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Solving tasks of temporary staff’s employment management with the business reporting tool “Check-in”

Nishishi Electric Co., Ltd. Resolve issues of employment management of temporary staff at business reporting tool “Check-in” ………………………………………………………………………………… Nihon Assist Co., Ltd. (Head office: Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture, President: Masayuki Oshima, President: Masayuki Oshima, President: Nishioka Electric Co., Ltd., headquartered in Osaka Prefecture Osaka City, President: Nobuaki Nishioka, Hereinafter referred to as “Japan Assist”), we will start a trial that utilizes the business reporting tool “Check-in” to improve employment management and coordination of temporary staff and regular onsite patrol operations by administrators . [Image: https://prtimes.jp/i/34925/44/resize/d34925-44-641365-0.png] Usage image Background In accordance with the rules of the company to be dispatched, temporary staff recorded record of employment with time recorder or handwritten time card and sent time card by fax from dispatched company on closing day. It was a challenge to send and receive time cards by FAX, which is troublesome for both parties, that handwritten time cards are erroneous and that they can be corrected by the dispatched staff. In the industry as a whole, a major temporary agency has its own system for employment management, but it is difficult for large agency agencies under medium sized companies to make large investment in the system, and there are many cases that analog management is done. The trial utilizing the business reporting tool “Check-in” makes it possible for the dispatched company, the temporary staff, the dispatching company, and the three companies to efficiently communicate information by using the system to automatically manage management by analog And it is expected that data summarization will be easy as well.
■ What is Check-in “Check-in” means to easily report on the smartphone application from the worksite or from the place such as sending a daily work daily report from the work site, a business daily report from the business partner, a package delivery record from the delivery destination, etc. It is a business reporting tool developed. Utilization of “Check-in” enables on-site personnel to quickly report by shortening the report preparation time, and the headquarters administrator can improve the efficiency of operations by shortening the data totalization time.
■ Japan Assist Co., Ltd. Established in 1997. “Dispatched business” has experience in various fields, including service work such as office work, hospitality / sales etc., manufacturing and technology industry, necessary time, necessary staff with necessary skills Dispatch is possible. Also, the company’s staff is also characterized by direct employment. “Mobile phone repair business” has many achievements and know-how, we are repairing major mobile manufacturers in Japan and overseas at the request of the manufacturer, at the repair center. “Software Design and Development Project” provides software design, development and operation work as well as operations related to infrastructure, servers, websites, security, and services for small and medium enterprises to promote IT.
■ Nishishi Electric Co., Ltd. “IoT business” centered on IoT service, “Information communication terminal business” handling sales and repair of portable information communication terminals, “Information communication system business” which develops, sells, maintains and operates information communication devices and systems “ICT solution company that develops.
■ What is “Seiryo Business Platform (SBP)” “Seiryo Business Platform (SBP)” provides services for improving work efficiency and productivity with the service concept as “Positive work and IT enriched with IT” as service concept. For example, IoT services such as visualization of the operating condition of industrial machines, visualization of the field environment, visibility of the indoor environment in the company, business reporting tool “Check-in”, IP transceiver application “Transceiver”, incoming application “Incom +” We provide communication services and others.

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