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【Yamaha Corporation】 ICT soprano recorder lesson more effectively and effectively – Yamaha digital music teaching material “soprano recorder lesson”

Yamaha Corporation ICT makes soprano recorder lesson more enjoyable and effective – Yamaha digital music teaching material “soprano recorder lesson” Includes rich exercise function, video commentary, scoring function Includes 30 songs including songs produced by members of the “Kuri Codar Quartet” and songs that can only be played with “Shi” ………………………………………………………………………………… As a new product of Smart Education System [Note] developed by the Company, Yamaha Corporation is a digital music teaching material “Windows soprano recorder lesson” for Windows PCs and tablet terminals, ideal for music classes using “soprano recorder” Will be released. “Streaming delivery” version will be released in early March, “DVD – ROM package” version will be released in late March. In addition, we will release “Recorder Land – Let’s find your own sounds” as book-type supplementary teaching materials for children in late March. In case [Note] Music education solution utilizing ICT targeted at music education sites of elementary and junior high school and other schools developed by our company.
[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/10701/294/resize/d10701-294-543207-5.jpg] Teaching material image [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/10701/294/resize/d10701-294-797452-1.jpg] Supplementary material <Book Item name Soprano Recorder Class · Unlimited school license Delivery form: streaming delivery Route provided: EduMall (Edu Mall) ※ Price (excluding tax): 15,000 yen / year Release date: Scheduled in early March 2019 * Educational contents distribution service operated by Uchida Yoko Co., Ltd. A separate EduMall contract is required. · 5 licenses Available form: DVD-ROM package Route provided: Textbook sales company, musical instrument shop, internet shopping site etc. Price (excluding tax): 12,000 yen Release date: scheduled for late March, 2019 Item name Recorder land – Let’s find your own sounds ~ Available form: Books (for children) Route provided: textbook selling company, musical instrument store Price (tax excluded): 350 yen Release date: scheduled for late March, 2019 “Soprano recorder” was also recognized as a musical instrument suitable for music education, such as being described as one of candidate melodic instruments used in the third and fourth grade also in the current “elementary school curriculum guidelines” It is used in many elementary school music department classes. For children, the entrance of a wind instruments often becomes “soprano recorder”. The “soprano recorder lesson” to be sold this time is a new digital that was developed so that teachers can learn such “soprano recorder” happily without children’s awareness, and at the same time teacher can do more effective instruction It is music teaching material. Abundant commentary It supports a realization of effective lesson and practice by the training function unique to the digital teaching material which can handle change of tempo and scoring, as well as a large number of sample movies that can switch videos and angles. In addition, I am sticking to songs so that fingering can be learned happily in small step, I am recording a lot of original songs that are worth playing even with a small number of notes. If you use this teaching material on a large monitor etc., even a teacher who does not have music as a specialized subject can perform easy-to-understand performance guidance using images. Also, if you install and use it on multiple PCs or tablet terminals, it will be possible to smoothly advance group-by-group exercises. A supplementary teaching material for children to be released at the same time “Recorder land – Let’s find your own sound” is content that you can learn in conjunction with digital teaching materials, learning contents fun with game feeling while clearing the mission, digital teaching materials It is made to be able to conduct more effective teaching by using it together. Both digital teaching materials and supplementary materials were supervised by Mr. Teru Yoshizawa, the leading expert of recorder performances. In each educational material, the original characters “Rikochi” and “Rico don” appear everywhere, and support the creation of a friendly learning atmosphere for children. 1. Abundant functions and video commentary unique to digital teaching materials In the mode of “Manabu”, we will explain from the mechanism of the recorder to the posture when playing, how to breathe, tongue, and how to care carefully with animation and images. In “play” mode, we support effective learning with 4 screens prepared for each song. “Characters” which explains the points of learning in a way that the characters are easy to understand, “Modem video” which can change the angle to watch the model performance, and “fingering” and “score” linked with music progress While choosing the screen, you can proceed with learning on your favorite screen. It also corresponds to “tempo change” and “AB repetition” (section repeat), and it is also possible to practice it repeatedly in accordance with the learning level, where we are not good. [Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/10701/294/resize/d10701-294-782301-3.jpg] [Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/10701/294/resize/d10701-294-625782-6.jpg] 2. “Scoring function” which enables visualization of your performance and learning back We have a scoring function applying our unique instrument performance evaluation technology “virtana (TM)”. Because your performance is visualized, you can visually evaluate the pitch, breath strength, rhythm accuracy and so on. In addition, since the performance at the time of scoring is recorded, it is effective also for reviewing learning. * The scoring function is not installed in the type of streaming delivery (“EduMall”). ※ The scoring function requires an optional microphone. [Image 5: https://prtimes.jp/i/10701/294/resize/d10701-294-401635-2.jpg] [Image 6: https://prtimes.jp/i/10701/294/resize/d10701-294-527253-4.jpg] 3. 