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“Sma-pa CHECKOUT (sumapa checkout)” to postpay the accounting of the hospital easily with one application

USEN-NEXT HOLDINGS INC. “Sma-pa CHECKOUT (sumapa checkout)” to postpay the accounting of the hospital easily with one application Full-scale operation at Tokyo Medical University Hospital from March 1, 2019 ………………………………………………………………………………………… US EN-NEXT GROUP’s Almex Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President: Shohei Majima, following: our company) is able to post-pay hospital accounting with one smartphone app after the demonstration experiment “Sma- “pa CHECKOUT (smappa check out)” (www.almex.jp/mc/products/examination/smapa.html) was delivered to Tokyo Medical University Hospital. “Sma-pa CHECKOUT” is an accounting efficiency solution that focuses on the congestion and waiting time of the accounting counter, which is the issue for many hospitals. From the Tokyo Medical University Hospital, it was evaluated that the burden on the patients would be reduced if they could return home without waiting for accounting after the efficiency of the work and medical treatment, and this was introduced. Using postpaid at Tokyo Medical University Hospital is the first initiative. Introduction history Tokyo Medical University Hospital plans to open a new hospital in July 2019 as a core business of its 100th anniversary business. In order to realize “patients, regional medical institutions, and hospitals that can continue to meet social needs”, various measures have been considered toward opening the hospital, with “Intelligent Hospital” as the keyword. As one of the new initiatives among them, it was decided to consider the introduction of payment service using “smartphone” and to introduce it ahead of the new hospital opening in light of the coming “cashless era” . Point of adoption of “Sma-pa CHECKOUT” at Tokyo Medical University Hospital [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/3515/367/resize/d 3515-367-888821-1.jpg] From Hidenobu Shito, General Manager, Information Systems Division, General Information Department There have been many requests such as “I want to go home immediately after the medical checkup” and “I want to return to work” until now. In addition, there was a voice that said that it was painful itself to line up, such as “I do not want to line up in the line of accounting procedures,” such as those who have children with children and those who called the year. We believe this postpaid accounting service is a service that can respond to such voices. Also, in an environment where the word “Cashless” is so pervasive, we thought that we needed to introduce some technology while overseeing the whole movement in the world. In addition to the market share No. 1 in the field of reception machines and accounting machines for hospitals, we hope to Mr. Almex, who has advanced in fields such as reduction of man-hours for office work operations and robotization of hospitals, this time “Sma-pa CHECKOUT” I adopted it. In particular, unlike the existing postpaid services, receipts and medical care In addition to being able to check on the computer screen, the point where it is possible to display and print it on a computer screen is very revolutionary. In addition, when the new hospital opens in July, the waiting time display service for outpatients can be easily used within the same smartphone app, and it is easy to cooperate. From now on, I think that as our task, more patients need to know the necessity and convenience of “post-payment” adopted this time. If you do not know, services will not take root. I would like to try and error with Mr. Almex in the future. Product Summary ・ It is a new service that can be returned immediately without accounting (payment) after medical examination by having the patient install the smartphone application ‘Sma-pa CHECKOUT’ and applying with the postpaid registration machine installed in the hospital. (※ There is a case to have you wait due to various circumstances, such as when there is an in-hospital prescription.) ・ In an age where the smartphone ownership rate exceeds 60% * (* Source: Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications “Communication Usage Trend Survey”), we will promote diversification of payment methods to “broad patient group”. (In addition to the payment by the conventional accounting window and the automatic payment machine, you can make a payment with your smartphone) ・ The receipt, medical treatment statement and medicine voucher will be notified to the patient’s smartphone. [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/3515/367/resize/d3515-367-502245-2.jpg]
Patient side merit ・ There is no waiting time at the outpatient calculation counter and you can go home immediately after medical treatment ・ Cash-less and smart payment is possible without waiting at the settlement machine or payment window ・ Payment fee is free ・ Receipt and medical treatment specifications can be confirmed with the patient’s own smartphone, and download is also possible from a dedicated site ・ We shorten accounting waiting time of patients who do not apply for postpayment Hospital side merit ・ Improvement of efficiency by introducing cashless and operationless mechanism and provision of additional services to patients ・ Labor saving of calculation operation staff ・ Receivable reduction · Reduction of cash handling costs, receipt and statement issuance costs ・ In cooperation with the medical accounting system, payment processing and receipt data management are automatically processed by “Sma-pa CHECKOUT”, so delivery of receipts / medical treatment specifications will be done on a later date, incidental work such as shipping business, and payment data There is no need for work (no new burden on staff.) ・ In the future, payment of hospitalization can also be cashless (planned development in order) Delivery to Tokyo Medical University Hospital, the first introduction destination of this system, has been completed, but in the future, Almex will concurrently provide “Sma-pa CHECKOUT” to hospitals and clinics nationwide. The Sma-pa TERMINAL, a next-generation reception machine released on February 15, 2019, will be established to enhance the Sma-pa brand and expand its functions.

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