Company name: KURUKURU Co., Ltd.
Representative name: Yasuhiro Sekizawa
Address: 6-10-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
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