30 songs that can be selected according to purpose and proficiency As you can learn fingering reasonably, 30 songs including 23 original songs that perform well even with a small number of notes are included. NHK “Pitagora Switch” theme music also familiar with “Kuri Kodar Quartet” members Mr. Kurihara, Mr. Seki and Mr. Nagata playing the lute, only the sound of “Shi” optimum for learning long tones and tonguing Songs that can be played with. In addition, we prepared a wide range of songs that can be selected according to purpose and proficiency level so that we can learn in conjunction with music making, singing and listening. Track listings · Over the sky · Fun Sunday · Talk with the stars · The rainy season · Midfinger trouble · Beyond us · Susuki’s dance · I found a coconut crab · Petal fluttering · Premonition of storm · Small toy box · Spring breeze marke · The sea of ​​sunset · Tottoko March · Akane cloud · Forest grape meeting · Festival of small birds · Sueijin’s March · Whistle wiping · Communicate with extraterrestrial life forms · Brown garbage · Red Ronne House · Mi’s fanfare · Orange of Europe · Classroom after school · Doll’s Dream · Mickey Mouse · March · Brown vial · Furusato ·The departure of the day Four. Simultaneous release of supplementary teaching material “Recorder land – Let’s find your own sound” Simultaneously sell book-type supplementary teaching materials for children, which contains tasks (recorder score) corresponding to all 30 songs recorded in digital materials. “Rikochichi” “Rico don” lives in the recorder land, is a game sense teaching material that gets items while mastering songs and leads students naturally and fun to practice environment. [Image 7: https://prtimes.jp/i/10701/294/resize/d10701-294-752905-0.jpg] Left: Rikotchi Right: Rico Digital music teaching material “soprano recorder lesson” It is offered in two forms, “DVD-ROM package” and “streaming delivery”. The type of “DVD-ROM package” can be installed on five PCs and tablet terminals in the school and can be purchased through textbook sales companies, musical instrument shops nationwide online shopping site nationwide. The “Streaming Delivery” type can be introduced indefinitely to school PCs and tablet terminals at a fixed annual rate and is offered in streaming distribution format via “EduMall”. Supplementary materials (book) “Recorder land – let’s find your own sound” We sell books as books that can be purchased through textbook sales companies and musical instrument stores all over the country. Supported OS: Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 7 CPU: Intel Atom Z3770 1.46 GHz or higher or equivalent compatible processor Required memory / disk capacity: 2 GB or more / 2.5 GB or more Screen resolution: 1,024 × 768 pixels or more Other: DVD drive (only when DVD-ROM is installed), audio device ※ When using this product with “EduMall”, please check the corresponding browser separately. * Even if the operating condition is satisfied, operation on all computers is not guaranteed. ※ Microphone (sold separately) is required to use grading function. Minoru Yoshizawa He graduated from the Salzburg-Mozarteum Music University Music and Recorder department as an Austrian government scholar. Completed Orff Institute (Music Education). He studied under N.Anoncourt. He worked as a lecturer for 11 years at NHK Educational TV “Fura suta”, “Hobby Yuu”. TV Asahi “Nobody-nakaikai” and others, active at home and abroad. In addition to movies, cartoons, CDs, DVDs, a huge CM was recorded. The book goes beyond 50 volumes including co-authored with music textbook (educational art company). Tutoring at Yokohama National University, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, now a lecturer at Musashino Music College teacher license renewal course. Received Shizuoka Prefecture Culture Encouragement Award. Chestnut Codar Quartet (Masami Kurihara, Yoshiyuki Kawaguchi, Takejiro Sekima) Formed 25 years. An instrumental band using NHK E TEL “Pitagora Switch” or “Recorder and Various Musical Instruments” familiar to the so-called “theme of Darth Vader who is not motivated”. Many songs provided to movies, television, theater, and commercials. Transition to three person formation from 2015. Since then, we have hosted a variety of guest performances, including concert halls in various locations, schools, live houses and more than 100 performances a year at home and abroad. Heike Nagata Begin arrangement of brass band with self-taught from junior high school student. After studying jazz at Ann · School of Contemporary Music and finishing as a special student, he graduated with the head of the Luth Department of the Strasbourg National Music School of France. Composed and improvised performance method under Mr. Kako Takashi. Currently he is acting as composer of music, musical theater, music director. In addition, he is engaged in music for visual works and events. “Smart Education System” official website: https: //ses.yamaha.com/ For product information here: https: //ses.yamaha.com/products/digital_soprano/
Yamaha Corporate Information Site / News Release www.yamaha.com/en/news_release/ * Other product names, company names, etc. in the text are trademarks or registered trademarks of our company and each company. ※ The information etc. posted in this news release is information as of the presentation date. Please be forewarned that it may be changed after the announcement date

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