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  • 【IKIDANE CORPORATION IKIDANE】 IKIDANE HOUSE won the “Guest Review Award 2018” announced at booking.com one after another!

【IKIDANE CORPORATION IKIDANE】 IKIDANE HOUSE won the “Guest Review Award 2018” announced at booking.com one after another!

IKIDANE CORPORATION IKIDANE HOUSE won the “Guest Review Award 2018” announced at booking.com one after another! ………………………………………………………………………………… “IKIDANE Cozy Hostel Tabata” at Booking.com “Guest Review Award 2018” presented by Booking.com Japan Co., Ltd., Japan’s largest online hotel reservation site Booking.com (Booking.com) “Residential HOTEL IKIDANE Machiya”, “IKIDANE Cozy Hostel Osaka Namba” was awarded. Tabata and Nanba receive the award for the second time following 2017. [Earned a high reputation in review reviews that only guests can post! 】 [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/29121/16/resize/d29121-16-838954-0.jpg] Booking.com announced “Guest Review Award 2018” in January. Booking.com “Guest Review Award” is an award given to accommodations offering the best service to guests. To receive the awards, accommodation facilities with more than 5 reviews on the site and with an average review score of 8 or more are eligible. 【2nd consecutive awards! IKIDANE Cozy Hostel Tabata] [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/29121/16/resize/d29121-16-822352-1.jpg] “IKIDANE Cozy Hostel Tabata” has also won the same award in 2017, with affordable pricing and good quality service, it boasts stable popularity since opening in 2016.
◆ IKIDANE Cozy Hostel Tabata Address: 1-21-2 Tabata Kita-ku, Tokyo 114-0014 Phone: 03-5834-7939
【Residential Hotel IKIDANE Machiya】 [Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/29121/16/resize/d29121-16-263487-2.jpg] A condominium type hotel that used one whole apartment or hotel. Flexible operation that can be operated as a hotel when the yield is good, and can be operated at a common residence at other times is possible. In addition to luxury construction and ample space, due to the richness of facilities, the word always high scores are marked. It is suitable for groups and families, boasting a high occupancy rate since opening in 2017.
◆ Residential Hotel IKIDANE Machiya Address: 1-6-9 Machiya Arakawa-ku, Tokyo 116-0001 Phone: 03-3892-7809
【2nd consecutive awards! IKIDANE Cozy Hostel Osaka Namba [Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/29121/16/resize/d29121-16-478891-3.jpg] Like Tabata, the award is the second time. With outstanding location and goodness of COSPA, despite the fierce battlefield of accommodation facilities, satisfaction is very high, such as winning first place in Kinki area popular hotel · hotel ranking (May 2018) even at Rakuten Travel It is a guest house.
◆ IKIDANE Cozy Hostel Osaka Namba Location: 1-12-2 Haginokuya Nishinari-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Prefecture 557-0004 Phone: 06-6556-6171 Thank you from the bottom of my heart that customers who used the “IKIDANE HOUSE series” have a high evaluation. With the encouragement of this award, we will continue to strive for further service and quality improvement aiming for hotels that will be supported by everyone in the future. We look forward to your continued support of the “IKIDANE HOUSE series”, thank you for your continued support. 【Company Profile】 Company name: IKIDANE CORPORATION Homepage: https: //ikidane.jp Headquarters location: 3-5 Ichigaya Sadohara-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0842 Gosei Building 5F? Osaka Branch Office: 2 – 38, Dojima Kita-ku Osaka-shi Osaka Prefecture 530-0003 Okinawa Prefecture Raku 4F Kyoto Office: Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto-shi, Kamigyo-ku Kawaramachi-dori Marutacho 2-chome rising town 250-3 Okinawa Sales Office: 1 – chome 1 – chome, Kahumachi, Naha – shi 900 – 0015 pallet Kumomji 9 th floor Representative Director: Yuji Nakanishi Phone number: 03-6821-6844 For inquiries: info@ikidane.com On behalf of IKIDANE’s private residence operation agency ikidane.jp/minpaku/support/ Permission etc. · Residential Building Transaction License Land and Infrastructure Transport Minister (1) No. 9459 · First class architect office Tokyo Governor No. 62821 · General construction permit permission Tokyo Governor (General-30) No. 149107 · Residential accommodation management registration Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (01) F00147

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